Banjo Kazooie 3d Model | New Banjo Kazooie Custom Action Figures! (3d Print)

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New Banjo Kazooie Custom Action Figures! (3d Print)


[MUSIC] Hello, sacred studios here. And today we have the best action figure I’ve ever made, you know. I don’t say that often, okay, guys, so when I say it’s the best action figure I ever made, I really mean it, and I mean, look at these guys. And technically, it’s the best action figures I’ve ever made because they’re actually two separate action figures. We have banjo and kazooie from banjo-kazooie, and they’re two separate figures and they attach via mechanism on bandages backpack that I’ll get into later, but they’re not actually like, you know, bound to each other at all, you know, just like banjo-tooie. They’re two completely separate characters that you can connect, but they’re not stuck together, But, uh, let’s get on to banjo first because I did a poll on my Twitter, and apparently he’s the favorite out of the two. You know me personally. I like Kazooie better, But Banjos the the fan favorite. Maybe because he’s more popular. I don’t know, um, but the way I made him was kind of complicated, actually, so I used this five nights at Freddy’s. Uh, I think Glam Rock Freddy as a base. I don’t know I don’t. I don’t, you know, play five nights at Freddy’s or anything like that. Um, I just picked it like well. It’s a bear, so you know, it’s gonna be pretty close And the reason I picked Glam Rock. Freddy is first off. It came with a really cool looking microphone. Um, but more importantly, you know, it had similar enough proportions as banjo. Uh, one issue. Was that his arms. We’re really, you know, scrawny. You know, banjo has like really, you know, muscular. I guess not muscular, but he has really big arms, but glam rock. Freddy has like, really scrawny looking arms Looks like I. Could you know, break them off but back to banjo himself? I decided to give him like a ton of fur, so it covers up the fact that the original piece was really small and scrawny looking so originally I was just gonna use epoxy and just like what I usually do with my figures, But Epoxy is pretty heavy, and that’s really bad on an arm because he won’t be able to hold up the arm without gravity. You know, doing its job and so the only other option I I could think of was to use a hot glue. Hot glue is always good for making fur effects, Which I learned when I made my Cynthia action figure. But luckily it turned out really good and I was able to use like a ton of layers of hot glue in order to make like his arms. Actually look like big arms. Like, uh, like banjo has not like the scrawny arms of glam rock, Freddy, so I just kept using tons and tons of hot glue layers until it finally looked like banjo. You know, not bad, just been skipping arm date. Um, I did the same thing with his, uh, legs as well. Even though I didn’t have to use that as many layers because glam rock. Freddy, you know he, uh, he doesn’t have any fur on him, But his legs are a lot better than his, uh, arms are in regards to resembling banjo, but I did have to shorten it a bit, so I actually had to cut out a chunk of his legs because glam rock. Freddy is actually a little too tall for a scale of my collection personally and I was like well. You know, let me just shorten them slightly. And honestly, it turned out pretty good. In fact, I forgot that I even shortened them to begin with until now because the fur completely covers over it. Uh, now his shorts were, uh. You know, probably the easiest part for me. I just used epoxy for that because it was such a small amount of epoxy that I didn’t really mind using it. You know, if I used it all over his legs, then it would like weigh them down, which I mean, it’s not as bad because the legs not the arms, but it’s still something that I I need to worry about, and I guess one issue with using the glam rock, Freddy as a base is because I couldn’t make the belt buckle as big as I wanted because you know, it wouldn’t interfere with articulation and I wanted to prioritize articulation over everything because I’m using this as for my stop-motion series. Um, but his belt buckle is there. You know, and it’s pretty big. You know, it’s not as big as I wanted it to be, but it still stands out enough. And, uh, Lastly I. I made his, uh. I guess pad on his stomach. I don’t know what that’s called and his backpack buckles out of epoxy as well and his shark tooth is made out of epoxy. One thing that’s not made out of epoxy is his little necklace That’s actually made out of like a small wire. I had moving on to Kazooie. This action figure was my favorite out of the two to make actually one of my favorite action figures that I’ve ever made before, and maybe that’s possibly due to the fact that she’s like entirely 3d printed as in. I didn’t use a base at all for her. I completely 3d printed her. Which is the first time I. I believe I’ve ever done that. With the articulated figure, the only parts that aren’t, you know, 3d printed are her joints, but besides that everything’s 3d printed the backpack she’s in is 3d printed as well And the reason I did. This is a I mean, I can really find an action figure that looked like Kazooie and B because I wanted her to be able to attach and detach from Banjo’s backpack. I can’t do that with a pre-existing figure. I had to make my own so the way I actually have. Her attached on banjo is using two methods so first off. I have two, uh, separate backpacks. One with the flap closed one with the flap open in which you can attach kazooie to it. So the one with the flap closed is attached to Banjos bag using a magnet. So I have a bunch of little magnets into the backpack itself, and I have a bunch of magnets on Banjos bag. It was really easy to attach the magnets on Banjos back because again I used super glue, super hot glue in order to make the fur effect. So when I attached the magnets, the drill, you know, easily was able to cut into it because it was just cutting into, you know, hot glue and not like plastic or something hard like that, and it works perfectly. You know, it’s not the magnets aren’t so strong that I struggle to take kazooie like off of banjo, but it’s not like super weak that it’s like falling off all the time. Um, and yeah, again. That’s also the same way I have. Kazooie herself attached the backpack. I have two separate magnets going into kazooie’s bottom and going into the top of the backpack. So that’s how I attached all that. And again One pro of having a 3d printed action figure is I can easily exchange parts, so kazooie actually has a lot more parts to her than banjo does. Um, so, uh, the main one is. She has two separate bodies. This body is like half of a body, and it’s whenever she’s attached to banjo, But as you guys know in banjo-tooie, kazooie’s not always attached to banjo. They, they’re two separate characters. So, uh, pretty much. I 3d printed a separate body of kazooie. This is the full body of kazooie in which you can actually detach the wings from the old body, attach them to the new body, and I also made these legs for kazooie, um, with the her feet being made with a 3d printer and the legs, of course, being made with chopsticks because at that at this point, it’s a tradition and just two joints are attached as well and they just go into the body kazooie. There’s also a little tail that goes into the bottom of the kazooie, so she has like her tail feathers and that’s pretty much. How I do it to do that? You know, it’s actually the same part as the parts that go into banjo. It’s not, I didn’t make two separate kazooies like I originally did with my original banjo because we had configured because back. Then, you know, I didn’t have any EXT Interchanging parts, so I had to make two kazooies pretty much just one because it was a half of the kazooie that went into a banjo. The other one was a full kazooie, but one fun fact was I was able to make two separate faces for Kazooie now. The head was 3d printed from the same source. As I got Banjo’s head. I’ll leave again. The the creator here. It’s a modified version of the smash ultimate model in which it’s easier for it to 3d print, so the the head with the the mouth Open was taken from that source, But I also made a separate head with her mouth closed because, uh, I was, I was thinking like, you know. Kazooie doesn’t always have her mouth open. You know, sometimes. She wants to peck at stuff, so I modified the modification of the smash ultimate model so that her mouth is closed, so she can actually go around and pet that stuff and the way the head Detaches is at the joint at the neck, and I just take the head off and replace it with the new neck or not new neck with a new head, and that’s pretty much How I do it, Uh, also a note was. I got the wings from a source from thingiverse a completely different source as the heads. Unfortunately, she’s not really too good at bending at the middle of the wings because it’s pretty fragile because of the PLA. So I wouldn’t recommend doing that. You know, I’ll never do that. Um, but it still looks cool and it still gives her a bit of a flapping effect. If you shake her back and forth, even though it is a bit fragile, I decided that it would be cool. If I somehow made these guys able to do the Talon trot now the talent trot is banjo-kazooie’s dash and Smash Bros. It’s pretty much a move in which, instead of banjo carrying kazooie around, Kazooie carries banjo around and apparently, somehow they’re faster that way. Yeah, I don’t know, um, but the way I did that is again because I 3d printed everything. It was actually quite easy, so I, uh, 3d printed a third version of Banjo’s backpack this time with two holes drilled in the center so I could insert kazooie’s legs from the the version of the action figure I made with her outside of banjo, and I just insert the legs on the bottom and then with a magnet. I put banjo on the top now. It’s a bit of a balancing act and they can’t really run like that, but I mean, it’s the Talon. Try now. Let’s go into the accessories so first up. We have this little banjo, which I didn’t actually make. I just bought it off ebay. If you guys remember, it’s the same banjo that my old kazooie action figure used. I just reused it here, and luckily they’re actually able to hold the banjo better than my old figures, because I actually, you know posed banjo, right, so he can actually hold stuff and he can move his arms outwards, not just forward and backwards. Um, on top of that. I actually made a little kazoo. She’s able to hold it in her mouth like her open. Mouth head is able to hold the kazoo in her mouth, which looks really cool. It looks just like the intro of the game. That was not intentional. She just wasn’t happy to be able to do that. Lastly, we have this little jiggy and an egg. This jiggy again was just taken from the old banjo Kazooie action figure. But this egg accessory was made because I had extra epoxy laying around and I already mixed it and I was like Well. It’s going to harden into something so just had to harden it into a egg shape and just painted it blue and well, and that’s it. You know, I didn’t want to waste it. So that’s how I made that, but, yep, that’s banjo-kazooie again. That’s the best action figures I’ve ever been able to make. They turned out Really awesome, Also, quick note. This was originally going to be a collab with Red Brick studios, but unfortunately, just the communication didn’t really work out. Um, but I’m just going to go ahead and shout out his channel. He’s making his own banjo Kazooie action figure. So please be sure to check that out, But with all that said, sacred out [Music] you?

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