Banana Pi Vs Raspberry Pi | Banana Pi Vs Raspberry Pi


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Banana Pi Vs Raspberry Pi


I recently saw a video from Adafruit about the game Girl, a handheld emulator station based around a Raspberry Pi, and I thought this is a fun idea. But why not expand it with an analog stick and n64 and PS1 support. And then I thought is the Raspberry Pi. Even powerful enough to play PS1. I tried it with Retro Pi. And while some PS1 games work just fine, I was like to simulate gravity on the moon. That is no fun at all. I wasn’t even capable of booting an n64 game and I don’t really know why, but that’s OK because there are plenty more Raspberry. Pi like Singapore computers out there like the Cubieboard QB truck and so on. But one of those has the best name of all banana pie. I mean, what’s next, strawberry pie, apple pie? Well, you get my point, but it’s the sport, really, that much better than the Raspberry Pi. We will find it out. Firstly, what new features does it offer in comparison to the B model of the Raspberry Pi? It got a LVDS connector to connect Lcds directly. An infrared sensor for remote controls, a microphone, a USB on-the-go port, a SATA port for hard drives and the power and reset button. It feels weird to say that the power button is a feature in 2014 but apparently it is here. They also use a switching power supply, which should be more efficient than the linear supply of the B model. And, yes, I know the B+ also has a switching one, but I do not own one, so I can’t compare It. Also, a gigabyte Ethernet port, which should increase the bitrate. I even tested this with as simple as it’s a transmission in Raspbian with the Raspberry Pi. It took around 2 minutes and three seconds to transfer 370 megabytes and with the banana pie, only 1 minutes and 21 seconds. That is quite a difference. This improves the function as a server, for example, now the heart of every computer. The main core, which is an a20 system on a chip with 1 gigabyte ddr3 memory. Wait, where is it surprise [ __ ] on the back? Yeah, let’s put the pod which produce the most heat on the back, where no real airflow can exist, genius. It is a dual-core processor with 2 times 1 Gigahertz, which is much better than the 700 megahertz of the raspberry, but the GPU apparently is not that much more powerful than the raspberry. The banana is slightly bigger than the raspberry when they are side-by-side but the quality of the banana board itself is a bit lacking. I know I’m nitpicking, but, hey, the raspberry looks just nicely, okay. Let’s put the banana with raspbian here. I take the SD card from the Raspberry Pi and turn it into the banana. Give it power and nothing those. Chinese are sneaky. They promoted as raspberry clone copy. Most of the design upgrade the hardware, but do not make it compatible with raspberry software. And there is a totally good reason for that. The banana pie has an arm 7 architecture, while the Raspberry Pi is only arm 6 but it’s not a tragedy. The banana pie site gives you all info. You need to get started and the coolest thing is that. Android is compatible, even though the Android image on the side still has a bug, which doesn’t let me load my SD card probably. Luckily, a community member already figured it out and released an image where everything of the Android system works like a charm and you have access to all great apps from the App Store, which is just awesome and even my piece. One emulation, with retro arch works pretty smooth from comparison to the Raspberry Pi earlier, and I even got n64 to run some games, work, great and others. Well, not so great. Let’s talk about power. I booted up Brahs PM. With both of the systems and Pippin Anna draws around three hundred and ten milliamps and the raspberry around four hundred and thirteen milliamps while doing no particular task and just to impress you Some more Android, only to three hundred milliamps and only three hundred and seventy milliamps while playing in an HD movie and quite impressed with the power and efficiency. But one of the best features of the raspberry are the GP iOS with those it is possible to talk with the outside world like an Arduino here. I’m using the wiring Pi library to let a LED blink in Raspbian on the raspberry with the new version of the Raspbian for a banana. It is finally possible to use those GPIO s as well. Here I’m doing just the same as what I did Before In the end, I can say that the banana takes the good points of the raspberry and improves them. Maybe it will take some time until the software part is in the final stage, but with the growing community, it will be possible and think about it. The founders of the Raspberry Pi recently said that there will be no Raspberry Pi – until 2017 That’s three years. It’s a real good alternative for those who look for more power, and I will sure you find a good project for it. I hope you like this video. It was the first time I did it kind of like review. Give it a thumbs up. If you want to see more videos like this, stay creative and I will see you next time.

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