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Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer 3d Printed Model


[MUSIC] Hey, welcome, guys! Thanks for joining me today. I’m taking a little bit of break from my starter story. Build, I’ll have part three of that out soon. I’m still working on that. I haven’t got a lot done to some busy cutting and windows on that so anyway. I thought I’d just show you this other side project. I’ve been working on if you can tell. This is the Omega Class destroyer from Babylon 5 Now I did a video of a 3d print. I did, uh, not too long ago. I have a much smaller one. This one right here, and I like to have a look, but it’s it’s fairly small. It’s it’s only about seven inches. Uh, give or take about seven inches long. So I wanted something a little bit bigger now. This is actually a different file than that one. This file is a person called or the creator is called Canisons canisons c-e-n-i-s-o-n. The title of it was small omega-clas’s destroyer destroyer. Now I have printed this out in a very similar size to this one, and I’ve decided. I wanted to have one. That was a little bit bigger, and I like this a little bit better. It’s split up in this. Basically four parts you do have to print two of these, uh, outer rotating parts, but basically there’s just four files, so they mostly printed up pretty easy. The longest one was obviously the rear section. The drive section here. I had to stand it on. It’s end to fit on my resin printer because its length it alone is about six inches in length for just just, uh, this part of it and that took quite a while to print it out, but that actually I got that my first print of that actually came out pretty good. You can see, I’ve already primed this. You can see where I’ve I’m doing. Some putty work, just a small imperfections, but for the most part. I think the detail on it came out quite nicely. I didn’t do any modifications to the file. It came other than enlarging it. I enlarged the file 300 percent, so it’s 300 bigger than what the file comes in, but I think even at 300 it retained a lot of really nice detail and, uh, pretty happy with that. Uh, the hardest thing I had printing now is I had a lot of flaws with these outer rotate sections. Um, I was getting some, so if you want to look here. This is some of the flawed prints. Now one of them was. Uh, just my mistake. This one right here. I accidentally cut the machine off, and obviously I ended the print. You can see some of these other ones. They pulled away from their supports, and he started getting some warping in there. One of them just fell off of the build plate and only printed about half of that. So it took me a few tries to get this printed out and I actually have an extra one now because I sprint two at a time on the plate, so I finally got those acceptable. The front of the ship and the center part of the rotating body I completed in one print, and they came out Pretty good, just a little bit of cleanup again. A few flaws, few areas where the support connections were at which, uh, left little blemishes. Which, um, just kind of happened that, you know, it’s my experience that this is kind of part of 3d printing so basically have these parts. Um, they all came with hollowed out, which was nice. Even these sections came hollowed out with drainage holes. So you don’t use a whole lot of resin? I found this metal tube. Its aluminum tube. I had some other project. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s, uh, pretty nice, and I’m gonna use that to run it between the different sections to be able to support it and also keep it centered. Um, there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room in there, so I think they’ll work good in supporting our sections. Here now, obviously is when we put this all together along in here, we’re looking at about 12 inches length, so almost double the size of this other one, and I think well, it’s not gigantic. It’s a a big improvement of other ones, and I think I’ll make a really nice display, so I’m going to be connecting all this in this glue now. I got using some super glue. I’m going to connect these outer rotating parts to the center. Um, I think I’m just going to have the outer rotate parts kind of go out level that way. I can use this spot right here to drill a hole for a mounting rod to put it on our display base, and because on the like with this one, I kind of put it at an angle, but that made it really hard to kind of attach to a display, so I think I’m just going to have it kind of going straight out, so give me a nice place to connect our display mounting rod, so I’m going to simply all this together and then we’ll put on a coat of primer. [MUSIC] DO [Music] do [Music] do [Music] all right well? I got it glued together. Um, can get pretty well. I think this is a little bit candid right here. You can probably see that on video, but it’s glued on there. I don’t want to try to break that apart. Right now! It’s not so bad that, uh, I’m gonna try to break all that apart to get that a little bit straighter. So, um, basically, a random metal tube. I actually hot glued that tube in the front part. And then, of course you saw me super glue. Uh, these sections in here and super glued these, uh, outer rotating parts. Uh, on there, I’ve used some brass tubing. Uh, drilled a hole through the the center. Part down here. There’s a little bit more weight coming back here, which I don’t mind because I don’t mind if the ship has a little bit of an upward slant to it. Um, this is this a like a polar lights display base that I’ve used a little, uh, like spackling and paint and hot Mod Podge, to give it kind of a textured moon surface on there. Probably do a little bit more work on that, but I want to go ahead and get a coat of primer. See if there’s any flaws that I can kind of sand away to primer, I’ll show that, and so so far looking pretty good and let’s get on to priming and getting a base coat on it. [MUSIC] [Music] so [Music] this is [Music] all right here! I have my base coat on as you see. I did a primer then. I did a black primer to darken it all up, and then I used some of this folk art gunmetal gray metallic gray to put on a coat and I like the metallic look still very dark and from here, really liking how this is looking, really a pretty nice size a lot more. The detail really comes out just a bit of a larger size, so from here, I’m going to do some dry, brushing and a little bit of detail painting. Um, I’m gonna do that off screen. And, uh, to help bring out some of the details. A lot of nice details. So I want to kind of highlight these edges with some, uh, dry brushing on it. Uh, but there’s a little bit of detail painting. So when I come back, we’ll be all finished and we’ll take a look at the final model. All right, here’s my finished Omega class destroyer from Babylon. 5 really pleased how this came out after I finished putting on my paint. I did a lot of just very light, dry, brushing to bring out the very nice detail in this did a little bit of painting some red just to give it some a little bit. Of contrast on the front and back painted the engine. Nozzles silver did a little dry pastels to do a little weathering on the engine. Nozzle’s really happy. Very nice little model. I actually had the opportunity to speak with the creator of this file person who goes by Canison. He has a Facebook page ill. Try to link that into my video description, but anyway. I spoke to him now. This originally, I said, I’ve scaled this up quite a bit, he said in its original design. It was meant to go with the reveal Babylon 5 space station and scaled to that manner. He does have a larger one. I forget how long I think a meter long or something like that. Maybe a lot bigger, which has a lot more parts. He says he’s currently working on one. That’s going to be about this size about a foot long. That will have more detail. [MUSIC] He said the guns and stuff will be a little bit different and be a separate print anyway, But this one I thought was great. It was very easy to print like I said, There’s only four files you do have to print the, um, outer rotating parts and you have to print two of those and it has a hole to the center of all the parts. You can run a shaft to give it support and so very well done. I think it had some very nice detail and I’m very happy. I like this size again. It’s almost a foot long. It’s not quite a foot long, and I think at that size. The detail in the design still comes through and looks really nice, so happy with that How the coloring came out. I’m just missing some decals. Maybe I’ll look at getting some decals for this to give it a name and the I guess the Earth Alliance Decal. So anyway, guys, that’s a short video. I’ll be back to next video. Be back on part three of my starter’s first build, I’m still plugging away on that, mostly just cutting in windows and trenching out areas. Nothing too very interesting on that, so hopefully in a week or so I’ll have a new video part three of my starter story build, but I’ve been working on this and just want to share with you. I know I’ve did one a smaller one but, um. I think this was pretty cool and thought I’d share it with you. So anyway, guys, until next time, everybody have a good one. [MUSIC] [Music] you?

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