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Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Vs Asus Tinker Board | Atechtimez |


[MUSIC] So what’s up, guys? Welcome to eight attempts. I’m Madeline. Here is another video of comparing of a Raspberry Pi for to another single board computer or in our last video, we compared our Raspberry Pi for 2 and Raspberry Pi 3 and in this video, we are going to compare our Raspberry Pi for two an ass’s think about if you’re not familiar with Isis think about, as was the company who make gaming laptops fun made a single board computer, which can easily destroy. Raspberry Pi 3 in everything. So can it beat our Raspberry Pi for? We need to find out, So let’s start from the CPU. Tinka board has an ARM Cortex. A 17 32-bit 1.8 gigawatts quad-core and was released in 2014 1.8 Gigawatts is faster! Raspberry Pi 4 has 4 arm cortex, a 72 64 bit 1.5 Gigahertz quad-core and was released in 2016 Just, uh, we can see. Raspberry Pi for Hus and newer version, which is a 72 as it was just, I mean, four years old now. But the Tinker Woods chip was about six years old. Now what’s to the Tinker? Bird’s Speed is slightly faster than a Raspberry Pi 4 which is 1.8 gigawatts. Let’s go to the GPU Raspberry. Pi 4 has the video cost 6 and Tinka Bird has Mali t760 for which both of them are completely different platform of CPUs. So let’s move on to Rom. The Tinker Board has only 1 GB version only one version, which is a 2 GB version, but the Raspberry Pi Foo has three versions first with a 1 GB second with a 2 GB and the third with a 4 GB. The price differs in each each of them. Let’s talk about the internal storage. The Pi 4 has zero internal storage, so I have to depend on the tiny SD card, but our tinker board gives the 16gb internal storage so you can store your OS or any files in that. Let’s talk about the Wi-Fi. The PI 4 has a todo dot, Acy. Dual-band Dual-band suffers both 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigawatts Wi-fi, but the Tinker Bird has one Li 811 Bgn BGN suppose only for 2.4 gigawatts. So let’s move on to the Bluetooth. The PI 4 has Bluetooth file, but the raspberry. I mean, think about has only Brutus for this is a step behind. Let’s talk about the Ethernet Raspberry Pi for I saw only one gigabyte. Ethernet at that same time there. Think about also has a gigabyte. Ethernet, both of them are the same at the Wi-Fi speed. When you connect to an Ethernet, let’s talk about the HDMI and connection. The Pi 4 has and 2 micro HDMI, not the full-sized HDMI, not the meaning HDMI, the micro, the tiny one and to power up the Raspberry Pi for in either type C power supply for the Tinker Bird Think about has a full size HDMI and micro USB for the power supply. Let’s move on Windows Support. Raspberry Pi for has been the support, which is not the original. Windows, it’s the compressed version of Windows, but the Tinka board has no windows support, actually. I see no one used the Windows 10 Iot core. Actually, no one I haven’t see ever seen. No one used a Raspberry Pi for within Windows. I say stick to Raspbian. That’s the best thing, so let’s talk about oil support for Raspberry. Pi poo raspbian Ubuntu Android manager OS Retropie and some more third-party OS think about think about has suffered to Ubuntu, Android, Flint Os, Tinker, Tinker, Os, Cody and some or third-party oils, so let’s move on USB ports Raspberry Pi for US 2 USB 2.0 and another 2 USB 3.0 which is faster in both read Android speed, the Tinker Bird think about has four normal USB 2.0 foot, which is a bit slow in read and write speed in for them to die USB 3.0 Let’s talk about the display output next. The PI foe has a 1080p display art, Which means that if you connect your ass by a pie for to a 4k monitor, it will still project your 1080p 1080i 1080p output, but the think about can support 4k that’s. Good, let’s have a look at the Raspberry Pi. So you can see. There is a type C – 2 micro HDMI AUX, which also access and video output to normal USB ports, two USB 3.0 which is the blue one and a gigabyte Ethernet and a 40 GPIO pins the next let’s have a look at the rest. I mean, the ting covered here. Is there yes micro USB cable for the power supply a HDMI. Um, he works, which also access and video a gigabyte. Ethernet for normal USB 2.0 words, 40gb opens, and that’s pretty much it, so thanks for watching guys, please like share and subscribe my channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon to get notified when I upload a new video bye you.

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