Anycubic I3 Mega Firmware Update | Anycubic I3 Mega Firmware 1.1.9 Flashen [8 Bit]

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Anycubic I3 Mega Firmware 1.1.9 Flashen [8 Bit]


[MUSIC] You decided on the community tab on the channel? I have you guys let vote what the next video should be, and that is in this case flashing from the company, admonish three mega at the Jubi. But don’t worry about that either. I will definitely talk about printing CPU in one of the next videos because some projects will be a bit more extensive. I will on the community tab. There is also photos of my project’s item 1 It’s already a secret down here and you can vote there. How I can carry out the project to the end, but in this video is supposed to go to the flashing of the NPD. Three mega and that. Let’s take admonishing 1.19 for the company right away, but I want to really that he’s doing this at his own risk because I don’t want you. Then your 3d printer may no longer be able to use because I do something when flashing the company did wrong and therefore, please, only on your own. Danger and better leave it if we are satisfied with what he says about. It currently makes and 1 in advance. Be careful, This paint version that the 1.1.0 version for the 8bit board that means it can be if you have a newer one sport has that this company is no longer compatible. Okay, what we need is not much. We need our 3d of course printer. Then we need a suitable USB cable. That is usually included if you can recover from such a 3d printer and we need the software AG and then the Kurra’s leasing program will also work with other programs. But in my case, we use that today program Cura to transfer the company from the computer to the 3d printer. Yes, what is the fire brigade at all? The company is the main program. Something on your 3d printer on this small chip that. I now show you what’s on. It is saved, and there are the most important key data of your 3d printer stored on it, for example. The maximum permissible ones are stored on it. Speeds of your 3d printer from the axes or the maximum temperature of your extruder and the heating bed or the steps of yours, Stepper Motors. All such important data are stored on it. That is even if you are in Chur, for example, traversing speed is tragic, 600 millimeters per second. He says that our company should be allowed to take a moment. I don’t even drive and turn the whole thing down. That means the formula is still partly a little protection from yours printer that he can’t do anything wrong in the company. You can as well as change everything useful things are, for example that the printer no longer beeps warming turns on or let’s assume you have a full metal hot and built in. If you have one, you need a bit higher temperatures when printing. Then you can just listen to the temperature in the company. Careful, but if you now use such a PC Butcher, The opponent up to 260 degree or you can also change the direction of rotation of the motor, that is the case. For example, if we once saw the TCM Trevor that I saw in the last video had shown, then we don’t need to swap the cables. We can do that everything about the films you can, of course, do much much much more hire in this company, but if you have no idea about, it would prefer it. Let if you have a clue of then you can really play a lot more about it. Of course, the first thing we have to do with the company space is ours. Computer ran. I have a laptop, computer or laptop doesn’t matter and the links to all the things we are about to do right now will, of course, also be downloaded at the bottom of the description. Then, okay, then drive again, so I can meet you first. Calm down is not that difficult and so nothing goes wrong. We are now all first on the page of Annie Cubic and invite us here under the point support and download we load down here with a cubic meter first the company down from the manufacturer. That means if something goes wrong, we have then here. The original have more depending on whether he is now. The Oldschool version like me, have the normal the three mega or kept this mega it. You would have to download the version accordingly and unzip it. The make that it is just to be on the safe side. Afterwards, we open the page Alu Uno. And here we find software and download then the download link to radio. I know I. We just have to choose on the right. What you have the most probably take the installer for Windows XP or higher for Mac. There is, of course, what Linux will have a good will come there, but there is the case now, too. We go to the ultimate page, and then we go on top of products and then on ultimate watch. If you haven’t already most probably already have and here you can then download the Kurra’s leißing software 3.6 and also install, of course. I already have it all made, so don’t show it here, but probably everyone will of you guys too. And in the end, we’ll go on Github, and then we take the custom firmware paint 1.1.0 with the support of tft and then we can do it here on brands. We can still select the version and we take here. The bugfix -1 point 1.6 and then click here on download and wrap the whole thing up in that folder litter is downloaded. So now we switch to the folder where we just downloaded the box shape that is called here in blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, We open them, then we go here in the paint folder, and then we have to search until we have found this file times in Concerning and there conquerors click on it and then this window should open open and that’s basically our custom firmware for a cow bonus so and so the most important tip for us is here in this one registered above the configuration. H here is force or here is the most important data saved by our company here. We can also see, for example, the version 1.1.0 and if we scroll down here, you can already see that if there is a lot, then all the important data from the company are here registered. Here is just important for us. Now first built rate, that’s your 250,000 so it can communicate with the board in. Our printer and most importantly first. Make sure that you have the right one here motherboard. And in my case, it is the portrait gorilla. 14 up here is also a small note. And if we are not sure, then we can in the board board’s point. H we look, we look in there. We go up here once on this case of us. The other tabs at the moment does not show, and then we look for Porz. H that is here. You always click on Zack and here are all possible boards listed for the whole thing supported, as I said for my case, the correct one is already entered. That’s the trio or 14 and it already says when he’s on. Of course we have to use the right word accordingly. Copy and then paste it on this in this line now you can set a whole lot, for example, if you are in another temperature sensor, then you could now look at this one list. Which temperature sensor Do I have, and you can get it here? Below, for example, a temp sensor and he in which there is the 5 me left that at 5 because I still have. This standard temperature sensor inside is very important down here for our hot and die temperature limited to 2 145 degrees. My first prints failed because I was a bit higher in temperature. When I say prints, you have to look if we have a full metal hot and now then, of course you can go up here accordingly, if you next to completely normal or this standard more potent, then you have to watch out for this ptfe hose that holds. I think only a maximum of 260 degrees, but I would also not that. The upper limit is exhausted. If you have already made a pid unix, then, of course you can use your values. First evaluate with a portrait. Then you can go straight to the company. Then you don’t have to do it later in this room and here in the line. In case you have calibrated the steps recently with with the help of my video, you can use the counter phaser to get this value again. Let it spit out and then you can simply put this value in the back right away. Replace with those, the interface spits out and then you have that automatically in the firmware with it. Otherwise you would have to do that again afterwards. Calibrate steps and fly in again via counter face. So if you now all things have changed that wanted to change here, then the commission a very important point and that we have to go up here with tools. We have to set the right word first in my case that Arduino mega mega 25 60 then with processor also here from Mega 25 60 with port, is nowhere to be seen here, especially when it comes to the impression connected because we connect the pressure immediately. Then the sport will be here displayed under which the printer is then virtually connected and here programs. I have set USB asp. I’m not sure whether the others too go with the club in any case when we have stopped, we press check here at the top left once, and that means that the decks down here will be the sketch compiled and virtually checked once whether everything is correct, completely finished. That means the Adobe software did not find any errors, and now there are two ways this company to our printer transferred and the first is we just close our printer now via USB with our laptop or computer. Then choose the right one up here port out of this done, and then we press up here upload. My impression is not right now connected because I’m doing the second version sometimes so just spits me here. Just an error message from I don’t yet know exactly why it sometimes works. Sometimes not, that’s why I prefer to take the second option and you. I’ll show you now. I go up here once on sketch. And then on export compiled binary files, then the sketch is combined again because they checked again compile completed and now it is the company in the same directory has been copied into where the download of this one times in terms of and here has just seen times in points on the right and at the very bottom, two new files have now been created once the Ma Lin Omega point hacks and once again with the bootloader, I take always those without a bootloader, so we know this is our company, and now we open the program. Hurray our sliding software from the most likely all very important is here now in the event that you you selected your printer, That means in my case. It is the Eneco Beatty, three mega that is now also activated and then go to the right company. Do not update my impression from now connected If I always make it short just to show you. I switched from my desk here to my desk and everything. I do now is next to my USB cable, which is included was and plug my printer on the program. Yes, and of course, I switch the printer, a little prick, namely, not that way annoying because for me, The new formula is OK and then switched back to my screen surface. If the printer is now successfully connected to the laptop or computer, then you can see a blue one next to your printer name up here. Symbol that means, OK? Connection is established and now these are also established. Both kittens No longer gray, but black, and now we can here. Click ok to update. Bla bla bla bla bla movies automatically. We don’t want to update because we want ours. Upload custom films. We click on, and now we go to the folder where our company Prinz die like downloaded. Have to paint it here and you can see that up. Here is the same folder. Where now also the paint points in there? We look where is there is? I can, of course, not failing to choose is nonsense, too. Our company is not here and here above. We have the two files that were created in Haguenau and we take here once the paint point him Omega point hacks. Click the click open and off you go At that moment. The company will be on your mobile phone cubic updated and finished. It was so easy! It was no witchcraft. Actually, everyone now we can use the computer from the printer disconnect and are done with the firmware update. Yes, and that’’s where we are finished, so that was really not that difficult now, but if anything now no longer works as it should and what has crashed, the printer doesn’t start anymore or it just doesn’t do that anymore. Water should then take the file that we downloaded first have, and that of Eddy Cue, look directly that this is also a text file and you then open again. Swells firmware update then selects again part. Eddy Cue has the hacks file right there and basically plays it for you. Original company bought from similar and then everything should be as before and again at the end. Please only do it at your own risk I want to. Do not make anyone unhappy. If the printer is ultimately no longer, so works like it worked before my next project will be a. I had already said a bit extensive. That is down here that shows. I’ll take you straight to the camera and show you what I do. I’m tinkering right now, and I’m not building a pulling device like that down here material, and the whole thing takes a little longer because I stop a lot had to construct and now play around with Arduino a little more must. If you want to follow me on the project, then you can on a channel like to click on community above. I will always upload photos and Accompanying this construction a bit and that comes with it, Of course, also in the video and votes on which one is the next video will be until then. I always say thank you very much for watching. I hope was able to help contest an annoying cubic at the am at the beginning. So beeps a bit calm down. I like to follow my thumb above, and I hope I’ll see him in the next video. Then I’ll be there, my boy. I want you guys Switch on PC [music].

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