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Insanely Cheap 3d Printer: Anet A8 Prusa I3


Hey, RC people, Tony. Here, CCX RC. Welcome back if you’re not an RC person, but you’re here because you want to check out this 3d printer. We welcome you, but we do a lot of hobby stuff and that’s. What made me start looking for a 3d printer to print parts for RC cars and just to have fun with? So I didn’t know anything going into this. I’m still only about a week and a half in, but I put about 48 hours on the printer already. I’ve been working it like a dog. So I’m going to tell you guys a little bit about this right after the break. Alright, so like. I said I’ve been looking at these for, like, two years now. But the price of entry has just been too much for me to spend my money on it and get in. I didn’t want to be spending four or five six hundred dollars on printer and at that range. If I wanted something decent, You had to get a pretty small build plate and I wanted a little bit bigger than it was going to give me so. I’ve held off until now. All right, so here it is at the entity. Crucify three! I got it at gearbest. I paid a hundred and seventy dollars for it. It’s free shipping, but I had some issues. They weren’t shipping it. I really wanted it for a project. I wanted to get to, and so I started emailing their customer service and they said that they had some worries about shipping it, so I’d also ordered some ink, and I thought the cost was going to be prohibitive with customs and run into some issues, so the goal was to just reorder it by itself. Get it under $200 Where customs wouldn’t really be to worry about it. I guess so I did that, but then I also rush ordered it, so I paid forty five bucks for DHL. Express, which I don’t advise that you do. You don’t need to if you’re not in a hurry. But if you do need it in hurry, it got it to my door from China in three days. Which to me is just insane, and so I got home and it was a Friday and there was a heavy box big box sitting there at the door and the printer was in there. Now it is not assembled, which for some of you that might be your turning point. If you don’t like to build things, turn off. The video hit back type in a new search term here on Youtube because it takes about eight hours to build. And it’s really easy. You just follow the directions. There’s a video on the little memory cards that I give you. It links you to Youtube. I will say that that’s an old version of the video. If you have a newer printer and the parts don’t look like what they’re showing, you just click on the guy’s name go to the newer version of the annotate build, and you’ll be good to go, but even with the old one, That’s why I use. I found the other one later. It was easy enough to tell where my parts went that were just a little bit different in shape because they still pretty much worked in function the same way. So you basically get this acrylic frame and it comes with paper all over it that you have to peel off. It’s like protective paper takes a while. That’s part of your build right there, like an hour of just getting these things prepped to build, but it does have some nice steel bolts and supports that. Go in here for all your moving parts for your base plate here. You’ve got a heat train at 220 by 220 by 244 Your build area millimeters. It’s really large build area printed this quad on there, which, you know a lot of people that have some of them here that you get in this price range in the US. Can’t print because the base plate is much smaller in that price range. You basically get a junior 3d printer, So you know, you just follow the directions. You’ve got to do the power supply wires. You’ve got to run all the wires from each of the motors, and then you basically wrap them to get them nice and clean and put them to your power distribution board or to your board here, and that will then take your operate. Your motors and everything and there’s a little. SD card on here and a little reset switch. You know, those are the two things I use. The most is pop in and out the memory card to put a file on it that I want to print and then the reset. Once you put the card in, you hit the reset button again, so there’s a reset the software and read the new cloud files on the card, so I spent a total of eight hours building it, and then I had to try and figure out how to operate it because that’s not really in the manual, but luckily there’s a lot of great Youtube videos about running the cable in or the plastic, getting it set up for your first print. It’s actually really easy. As far as you know, get it up to eat. Push down this button and push the plastic through. Now you’ve got to make sure there’s a little hole in there that can be hard to hit sometimes. I spent 10 minutes the other day trying to get into the black plastic, so that is a finicky thing about it, but wait, actually print the prints really. Well, you level the board. There’s directions online on how to do that, and then it comes with the software that you need. There’s repetier-host and there’s. Kiera, I use Kiera. And I use an old version that I went online, downloading some a Mac user and the software for Mac isn’t on the card, so I just went to the website and downloaded it for Mac and again I went to an older release that this was using when they, you know, basically sent the instructions. I knew it worked with it, so that’s the model or the number that I went with for the software, and I’ve upgraded the software now and it does work with it, but I still use the old one, so I’m comfortable with it. I like where all of them numbers are, and it makes it easy for me to build so yeah. I put 48 hours on this thing the first week and a half now already. I’ve got two days full printing on. This worked it like a dog having a blast printing a little hard cases that I can strap to my quads for my Firefly q6 as well as a little triangular base plate to hold it at the angle, I need for the quad 90 millimeter mini quad frames and the top plate done little fan protector for my fat shark goggles, and this is actually. I put my own custom design on up for renegade rotors, which is a new Youtube channel. And I’m working up for my quad stuff, So they don’t infiltrate the CTX RC channel with too much quad stuff for people. I’ve got tiny whoop stuff going on here for mounting cameras to your whoops. That out that are on Thingiverse for free. Go there, you find a file you want you download, and you throw it in the printer and hit print. I always run it through the software and I export g-code. That says that it will do multiple different file types g-code. Stl, there’s one more. You can look it up on the site. I’ll put the description notes on it in the bottom. As far as the layer thickness, you can do 0.1 to 0.3 millimeters, so you can do a finer detail or you can do a quicker print. That’s just down and dirty. At 0.3 It’s just laying much more thicker, thicker plastic down to make the build go quicker. There’s a whole bunch of settings that you can tune it’s a point. Four millimeter nozzle or on the extruder and it’s using a 1.75 supports abs. PLA wood, nylon, PVA PP and luminescent types of filament here to print, it’s got operating systems for Windows or for Mac or Linux. And you can hook this up by a USB to your computer. I haven’t done that everything I do is on the memory card that they gave me with the instructions because the full USB stick. I plug it into that into the computer. Download my files running through the software. Put it onto here. It doesn’t come with design software, but you can get. Google Sketchup. I’ve been using Photoshop, just throw in the 3d mail 3d mode, and I can extrude some of my logos and things like that. I’m running green, black and white school because it’s basically what I like for my channels. I’ll probably get a red as well, but basically, the black and green. I really like, and then the white. I got because you can paint it and you can do other colors and we’re going to be doing a lot of Star. Wars stuff. I’ll be honest, so that’s nice. I can paint it and I’ll probably get a brown. Some kind of a wood look, But these are about $22 a spool on Amazon gearbest. Sell some as well. I like the hatch box. That’s what I read a lot of good reviews on and I’ve got to Hatch Boxin and I got one promo because they didn’t have black and hatch box for under fifty bucks because all the prime stuff that’s lower price was sold out so people are gouging it. It comes with all the tools you need in here to assemble it guys. It’s pretty amazing. No tools needed because they’re all in the box. I keep them here to cut the plastic. I also use it sometimes to pry the pieces off. Tighten up or adjust the base here. Everyone wants to want to just read, rechecked level and then. I use just painters tape on the tray. Here, the heated bed for better adhesion, so right now. I need to put some more on. That’s kind of torn up from the last one really stuck. I’ve had a really good success with this thing. Most of my designs of stuff I trying to print a Lego minifigure and the little arms are curved and it wasn’t touching enough, and I did have that one pop-up and spin and had to cancel that one out with a little cancel button on the side here, but other than that everything is printed. Great, like I said in just a week, I printed all this stuff. I printed the peach for the Mavic for doing the 360 videos. It’s just a mouth that you can use and like a printed toys for my kids, little dinosaurs and just whatnot, so just having fun. There’s a Lego break up here as well as pieces to improve printer, this filament guide on the top and this new fan here, That’s a circular designed to go all the way around the prints, instead of the one that comes with it, which is really just blowing in one direction. So there’s lots of little hop ups that. I still want to print for this things that will put your spool up top an actual guide that runs over this little stand support here to to run through it and help it move better, but this stand comes with the printer as well. It does not come with filament except a little baggie of it, which won’t last you very long. You can do little test prints with it, a little bag of white filament, but I definitely, I mean, if you’re looking to get into this, This is a great way to get in, it’s inexpensive and you can do really large builds. Now it does take a while to do really large builds, because even some smaller things will take you a while, depending on how they’re put together so again. This quad here that I built, It’s a three piece frame. I’ve got black on the bottom. I’ve got this green support and then this black top, and then there’s a little camera mount. That goes on the top, and I’ve got these standoffs here that I purchased that are nylon and so this took about 14 to 16 hours to print. I set the first one. Which is the top plate? Sorry, I did the camera Mount First. It was like 45 minutes. I got that on printed. The the top here took about an hour two hours, and then it was done at about midnight, so I could throw on one more print before I went to bed. So it did the base plate, which took about six hours to print. I woke up in the morning, popped it off, switched over to the green, and then I printed the center support around this and that took about eight hours, so while I was at work, it printed came home and I was ready to start assembling and building the quad and I’m really excited about how it turned out. It’s called the quad, which I picked it up over at Thingiverse. I’m just using PLA right now, but there’s flexible types of stuff you can print like I said, there’s a wood style filament, and so I’m just getting into it and looking to building some stuff for all. My are seeds. I’ve already started with a really big one here with the quad and we’re just moving forward, so thanks for tuning in guys, Ciri insisted in this. I’ll put a link in the description below and as also the specification. So thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you next time. [MUSIC].

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