Anet A8 Bowden Extruder Upgrade | Anet A8 3d Printer Upgrade E3d V6 Bowden! Part 3

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Anet A8 3d Printer Upgrade E3d V6 Bowden! Part 3


Hey, guys, let’s talk about the biggest upgrade that I did right now. With this printer, and that is e 3d v6 content. I mean, this is a really update level. You can get much more speed, much more quality, easy to change filament, much less weight And, of course, the quality is outstanding. These skills that a print is 0.2 not even 0.1 and look at this. I mean, this is outstanding. Our standing results after this upgrade. So why did I did this first thing was? I noticed that from both side home at the end, you know, my my extruder was a little bit tight in on both sides, and I say okay, you know, maybe this one. Look, you know, in a perfect demo torrent. And then I print those and it was the same. I say okay, and then I realized that this that metal holders it was holding in all mecha! You know, old hotend was not really really, you know, drilled like it should be, You know, it was some tolerance zero point something, but each. It’s enough to, you know to stack on both sides, so it’s it will still work in nicely here, but when it come to this side, then it was a little bit stuck in the same way. Tell why is this happening then? I realize what it is, and I say, okay. I’m going to change the whole, you know, X carriage and I say, okay if I’m gonna, you know, print the new leg skeleton. I’m going to change the nozzle as we’ll. Let us do some research and then. I realize that this is the way to go when I say. Okay, let’s give a shot and really, honestly, very the biggest upgrade ever, and I’m really satisfied with. Now, you know, you’re going to get much more speed much more, you know, access the prints? No, no wobbling whatsoever. If you put too much, this thing weighs like nothing. It can move it. Let me move this much faster. It’s easy to change the filaments. You only pull this button. You just take this this tube out. If you press this button and then you just take out the filament put a new one, and with that means that means to the you know, Cura, there is a some plug-in option. It’s called powers at height or something like that. You can tell you can pause the print and continue on colleges again a couple of times and then gives you opportunity to print multicolor prints, so that’s nice options and with the changing, you know, easy, 20 filament that can really happen so. I’m looking forward to try that as well so far has a set up in this cube phenomenal. I mean, phenomenal results. Much more much more speed stable. You save your rods, You save your bearings and obviously it’s compare it compatible with with, you know, previous obtain upgrade so pretty much One thing is the same. You have to clean couple stuff as well. You have to change a couple of codes into the software because you know, printer doesn’t always we’re. The nozzle is before the nozzle was if I remember correctly was around this side, and that was that was not. That’s not the same, which is now so have to change a couple of codes to make this to make this know. Where is your modulu’s because you’re going to, because you’re going to end up hitting on the side or going out of the bed. You know some prints if you print something too large, so I change the code as well and what has happened with this part is when I print this filament holder, My cat jump on and this mess my print. And that was this part and then. I made some change into the recode, and I continue on the same place and I continue to bring. The next thing happens. My computer go to the standby mode and my printer was shut down as well, so this part is print by stopping two times in the middle of the print and a magical. You can see right there. There is a there is a cut in a cut in the part. And I can show you how you can say those. Do school as well and continue to print where you let the next is. I almost finished my cover for the motherboard. It’s not finished because I’m still waiting for the cable. You know, extra the external cable for my microSD, but I get my USB, which is now 90 degree USB, and now you can print. You can connect it with motherboard. So that’s pretty nice when I get my cable. I’m going to close this thing anyone next is. I finally get my speech. Yeah, every one month or something anyway. Thanks to the switch. There is a small field inside as well and this is how they look right now. So you can switch on and switch off your printer. That’s really nice picture. The next is this filament coded air print as you can see, you know before. I’ve been feeding my my extruder in my hot end from, you know, from up to down. But then I realized this this system is much better, but not being now. It’s been fed to the side, so I have to see know like a rethink. How I’m gonna make this holder or I’m going to keep this way. You know. Save my my filaments. You know this that? I don’t use so often and then really change my colors. You know, not being stocking under the computer, so we’ll see, that’s a good one. More thing is, why did I paint this part? This is a good part to paint. This is a good thing to do. Why because soon? I’m going to insert the printing in ABS, so this will help, you know to intake a little bit colder, you know, air, then right there directly from the hot end. So this is what, like cold intakes in a little bit. The one thing that I noticed is about the heating is. Obviously you can have like a heat loss right here, so I order some sheets. Some cotton sheets to 900 degrees. So I’m going to install. Definitely, they came like a three millimeter or something. I’m gonna put the link in the description in the description as well and those sheets. If you put underneath, that’s going to be like an insulation material and your that will be much higher and much faster to heat up and with my module that I installed, you know, for the hidden bank. That’s not to be the problem, so I’m assuming, like I said I’m going to start printing me ideas, and I wanna you know this to be prepared as well. I change the belt now. There is a fiber core inside much softer, much stronger belt, very nice some clothes and look this fiber core belt. This is how they look. [music] myself! I’ll put the video in the description as well. Alright, guys! Thanks for watching this video. I hope you liked this upgrades If you liked it. Thumbs up, and I wish you good luck with a painting if I can help do something. Leave the comments and take care bye bye.

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