All In One 3d Printer | Top 5 All-in-one 3d Printers | 3 In 1 3d Printers 2021 That Can Print, Carve, And Laser Engrave

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Top 5 All-in-one 3d Printers | 3 In 1 3d Printers 2021 That Can Print, Carve, And Laser Engrave


[MUSIC] The toy DIY 2 is the world’s first 4-function 3d printer that turns any workspace into a manufacturing center. The toy DIY 2 can flawlessly perform complicated one or two color prints. It is also equipped with a CNC carver for plastic projects [Music] and a laser etcher for beautiful etching or engraving building on the success of the toy DIY, the toy DIY 2 guarantees, quality and function with our quick change tool head system tool heads can be changed in as little as 30 seconds. The toy DIY 2 makes auto leveling easier than ever using two sensors on the nozzle. The printer will automatically level itself in seconds before starting your print. [MUSIC] Once initialized the toy DIY 2 can produce high resolution prints by using our patented stainless high pressure print nozzle residue is reduced drastically. There is virtually no cleanup time after the print is complete. The toy DIY 2 comes from an award-winning 3d printing research and development team that has worked for years to develop this second generation printer. Its unique, four function, system optimizes, time, space and money, making it the ultimate 3d printing solution. [MUSIC] [Music] 3d printing is supposed to turn our wildest imagination into reality, However, most commercial 3d printers are hard to control bulky and lack accuracy. Turning your fabulous ideas into the trash, but if you want an industrial grade printer, it costs you a fortune. Until now. Meep moves the only transformable modular 3d printer with high industrial grade stability at an affordable price, giving you a more precise 3d printing experience than ever. The moose 3 form is designed for efficient and color mixing printing. The moose 2 form, meanwhile, is the solution for stability and unparalleled precision and the moose one form allows you to create simple prints in an effortless way. Luz features a design featuring the aluminum alloy CNC machine body that not only looks sharp but also delivers more reliability and stability, the demanding industrial grade linear guideway empowered by extremely accurate Stepper motor together with the high precision linear bearing making every movement of printer to be more precise. Moose is the first consumer-grade 3d printer consisting industrial-grade parts, It offers a more accurate and stable printing experience that you have been longing for [Music] simply connect your u-disc or SD card to the moves, tap the control panel and printing begins. [MUSIC] Moves is super easy to use moves can also handle CNC, carving easily with adjustable depth of between zero and five millimeters it can deliver more detail curve choose. A laser engraving head moose is just as good as a typical ink printer, allowing you to engrave fine print on anything. Moves is the best printer for makers and creators, its high precision unleashes. The restriction of other printers giving you more choice and possibilities. Great things await you and your imagination. [MUSIC] When the first snapmaker was introduced, it raised over two million dollars and connected over ten thousand users in an active community with the new snapmaker were bringing the next generation of advanced technology to this iconic design. The new Snapmaker is faster, smarter, larger and more powerful than ever before from 3d printing to laser engraving and cutting and CNC carving. It supports a wide variety of materials for limitless creativity. The components are made from high strength metal. [MUSIC] Anodizing converts the surface of the metal into a durable anodic oxide. Finish each process is strictly controlled and due to the higher level of automation, both the quality and the speed of production have been significantly increased. Every part is meticulously made. [MUSIC] In creating the new snap maker, we’ve taken the all metal design to the next level. The new snap maker is modular and it only takes a few steps to set up. Our software has greatly simplified the process of 3d printing, laser engraving and CNC carving. You can also connect and control your snapmaker via Wi-fi or with the smart touchscreen, Snapmaker is more than just a series of machines, it’s a system of powerful modules and add-ons for creative people like you, you can make an extra large CNC router, a huge laser engraver and even a 4-axi’s CNC machine, you can further enhance it by adding an IP camera, a hand wheel, an emergency stop button, an enclosure and more the new snapmaker includes an automatic bed leveling feature that ensures you print on a level bed every time the cooling system is redesigned to cool the print in the most efficient way possible. If the filament runs out, snapmaker will pause and notify you to load new filament. It can also detect power loss and resumes exactly where it left off so you can recover any project to remove a print, simply lift the build plate and flex it for laser cutting. It uses a specially designed aluminum grid table. Its Built-in camera allows you to preview a design on any material or surface. What you see is what you get. It makes laser cutting as easy as drawing with a pen. It can convert your drawing into a vector image that can be edited directly in the software for laser engraving and cutting it is five times faster than the original model. Whenever a new idea strikes, you’ll be ready to turn it into reality for CNC carving. It now features a fully upgraded CNC module and wasteboard it supports over 100 carving and cutting bits by using the standard ER 11 collet upgraded clamps provide a tighter hold. It has faster working speed, a larger step down and fully enclosed linear modules. Bring your ideas to life and unlock your full creative potential with the new snapmaker. It is the most advanced three-in-one 3d printer we’ve ever created. Let’s make something wonderful with Snapmaker. Join us and back us on Kickstarter today [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] you?

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