Add Vertex To Edge Blender | Blender 2.8 Tutorial: How To Join Vertices, Edges, Faces & Objects.

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Blender 2.8 Tutorial: How To Join Vertices, Edges, Faces & Objects.


In this blender tutorial, I will show you how to join objects, faces, edges and vertices. Other tutorials can be found in my playlists. Okay, well, I’m going to assume you’ve got limited knowledge of working in blender, but obviously have a basic understanding of a few of the operations, So the first thing in object mode. If you’re going to join a couple of objects together, I’ve got a couple of cubes here if you just select one of them, then hold down shift and select the other one, so that’s shift and then use your left mouse. So both of them are highlighted or all. The objects you want to join are highlighted. Some will be red some yellow to join them in object mode. Just hold down control, followed by J. Now these cubes will be joined, so if I go over to edit mode by pressing tab instead of, um, having a cube that I can’t select any vertices or edge on, I’ve got two cubes. So it’s basically saying this is one object so to join faces edges and even a set of say vertices, you need to come up to the top of the screen, and there’s a little magnet and underneath, it’ll say snap, select this magnet and then come over to the drop down arrow and it will say snapping, select the little arrow where it says snapping and select. What are you going to work with? So in this instance, I’m going to use the vertex. Now you can do a few things with the vertices, so let’s say I wanted to select this vertices here and grab it over to this point here. If you place your pointer near the vertices, you want to grab to and just simply press G and that will grab it over and lock it onto this vertices to the right. If I want to just extrude to this point again, place your pointer near the vertices, you want to extrude to and press e. I see for Edward. It doesn’t show up on my key cast and obviously left click to accept. I’m just going to press Ctrl Z to go back and that is one option. Now I’m going to go into Wireframe mode and by pressing Z and then left, Click on Wireframe and I’ll draw a box over all of this left hand side and again. If I place my pointer near this vertice and just press G, it will lock the vertices over to this point here. Ie, join, you see, you can drag this as well so by moving that this happens, so that’s your options there and again I’m going to press Z and go into solid view. Now, if I want to extrude, say an edge, come up to here and select the edge and again use the drop down and this time, select an edge and again place your pointer, probably best to the left on in this instance and select an edge and again I could press G, but you might have to just snap it up to lock at the point. You want it to lock or just place it here and left click. [MUSIC] And what this will do is this or I could place my pointer here and press e for extrude and again. I might need to lock it in place. Sometimes it can be a bit difficult. It’s probably easier to do front view. [MUSIC] That’s e and that’s locked this to this point here. Finally edge up here. Select your edge and again you’ll have to use the drop down. Sorry, not edge face. I’ve selected the face up here. Use the drop down select face. And if I select this face here, place my pointer over this face and I can either Press G, which would extrude the whole lot. You don’t want to do that because it’s probably easier just to press e for extrude. [MUSIC] And left click, and that’s extruded the whole face to match up to this side here. Occasionally you may have to move your face to line it up, but that’s basically a very simple way of extruding or grabbing vertices and objects and edges together or snapping them together. Hopefully that’s helped someone. Thank you for watching, cheers!

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