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The Making Of The Achmedmobile | Controlled Chaos | Jeff Dunham


So if you’re watching this, there’s probably a good chance. You’ve already seen my Comedy Central special controlled chaos or the DVD. That means you probably saw the opening where Achmed drives in and his Achmed Mobile. Well, that car wasn’t always the Achmed Mobile and started out as a vehicle that was pretty well known in the hotrod world. It’s called the defibrillator and we’ll be talking to the two guys who built it in just a little while, but before that, I want to talk about the skull that’s on top now. What you saw was Achmed, But this is now right now when I’m talking to you one month, but one month before we taped controlled chaos, so there is no Achmed Mobile right now. There’s the car, but the skull on top is not Achmed. It’s this girl right here, and I just removed this off the car, and if it’s gonna turn into the Aqua Batmobile, I’m gonna have to take this skull and turn it in to what looks a lot more like cockpit now the way. I’m gonna do that is I’m gonna do it the same way that I’ve always sculpted. My dummie’s here by the way is a photo that I just found, which is of the sculpt of Achmed when I made his head out of clay before we did the molds and then turned him into fiberglass, But that’s the clay. Achmed, The very, very, very first incarnation of what he was going to look like, and that’s what I’m gonna have to do with this skull right here. Now it’s metal. These guys made it out of metal. They welded it all together. So what I’m gonna have to do is I’m gonna have to take clay some clay and some foam and all the typical ways of putting a head together that I usually do and make this clay foam thing, and then, of course, we’ll make a mold of that, and then we’ll make a fiberglass copy of this metal head, and that will be what goes on top of the vehicle. This thing is really cool. It guys did a great job. I mean, when you hit the accelerator on the car. The mouth opens up just like that and also the what looks like the butterflies on the carburetor. Open it up and his eyes open up. They’re not really, but it’s all controlled together, so it looks the same way so. I’ll be using this photograph, and I will also be using one of our little like med hand puppets to show what his face looks like to give me some reference, so stick around well. See what happens and this should be fun and it’s kind of weird because you’ve seen what I haven’t done yet, but I haven’t seen it yet. We want you to be a cartoon car and again, that car that you draw and a big part of that element was you got your head sticking out of the roof and you got your gear shift knob sticking out of the roof, so think about what we had to do to build that car, so that body was lowered way down. The seat was elevated and you actually drive that car with the upper part of your shoulders and head completely sticking out of the roof and the gearshift knob sticks completely out of the roof again completely functional, completely drivable. OK, so now what I’m doing is I’m taking pieces of what’s called carving foam and it’s just some foam that’s made for carving. These are for making cars and all kinds of stuff like that. And then, basically what I do is I cut the pieces to shape and I’ll be gluing them on here and there and everywhere, and then you can take your finger and you can really shape this stuff. You can use tools, you can use whatever and that helps start making the face and I’ve got to make them. Look, you know, like this guy. So hopefully that face will start to look like that. [MUSIC] You know what this is stupid? This is really ancient technology. I had a better way to do this. Follow me! I honestly don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. I have all this technology at my fingertips. Why, in the world I would use clay and foam. What I’m doing here with a three-dimensional scanner is scanning a bobblehead of Achmed! I just took one of our bobbleheads that we sell. Yank the head off. Put it in here and started scanning it and what this three dimensional standard does. It gives you a file of whatever you scan in three dimensions. So here we have a commit. Achmed in three dimensions in a computer file. But then what do you do after that? I’m trying to make something big and giant to go on. The top of the Achmed will feel a giant head. Well, there’s what it’s called 3d printers and what a 3d printer does is. It can take your file and print it in three dimensions. A regular printer prints a picture. This print’s a thing, so I got to my 3d printer and printed a smaller version of the Achmed Bobble head. Slightly smaller by like 20% looks perfect, just like, and then I thought, all right, let’s make it bigger. How are we gonna do that? Well, we’re gonna take this scan right here. And we cut it into six sections sections small enough that the printer could print. It could only print something as tall as 12 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches. But we need a head, this big of Achmed, So we cut it into pieces, hollowed out the scan and I test printed a section of Mohammed’s face. This is just a single layer. Basically, what’s gonna be a Nachman mask? So this is the front part of him right there, but, okay, a little bigger worked, but now we need to do it a lot bigger and a lot thicker, so we went to the 3d printer. Here it is, didn’t make those pieces and started printing on big pieces of Ock med’s head, a giant Achmed Skull and here’s an example of one of the pieces. And this if you can tell, is the Aquaman job. This is the inside of the mask, so it’s just a piece of it. This is this cheekbone. This is what’s called support material. I stopped it halfway through the praying process. So you can show this to you, but this comes out of the prayer, just like this, so then what I did Is They took all the pieces and I glued them together. We trying to do giant bent head. And now we’ll see what we do after that fiberglass putty mechanisms the whole thing. This is going to work. [MUSIC] [Applause] [Music] and I still have all my fingers so this is the copy of the different relator skull that dragon made its fiberglass and I just finished putting the eyes out of it and the bottom out of it, and now I’m gonna go mount it onto the the what will be the Aqua Batmobile, and we’re gonna hook up all the mechanics and the gears in the chain and all the cool stuff that goes over here to make sure it all fits and works, and then I’ll be chopping off parts of the face and taking the Achmed face that I printed on the 3d printer and mounting it on here and mounting the jaw and making sure everything works and then it will start to look now. The first test-fitting. See if the automated face looks good. That looks pretty awesome now. I have to make sure the jaw fits and that the jaw works because when you push on the accelerator. The job opens up. Oh, yeah, got a little bit of work to do. Maybe pulling some all-nighters because we film the cold opening in two and a half days that works. I don’t care who you are. That’s awesomely cool so now. I’m putting the tray that the parts end up on and back in the 3d machine and the parts will come out on this tray right now. We’re making the bombs for the occupied mobile wheels like Hubcaps, and we’ve gone over the computer and we’ve created an actual model of a bomb so we can actually say that, Achmed For the first time really is building a bomb. It is now a day and a half before we should be called opening. We have to paint it at noon tomorrow and have it ready and I’ll show you this, so this right here. See this that right there? That felt part of the eye, apparently in the scan. I didn’t see that it missed it, so I’m heading to add that back in here. It’s 2002 am. Yes, oh, hi, we’re back. Dunham’s garage and welcome to augment pit at the spear. Yeah, it’s looking great, actually. So the glove has hole in it now, like like this, so it’s good to have gloves, but this finger is the best. It’s not completely flat because it’s all glue. See that cream that Steven on there to fill the holes. He’s been sticking it all night, but we haven’t told him that you have to mix in hardener. So this is the primer coat and all it does is. It gives a consistent coat all the way across the thing, and you’re able to see eating little flaws in there and go back with what’s called spot. Putty like you can see right there. You can see one of the seams DD right up there where we didn’t fill it in with the spot ready before so now before painting, We’ll go back in. Well, just ketchup, a couple of those major imperfections, one of the coolest things that I like about this. Is that this right here? Was the bobblehead just back to here? So then we had to extend it Just like the defibrillator. Skull was. I had to match the cloth. Look on top of this for the rest of the rest of the bob long for the long head, and we did that by. I took pieces of fiberglass cloth and soaked them in resin and then just laid it up against the existing and then kind of just brought it back like this and connected it to the bottom of the fiberglass and so it instead of having that flat skull look like on the defibrillator. Now it looks like he has just turban on came out pretty well. I can’t wait to see it painted well. After painting the skull, it looked awesome but needed something more so. I’ve decided, do your silver eyes and silver teeth. The original defibrillator have that it look cool, and I think you find a lock with very well. You would want this skull to look menacing. I think the silver eye isn’t necessarily silver teeth, add to that. The car being changed in the aqwal. Achmed Mobile is it’s bringing it back to life again. It’s sat around for a while and didn’t do too many shows. And now it’s gonna do some big shows, so it’ll be happy, so here is the? Achmed will feel complete and ready to roll photography’s image on top of it. This thing is great. It’s not only ornamental and cool-looking, but it actually has a function when you hit the gas. The mouth opens up and the air goes inside and goes through the air filters that are in his head and then the carburetor and then the Hemi engine and yeah, I think it’s kind of fun. And now we’re getting ready to take this thing out into the upper desert in Lancaster, California, and we’re gonna put it through its paces and take the opening of the DVD, which you’ve already seen. I’m not seeing it because we haven’t done it yet, but it’s pretty fun, pretty cool. [MUSIC] good friends and like [Music].

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