3d Printing Ideas For Beginners | 10 Awesome And Practical 3d Prints!


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10 Awesome And Practical 3d Prints!


[MUSIC] I was actually thinking of adding the thug life and glasses music. But, you know, I don’t want to overdo it. It’s been quite a while since we did one of these, so I wanted to show you 10 through the printed things or items that I have around my house. That is that you hopefully haven’t seen before, like, like this one or this or him. This this this this, but today. I’m showing you 10 practical through difference, okay. Two of them is pretty useless. I’m gonna show you about eight useful. 3d prints. Okay, so usually my my workbench was a clutter of SD cards, USB sticks, hard drive cables notes. You name it and this organizer Just just helps me out And this organizer box. I put on top of my computer, so I have great accessibility and yeah. It just keeps the desk very, very clean, so lets. See what we have in here? We have a hard drive and a cable and have a two. SD card readers in here, SD Cards, USB sticks and notes and a harddrive once again, well SSD printed on the table Delta with PLA and I believe the entire print was about 10 hours, so a very big print was very useful. Yesterday we had a beautiful winter landscape here, but it all melted away so. I actually just wanted to show you. These 3d printed hooks that I have in here in this little shed, but I also have them all around the house actually, and they are surprisingly strong. You can hang anything on them. Okay, so let’s try this jet-powered water thing. I’ve already tested this, so I know it will work, but just for demonstration. Just take a look at that. I mean, that’s that’s some heavy stuff. I wonder if it will hold my weight. So these little things. If you get a good look at them are lifesavers, so I would rarely have earbuds that fit my ear perfectly, so whenever I would go out for a run, they would either pop out completely or just slide out to the point where they would still be in the air, but the audio would be all rubbish. So now I just connect these little tabs around my ear and pop the earbud in and I can almost like, adjust the tension, so I can get the earbud to fit very nicely in the ear. I mean, this is honestly a lifesaver, So take a look at this. You know that they are. I mean, they are really on there. You cannot like it’s not gonna pop out when you’re running. I basically use them every time. I’m going for a run and I mean, what are we saying, like, 20 minutes of printing? Yes, absolutely perfect. [MUSIC] So anyone anyone with a a Gopro should have a 3d printer. I can’t tell you how many times I have been using it through the printers. Make you know, any mounts, basically for a Gopro I’ve done. I’ve done Tripod’s, flexible filament. You make it less vibrating. You know, you know, mouth mount extended arms cases. This is an adapter for for actually. The DSLR with the rode mic. I made this little adapter for the microphone. One more extended arm. This specific amount is actually four. Well, it’s basically just a general clamp mount, but it can be mounted on. Okay, I’m gonna remove. These can be mounted on something like a skateboard. A Gopro and your 3d printer should come in the same case. Okay, this next one. I will have to show you in action because well, first of all, It’s it’s one of the not so useful prints. But I think it’s cool enough to to show you OK. The hype is unreal. The build up has been done here. We go, it’s a book. Stand on, OK? So some of you might not even see what it is, but it’s actually. Rick, going to going through a portal and this is just a stand. Well, it’s a it’s a book. Stand that, that’s! What it is, OK? Let’s take you to the garage and I will show you how I how I made it so. I don’t think this was actually supposed to be a Ricky movie figure, but basically we have the stand. I 3d printed this and not in black, but actually in gold and this is just a black base I. I painted using some paint. Oh, and the portal looks like this. And this is the original. Pla and I just made the paint job and honestly, it looks kind of terrible and here we have. Rick and it just pops together it it just one of those funny things, right, It’s borderline useless in terms of, you know, having it in this video, but I thought it was looking pretty cool, so magnetic phone holder, absolutely one of my favorite prints, and this was the one you could see me build in the beginning of the videos, so first of all, you can adjust the length and and the angle of all these arms, you have little screws you can adjust and they notch into each other. It’s a little hard to show you, but they not into each other, so it’s super strong, and you know, it’s not gonna skip any steps, but basically how this works is by a magnetic base on the bottom, so the magnetic base. You can attach to something like the hard steel tool holder or the computer, and this part is where the magic happens so inside here. But inside here, we have three magnets and then. I attached so this is a question if you actually want to do this, but I have the small, hard steel plate right here that I attach to the case. So the actual phone is fine like the actual phone is fine. All you do is superglue, a hard steel plate to your case to this magnetic pocket, and it’s actually pretty strong. You can still you can shift the phone to two upright position, and I almost dropped it fairly strong, so you put the base on the magnetic like this, and then you can take your phone and just put it right on there, and it’s actually, you know, quite stable, and then you can grab the phone no problem, and then you can just attach it just like normally it’s actually really useful. I have to say I and I used this a lot in front of the computer. I attached this to my computer, and then it’s and and then it’s like having a an extra screen, so I can watch, you know a podcast on here and while we’re working on my computer instead of having two split screens so yeah, I don’t know one of the most useful prints. I’ve ever done actually, really nice [Music] so what I’ve done Here is put my filament in a plastic bag in combination with these with these tasty balls. So so what is the 3d print you may ask, but we’ll take a look at this. A 3d printed clip so instead of just buying ten of these for $0.50 I now used filament worth 25 cents to print one, okay. I’m just gonna leave that here, so you know? I got to lift your skateboard and I don’t want to have these batteries attached or inserted in the skateboard during these these long-term storage winter times. So so I made the simplest of holders for the batteries, You know, takes 20 minutes in fusion 360 to Sketch up and two hours of printing, and you know, it helps with the organization, and you know, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Just keep ZBrush, well organized, and now you know where to put the batteries and you can even choose the colors and do like customized designs, which is over a nice. [MUSIC] So I have these old hard drives that were thrown around. You know, didn’t have a good place in and I was afraid to damage the connector and I found this protection box, so this definitely goes along the the storage protection kind of pile, a super simple 3d print just to keep your hard drives a little bit more safe, right. It actually broke, okay. So here is the top is now actually a hole right in it. This the last one is still a work in progress, and I haven’t found much used to it, but I can imagine some of you will, and it’s just an adapter and it’s an adapter for a paint roller. So what you do is you insert the adapter and then you attach it to a power drill, okay, so the paint roller is now filled of paint and what you do Is you take it in a bucket like this, so you start spinning it on the high settings, so these centrifugal force forces all be paint out of the roller, and then you actually have to clean out the bucket, which that alone is, it’s quite a pain, but then you do the same thing again, but now in water and that just removes all the paint. So when you dry it, you will end up with a nice, furry kind of paint roller once again works really well, but I don’t see a lot of use with it, but I guess some of you will actually find this very useful. Okay, so let’s rank this to the very useful stuff to not so very useful stuff. I would say the iPhone. Sorry, the phone holder and not sponsored by iPhone goes in the top. Now, obviously, the Rick Portal rockets right to the top and in this, actually, these earbuds was was probably the the most useful. I would say the Gopro mounts just in general. I mean, they save you so much money and well. I would put this right there. Oh, we got a lot of stuff. Okay, so the hooks and the battery holder. I think they’re in the same genre, so they they come next to each other now. We have the protection protector case for the hard drive, the the whatever that’s called the roller cleaner and last way DD clip I would say. Yeah, that’s all my 10 3d prints. I have around my house and yeah, let me know if you found any of these actually useful. Okay, I will see you again very, very soon. Have an awesome day bye.

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