3d Printers Under 300$ | Under $300 – 3d Printing Starter Kit Including Creality Ender 3


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Under $300 - 3d Printing Starter Kit Including Creality Ender 3


Many people ask me. Can you get a decent 3d printer for under $300 Not only can you get a decent 3d printer? You can get a whole starter kit for under $300 including a decent 3d printer, a 3d printing toolkit. That has all the tools. I recommend you need for 3d printing. It also comes with wrenches and Allen wrenches and extra parts to put your machine together or fix it. In case that ever breaks also included is capricorn tubing, plus new couplings. So you can make your hot end flow. Even better and work at a higher temperature included are nozzles of all sizes, so you can print real tiny miniatures or larger vases or just replace a nozzle if it ever wears out also included are two different types of filaments. PLA or flexible to print things on your printer to make it work. Even better also included is software to design your own 3d prints software to convert those prints into G code for the 3d printer and also profiles. So you can get good prints from that software right out of the box. You can get all that and still not spent $300 Want to see how to do it. Stay tuned right here. At filament Friday, filament Friday is brought to you by these patreon supporters before. I get into this if you’re totally new to 3d printing. I highly suggest you to check out my getting started with 3d printing video. I’ll link to it up here and also in the description below. It should help you understand all the basics of 3d printing from my starter kit. I’m using an ender 3 from Creality. The Ender 3 3d printer comes as a kit just like this. This is it fully assembled. Thanks you about 45 minutes to put this together. A lot of tough stuff is already done. It’s just bolting things together, but when you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of how your 3d printer works, so I think it’s great to start with a kit. At least this simple kit. Nothing super complicated that way you can get printing within an hour, and you understand how your 3d printer works now? This particular unit is from banggoodcom, but you can buy this printer from Amazon. You can buy from matterhackerscom. You can buy direct from creality. The difference is, you’re going to pay a different price right now. Banggood until the 30th of the month, they have a sale going on a hundred and sixty nine dollars and ninety nine cents, and that’s allowed me to put together a starter package. Well, under three hundred dollars now, you can get the same printer from Amazon for about two hundred twenty nine. You can get it from matter hackers for about that same price. Maybe two nineteen, or you can get it from directly from Creality for about two hundred dollars, But what I like about this is they have a US. Warehouse, They also have other warehouses banggood. I buy a lot of electronics through them. They’re very reliable, but they have a New Jersey warehouse, so I got this machine In three days, cost me $169.99 plus $11.50 shipping, so that’s still a heck of a deal and well under $300 It allows me room to make up the rest of the starter kit. The Ender Three does come with a few tools to put it together and also tools to replace the nozzle or fix little things, so it’s a good little tool kit to include, Plus, they give you a few extra parts like one extra nozzle, a few extra couplings, and they also give you a very small sample of filament to get you started, but it’s not nearly enough to print anything so that’s. Why in the starter kit? I recommend you get your own filament. For filament, I recommend two types of filament PLA and semi flex. This is our Filament Friday filament PLA. It prints really easy. This happens to be red, but there’s black. There’s white. There’s different colors. It prints really easy. It’s a very low temperature. Pla, so it’s very good for a beginner to get your first prints to flow nicely and stick to the bed. There are other Plas out there. You can certainly try all different brands, but at least get one spool of PLA. This guy will cost you Two 22.99 on Amazon and this flexible stuff from Solutech semi flex will cost you about the same 22.99 so there’s about 46 dollars added to the starter kit just from these, but this will allow you to print things and improve. Your 3d printer also included in a starter kit is my. Filament Friday tool kit? These are the tools that I’ve collected over the years that I recommend someone getting started with 3d printing should have in their shop. I’m not gonna go through every tool, but it comes in a nice, zipped up bag and there’s just a couple. I want to point out that I really, really like one brass brush for cleaning the nozzle. I use this all the time. Another one, a deburring tool or a finishing tool. Whatever you want to call it. It’s got a pivoting head. It’s great for cleaning off the edges of a print or inside a holes because it does pivot and cleans out really nicely. It’s got hobbyist blades and a cutting mat works really well and also a digital caliper. I use these all the time. In fact, I’ve used them in some of my videos, and then there’s pliers and side cutters and several other tools that I recommend. So this Kit sells for $39.99 on Amazon so with this included, we’re still not over three hundred dollars. A piece of the starter kit are replacement nozzles and you get a full set from point two up to one millimeter, which is a great range. Now it comes with point four on the Ender three, and it comes with one extra, But you will go through nozzles and there’s time. If you want to put a small one on if you’re doing really fine detail and a one millimeter nozzles, great for printing something big – you don’t need real detail, but you wanted to print faster, so this is great to have now what I did. Is I 3d printed a case, so I have a drawer for each size and it works great to store my nozzles, But it does come in a little case and this is a great addition, so this adds another. I think nine dollars to the starter kit still not over $300 This next piece of the starter kit is actually an upgrade. The PTFE tubing that comes on the creality machines has in the past, crept up because the coupling didn’t hold it tight enough to the nozzle. If you get any gap between the PTFE to the nozzle, you can get blockage. So what happens if you put this on with the better couplings, which have the metal fingers? Its kind of locked down. Plus, this is a higher temp, so it lasts longer. So this is really an upgrade to make your printer better and you get a more constant flow. You get about two or three replacements out of the amount of PTFE. That’s in here, plus the couplings, and you get a cutter to cut the stuff, which is very, very handy. Get a nice clean cut. So this is really an upgrade piece, but I highly recommend it and it’s like $15. 1499 so with this, we’re still not over $300 Now, let’s talk about software. There is an SD card that comes with the Ender Three. It has a sample print and also has a cura slicer on it, But I recommend you just go to The Cura website, The Ultimaker Cura website and download version, 4.0 or later. I do have my own profiles that I share for free. I’ll put a link to that in the description below. You import those profiles into cura and use those to slice your files, and you’ll get really good print right out of the box with this printer. Now you also need to level a bed. That’s a very important step before you get your first print. I have a video on that that covers how to level the bed on it. Ender, three. I’ll put a link to that in description below as well now. If you want to design your own 3d prints. I’ve also got some videos about Tinkercad. Tinkercad is a free design software. That’s in the cloud. You just go to Tinkercad com sign up for account, and you can design anything. You want export it as a dot. STL, bring it into the cura software, convert it into G code loaded on the SD card. And you can print it all this off or even my profiles. They’re all included and available for free, so it adds nothing to the $300 price. But it gives you everything you need to get started 3d printing with the PLA. You can now make this side Spool converter bracket. I share the file on Thingiverse so you can download it. Slice it and print it out, and then once you have that, you can install it on your machine. So the first thing you need to do is remove the spool holder that you used to print that bracket. And then you mount it to the side Spool holder. First you drop in the t-nuts. These are the same t-nuts that you used before on the rail and it should line right up and then use the same screws and put it the bracket into this angled bracket, so just flip it over and tighten them really tight. Once you get those tight. This thing should slide right into the 2020 rail, so just take the back little cover off, which just pry off it snaps in place and then you slide on the side Spool holder slides right into the rail, and then you put the black cover back on just like I said, pushes and snaps in place. Now you can put on a spool and if we feed the spool straight into the extruder and you’re ready to go with the flexible material, you can now print the Ender Three rubber feet these from C3D Miguel on Thingiverse Work Really. Well, there’s different ones out there if you want to try something different, but you print out four of them, and I just used a standard profile to print these, so they came out pretty good. They’re a little bit stiff, but you wiggle them and put them into place into the rails, and you know, you’ve got four feet, so make it easier to remove the SD card or install it there. You have it a complete starter kit for under $300 Everything you need to get started and more. There’s one more upgrade that I highly recommend for your Ender Three. And that is the Creality 1.1.5 silent board. I had hoped the Creality would start putting these in the machines by now because this is a great addition to your Ender Three. It’s got silent drivers, which makes the Stepper Motors really quiet. It’s got thermal runaway protection for safety and it’s got a bootloader, so it’s easy to update the firmware. Now this will add another 46 to 50 dollars to your budget. So maybe you buy this instead of a Capricorn tubing or the nozzles. But this is something I highly recommend, maybe. By the time you’ve watched this video, they started putting these in the machine, so that’s why. I’ve kept it as separate, but I highly recommend this. I have a video on how to install this. I had one of the early boards. I showed how to install it just by swapping connectors. It’s pretty easy. This is something you should consider adding to your. Ender, three!

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