3d Printer That Uses Recycled Plastic | Gigabot X: Creating A Pellet Printer To 3d Print Using Recycled Plastic


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Gigabot X: Creating A Pellet Printer To 3d Print Using Recycled Plastic


So at the core every 3d we are a social enterprise. We endeavor to make 3d printing more accessible. What we’ve found over the last few years is the feedstock is not accessible to people so to truly get this beyond just the areas where people have access to extruded feedstock. We saw to enable the printer to print from pallet shredded materials. Even recyclables. We just want people to be able to use whatever they have on hand to get the job done for a long time, 3d printing has been slowed down because the material is expensive, There’s very few materials available and it’s a slow process. At some point, we felt we don’t have to accept that we can break these barriers, and I think Gigabyte X is a good representation of how we can go beyond where we are today. We really see it. As the future of manufacturing, especially in the large-format industrial 3d printing, The filament doesn’t make sense anymore. We have to turn to a new way of doing things gigawatt. X is proving itself to address those largest barriers to 3d printing gigabyte. Iris in and of itself has been an evolution. We had this vision originally to make a toilet sized 3d printer that was under ten thousand dollars that could also print from trash. Turns out those are two separate challenges and printing from plastic waste is really really hard. The standard gigabyte accepts the standard filament in thermoplastic form and gigawatt. X takes the pellets. So they really are different platforms and quite possibly for different uses, but the fact that gigabyte X shares a lot of its technology in the platform with our standard gigawatt makes it an easy addition to the family. Gate Buzz. There’s a number of components that are different on gigabyte X from the standard gigabyte. The first big part of that is we replaced all of the v-groove wheels with linear rails. What that affords us is very, very precise motion and very, very smooth motion in motion that doesn’t have to be maintained that often you don’t have to clean it as much. It’s just a nicer quality product. Overall, the hopper on gigabyte. X is one of the things that’s changed. The most recently we’ve built an extra frame on top of gigabyte. X, which holds a dedicated hopper above the machine, which has enough capacity for 24 hours straight of printing with pellets. We’ve also changed some of our motor’s gigabyte. X uses Nema 23 Stepper Motors, So were able to move around our bigger tool head with more reliability and ease the extruder itself uses a NEMA 23 motor as well. It’s got a planetary gear box on it to further increase the amount of torque that we have coming out of that motor so basically just makes it really really strong to let it’s able to turn all that plastic through the barrel hasn’t melted down in large part. 3d printing is so much about thermal management. There’s three different heating zones on the gigabyte. X, and that allows us to tailor that temperature for different materials. The heaters are much larger because we’re pushing a lot more material than say, a traditional filament machine. There’s a whole host of key benefits from the gigabyte. X platform being able to print directly from pelletized or recycled plastic. One of those benefits is, of course, the lower cost of the feedstock material. We also have a benefit of being able to print much faster, pushing a lot more material and finally, the material library is much much wider. Only some thermoplastics are made into a filament, but hundreds to thousands of different materials can be printed in pellet form on the recycled side being able print recycled. PT recycled ABS recycled PLA. Even today, we were grinding up some graphs and support material that we had from our traditional printers grinding that up into flakes so we can pour it into gigabytes. We’re very excited about the collaboration that we have with Michigan Tech University and Dr. Pearson, his lab, they’ve done a tremendous amount of work with characterizing gigabyte X using different materials under different circumstances, so in a very rigorous manner we’ve been able to gather a lot of data on the gigabyte X platform that helped us establish a paper that was been published in Journal of Materials working with Michigan technician and valuable not only validated gigabyte access to print with pellets. His students decided to go a step further. They knew that our vision was to 3d print from flake and from regrind, so they took virgin as well as reclaimed materials and started grinding them up and running them through their printer, so we’re also able to show that we can print from ground up and reclaimed. PT polypropylene, abs and PLA in the coming weeks and months. One of our biggest jobs is to characterize the gigabyte X system to accept a wide variety of materials in simplified 3d We want to make it simple for the user. We want to have a drop-down box where you can just choose one of many different materials and as many materials as we can put into that Matrix is the work that we’re focusing on right now. 3d printing is hard and printing from recycled materials is even harder. So what does it look like to be able to take that water bottle or that waste plastic and put it into key? Chabad X, There’s a few steps. Obviously we do know that you need a dryer grinder in a feeding system. That’s a little bit more robust than what we have. Currently, it’s gonna have to be an integrated solution gigabyte. X is really the centerpiece of this ecosystem, this family of products that are gonna allow people to have the capability to print directly from recycled material Good-quality input material. We’ll make sure that we have a good quality print part of our experience with NSF SBIR Phase one. They wanted us to validate, but there was a real market interest in this, so we put on Kickstarter and the beta units are now being shipped to the early backers. There’s a small set of them. I think Gigabyte X is just the beginning and just as gigabyte. Did it really depends on the community’s feedback. Please reach out to us. Engage on social media. It’s your ideas that really will take this where I needs to be [Music].

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