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3d Printed Toy For Kids


Are you playing with the stars from the previous video? [MUSIC] So that’s why you don’t show support from your previous videos? What about if we make nice toys for you, how you think? Hello, everyone, and today we’re gonna make a toy for. Mikey, so I remember when I was a kid, I had this circle and then on top of that, I had a head and small little arms and no matter how you push it, it goes back, so I guess underneath inside on the bottom, there was a way, and that’s how it was always going back to the same position, so let’s make something like that for my kids, so I’m gonna split this body for two pieces, so I can easily fill it up with the way, then attach everything together, and that way will be easier for the printer to print the actual sphere. Okay, let’s open up fusion 360 and make some toys. [MUSIC] Let’s okay, so we’re going to remove all these supports. I have another drink that we don’t. We have nice tube. We can use it somewhere. I don’t know where so this is. The top need to remove bring that. I mean, hold that. We’re going to use my slightly cut on the side. That looks good. We have another piece and because we had the support. We still have a rough surface here. So when we add some weight to this toy, it will balance lets. Try to connect it together. It does connect, so the point is that we can when we’re going to add some weight. It’s gonna stand right, but we need to add some weight here at the bottom. Let’s do this so. I bought in the fishing store 30 grams weight. Yes, it looks like so we’re gonna add. Then we can attach it with hot glue, and I think we need even more weight very ground. Definitely, it looks like not enough. Luckily, I have. Let’s call it another 15 grams. So now we have approximately 40 grams and it’s time for hot glue, lets. Warm it up okay now. When the car really lets speed it up, we do. I’m gonna make sure so. That’s how it looks after adding the glue. Now, let’s wait a little bit for the glue to get dry and assemble our model. Okay, when everything pretty much dry, let’s try to put it to the test. One more time, let’s see the center now. When we happy, let’s glue it together as I mentioned before. I need to use super glue. But in this model, we have to use. I need to make sure that everything is Well. Then I’m gonna use it all together. Good, so that’s what we have. I wish I can paint it to make it more beautiful. But unfortunately, I don’t have paint for kids. Filament BTG So I think it’s quite safe for the children to play. It looks quite strong. The weight is heavy. Seems we have 45 grams inside. It does the job you can spin it. When it’s been a dance, we can call it always standing, though. So now when we made a toy, let’s go and put it to the test. Daniel, look what I have for you. Hey, look, you can put it on the floor and it’s going like this. [music] You can rotate it like this. [MUSIC] You retain it on the side. See, it goes around you as you can see, it keeps really like this toy, and I can say it’s durable because we had a few times fall down from concerns and then accidentally I drop it from the normal human high and it’s just bounce from the floor. Didn’t break so I guess it’s pretty much safe before the kids fight to drop it, and definitely, it’s not gonna break, but for that, you need to, of course print from PTG. Of course you can download this model on Thingiverse for absolutely free. If you really like the video, please like subscribe because all this, I’m making it exactly for you. Because without any subscribers, there is no point to make these videos take care and we’ll see us in our Next Video [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music].

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