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3d Printed Gun Parts & Accessories


What’s up, guys? Thanks for tuning in today. I’m going to show you guys a couple of cool 3d printed parts that I’ve made enjoying the 3d printer. I love the almost endless supply of things you can print and having fun, experimenting learning, creating even some of my own stuff, but let’s just get right into it. I guess so the first thing that I really wanted to print were these. Uh, these grips, so you can see here like this design and yes. These are free online cad files. Um, I wish I knew the maker of this design because he deserves a credit. Maybe I’ll post it down in the description. Um, but just super cool, im. Uh, hoping to put it on the ar there. Uh, I even started experimenting and this one’s actually a matte finish and this is a gloss. Finish, uh, the gloss actually led to more layer lines showing. See if I can get that in there for you guys. Yeah, so you can see the layer lines more, Uh, and the shine just is gonna stand out from everything else on the a little red there, so I think I’m gonna go with the matte, but super cool design feels good like the, uh, the finger indention’s. Just nice can’t. Wait to put it on and try it. The next thing I printed was ar wall mounts again. It’s another file that you can find online, and as long as you’re good with setting up your settings, you’ll have zero problems. I did have a couple problems with this guy warping, not sticking to the plate I was, I was learning a lot when I started printing these, but anyway, we got several for Ars, and then I got one for my ar12 All I did was scale this one up to fit the into the 12 gauge. And that way I can have them all mounted on the wall. Oh, the next cool thing I started. Printing was a nine millimeter speed loader. Uh, not that I really need one, but man, when you’re out there, just shooting a bunch of rounds. Your your thumbnails get kind of sore. You even have that occasional slip and just nick yourself on a bullet or something so curious to test out the durability on this, but pretty cool design. Ammo, boxes, man. These are cool like just having a custom. This one’s for 22. Having a custom colored ammo box. When you show up to the range or you know, show your friends, they’re just gonna be like. Hey, that’s cool! It matches your gun. It’s not just a typical cardboard ammo box. You know, you got something different to be different from everybody else. I mean, imagine this if you’re if you like black and blue. Um, if you like all red. If you like all chrome, you can make them here again. We got the comparison and gloss versus matte see here. This is another warp, So you have. There’s a lot to learn about 3d printing. This one was actually printed flat and this one was printed vertical. There’s issues with both ways like when you’re printing vertical when it starts here printing here again, it’s printing in this air unless you put a support on it, so it’s little things like that that you have to learn you can see. There’s a little bit of warp in there. It’s not perfect, but, uh, overall, still experimenting and let’s look at that gloss versus matte here. [MUSIC] I personally like the mat and I also got one in nine. Millimeter this one’s done in matte, this one. It probably came out the best super cool. Next thing I printed was the stand for the AR. Um, I. I wanted something to not. Only help me film next time I do. Uh, the AR builds and and custom videos, but it also helps me work on it when I want to disassemble or clean. Uh, yeah, it’s all 3d printed. [MUSIC] Came out really nice? I did have to, uh, chop a little piece off, lets. See, I think I chopped the front off so that it would fit on the printer. Normally, I think the front extends out a little more, and if you have a longer barrel, you may want the front and then you can chop off the back. But, uh, for this one, you can see it. Uh, I don’t have it on there on the way, but it supports it. It’s pretty sturdy, so awesome. Find on the 3d5 last, but not least the 3d printed g17 lower. I got a got a project going on with this one right now. I’m ordering all the parts and start assembling the frame. I mean, it just came out. Awesome came out really nice. Yeah, there’s some cleaning and stuff to do on the inside here, but anytime you want, you just print another one. I mean, most of that’s going to be hidden anyway by barrel. Slide, you’re not going to see it. I personally think it’s better to have all this looking super clean, all right, and I know I said last, but not least I got one more. Uh, the magazine for it. Yeah, that’s right, guys. You can 3d print a magazine. I mean, it’ll work in a regular glock as well. So if you have a 3d printer print some of these guys up, they even have a 30 rounder. Guys, that’s my video. Hope you enjoy, stay tuned for more 3d printed parts and the build. That’s all for this episode, be sure to stay tuned for more on the 3d printed Glock 17 including unboxing all of the parts I chose for completion. This video is brought to you by CK designs for custom home design, renderings and virtual tours. Be sure to check out ck-designsnet. Thanks for watching.

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