3d Printer For Action Figures | Awesome 3d Printed Rick Sanchez – Creality Cr-10 Print!


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Awesome 3d Printed Rick Sanchez - Creality Cr-10 Print!


[MUSIC] Hey, guys! I hope you are doing great today. We are 3d printing this huge. Hey, guys! I hope you are doing great today. We are painting this huge 3d printed. Rick Sanchez nailed it. Okay, before we start with all of this. I couldn’t help but thinking how nicely the Youtube silver play button would fit up there. Rick and Morty is a science fiction sitcom and Rick. Here is one of the main characters. He is the crazy alcoholic scientist. We all love him so. Rick and Morty gets themselves in bizarre and absolutely messed-up situations and it’s hilarious to watch. I found this model of Rick on Thingiverse and he is giving me a sake he is! He is exactly 400 millimeters tall, so we maxed out to see our 10 You can’t go any bigger to print. Rick, I used some cheap Chinese food PLA filament, and now we’re gonna paint him, so I gathered, I gathered all these paints, different colors and what we are aiming for is to reach the same kind of color as this picture, but before we start to use the paints, we have to remove the support material and we also have to use some sandpaper to make all the surfaces smooth. So that’s coming up right now. [MUSIC] I can see I forgot to put supports on his eyebrows. And that’s why it’s hanging down like this, but we could just cut that off, and I think the paint will cover it. Just fine and there we have him. Rick Sanchez [Music] as of most of the Times, If it’s not all the time to see our 10 does a very good job, but there is definitely some imperfections here and there, so I’m just using some hundred and fifty 150 grit, sandpaper, smoothing all that out because I’m not sure how well the paint will cover the imperfections so so we better get rid of them in the early stage [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right, so now for the fun to begin painting, Rick will probably take a few hours so fast forward from this point in three [Music] [Music] [Music]. The hair looks great. The jacket looks great. The t-shirt not so great. Let’s do the face next. [MUSIC] The face in the back of the head is now complete. And I think it turned out pretty much perfect now. Let’s move on to the bottom part and lets. Finish up this Rick [Music] the next day men. I underestimated how long time it takes to do something like this. I mean, I thought maybe, like three hours. I mean, three hours. That’s plenty of time to paint this. It’s been eight hours. I mean, it’s it’s not even the same day anymore. I just did some finishing touches. I am completely done and I am going to reveal it for you. But first I feel it’s important to say why I’m even making this video. I wanted to show you. What the quality see r10 3d printer can do even printing These really really tall objects doesn’t seem to be a problem. I couldn’t see any significant c-axi’s issues and this is the stocks they are 10 no upgrades whatsoever. The second thing personally. I use my 3d printer for food. Gears, flamethrowers, Pedal reels stuff! I will be using in different ways. A lot of people use their 3d printer for the sole purpose of making statues and they paint them and they look amazing. And that’s what I wanted to inspire just using some acrylic paint, not even using a primary. You can get some really good results. So here we go let me show you The real. The final Rick Sanchez [Music] [Music]. Okay, that’s it for today painting. Rick, here was actually a whole lot more fun than I thought it would be. I really enjoyed it. So if you get the chance of doing something like this, definitely try it. I hope I can inspire some of you to do the same and I will see you again. Very, very soon have an awesome day. [MUSIC] Yeah, great now. My Rick looks like crap.

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