3d Printer Filament Spool Dimensions | 3d Printed Filament Spools!?

Thomas Sanladerer

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3d Printed Filament Spools!?


Before we start just a quick heads up. Today’s video is not one of my regular scripted videos every once in a while. I just like to experiment with new formats while still packing in a ton of information. So if you do, enjoy the style, let me know if not, we’ll just stay tuned. I’ll keep making the videos, you know, in love, all right, lets. Check this out. Some of you might already know what’s in this guy since it’s, you know, a package from dust filament. I know I’m really excited about this concept. I don’t know how well it’s gonna work, but I guess we’re just gonna give it a try today and see how well it goes. All right, so you might be wondering. Why is that guy getting so excited about – cause of filament well? I’m gonna tell you why these are some of the master’s fool refilled prototypes. The idea is you, buy them. Without the actual spool on this is filament like it would be spooled on a regular spool. But you don’t have to keep buying new spools. So so in order to use the master spool filament coils, they actually need the Master Spool itself and that is two halves. What do they have so? I’m gonna be printing on this irritant and for the other Half of make sure gonna be using the Ultimaker three. Just because I’ve not used in the world. I still have like this massive 2.6 kilograms filament spool in three millimeter at 2.85 No. I guess I’m gonna be using a small spoon for this, but not sure if the yield to make you can actually pull this big beast. So for this here 10 I’m gonna use the pusher slic3r and use actually one of the pusher profiles with a custom printer profile and I’m going to print that at 0.15 meters, and, of course, folio to make er, cure 3 or 3.1 and also using 0.15 millimeter layers. All looking good, Let’s get printing. Also, I’m just realizing that this is actually gonna be a thirteen and a half hour print on the Ultimaker and for the C or a ten. It’s gonna be 16 hours. Yep, here we go now that. I’m looking at it actually. Looks like there’s some sort of a deposit in the Bowden Tubes of the Automator 3 looks like the last silver film, and I printed left that in there [Music]. Ooh, ready for takeoff. This is looking good. Well, good job past. I’m trying to explain why I’d have a biking segment in a blog about 3d printing because vlog and sports and it was just below freezing, and why not go biking and talk about a bit more stuff while I’m there, there you go. I hope you’re ready for a road biking segment. Now don’t worry about me. Turning this channel into a full-time vlog. Think of this as an experiment. I just want to see how this entire thing works. Maybe I’m gonna learn a thing or two for my regular content. One thing I know. They’re not gonna be able to check off my blog. Checklist is strong charts. Because I don’t have a drone, but wait, T! Does this count now? I’d love to set you up with a nice, juicy, timeless of the sunset. But I mean, this is what it looks here right now so instead. How about timeless with this? Okay, that’s all you guys are getting. This is getting too cold. Fantastic, right, all right. That was good. Think we should go check on the printers now. All right, you see her tennis going? Strong, it is looking good. Volta maker. Yeah, looking pretty much perfect. I guess like the next thing. My blogger’s checklist is telling me to do is to make coffee, but it is 8:15 pm. So if I have coffee now? I’m gonna be awake all night. I guess what we can do. Then instead is do the time-lapse and make coffee and a slow-motion montage. Tomorrow, sound good, let’s go! [MUSIC] [Music] all right, it’s a new day and oh, my God, what happened here is that? Is that an appropriate blog reaction? You guys probably saw it at the time that’s already and this print is is. I mean, yeah. This has failed! What happened here? Is you know, honey? Let’s make It has like the broad from left to right and the rock from back to front that actually moves the tool head around the front to back. One has completely fallen out because these blocks right here here. Let me show you so these blocks right there. This one and this one. This is that’s where the rod is supposed to sit. These have cracks. These have like big ol cracks going all the way through them. This one is okay because the rod is just pressing down, but this one when this cracks, the broadest is free to pop out so yeah. I don’t think this print is salvageable. Hit hall, lets. Go check this your 10 All right, See your 10 looking good. At least this has printed. It’s a bit stringy, like if you look at this. There’s strings everywhere, but that’s simply because they use the mark to slicer profile that does not heavy. Bowden, so this is with a very low retracts. I’m just gonna go burn these up, and then we should be ready to go at least wait for this half better. Alright, first step wire, brush, second step heat gun. Alright, still not quite perfect, but this should work. So at least this one hasn’t damaged itself. All it would take to repair. It would be to zip-tie this rod back in, but yeah. I’m gonna have to reprint this one way or another, And while that’s printing, why don’t we go make some coffee before we know is? Starbucks, coffee. You have no idea what you’re missing out on. [MUSIC] So good. Okay, that is done, look at that. Look at that texture. That is so nice. So one of the cool things about the Master Spool is that, of course, the spool itself is really printed. Well, that’s a good or a bad thing that’s up to you. I think that is really fantastic. Because it opens up a load of possibilities. First of all, no matter what filament to refill you use on your spool At any time, The spool is always gonna be the same now. This happens to be similar in size to like the regular 200 millimetre spools that everyone uses these days. This is the one that I’m talking about. You all know this spool type? But if for example, your 3d printer doesn’t take that spool or if it needs some other, especially besides, you can just modify that spool to fit your exact printer like that’s always gonna be specific to what you need, for example. I had for the Omega 3 I try to use that blue. Filament didn’t fit on the rack behind it because the mount on the old maker is just the wrong size. It doesn’t allow for those deeper spools, so what he can do with the Master Spool is just make this one perfect for your 3d printer and just swap out the filament on top. Of course, maybe one of these isn’t gonna be enough, but if you have two or three of these, you can just swap out filament as you need it because you can’t just put film and on can also take filaments off this master spool again and store it for later and having that common size of that modifiable size can also be really cool for accessories, for example for dry boxes. You just need the dry box for this exact standard size, and you always know whatever filament refill you put on there. That’s always gonna fit on your spool, and that spool is always gonna fit in your dry box. So you’re good to go there. No matter what, so of course, the other upside is that the manufacturer doesn’t have to ship You a new spool. Every time you buy a filament. This is a lot lighter than the same filament with the spool on it. Actually, let’s go away that real quickly, so let’s see these two coils are 850 grams nominal and we’re getting 905 and and 870 89 grams. So both of these are probably a bit more filament than what’s on the sticker. And if you put this in relation to the old classic spool. This is 213 grams. So if you buy 800 grams of filament on this spool, literally 1/5 of that is just gonna be the spool. So what that means? Filament manufacturers all over the world is that these coils with packaging everything way less than one kilogram and that’s important because typically, the shipping rates will go up around that one kilogram point in the case of dust filament and infinity blue. We actually ran into that exact issue. They had to cut down on the spool size to 500 grams. If they wanted to ship it somewhat affordably around the world. Now you could just get 850 grams for the same weight in for the same shipping cost, so we’ve got the two halves of the massive spool and the Master Spool coil itself, lets. Get this on here. Gift is a good. Listen, doesn’t. It just sound fantastic. Okay, nicely vacuum sealed with the bag of Disick and in there, so it’s interesting here is that the end of the coil has actually been bent over in 90 degrees, so first of all that makes it easy to find. It’s not gonna slip under any other coils and you can actually insert it into one of these slots in the Masters pool itself. Also stickers. These are the same stickers you’d get on the usual roll and there is a sticker spot on that on the master spool as well. So let’s put that on there. Oh, these are! These are quite sticky, but got it good. So let’s see this should actually fit on with these zip ties on. That’s a good fit and then this end just clips right in here. Okay, Perfect, Then you can screw on the other half. Okay, that’s good and let’s just cut the zip ties. Where is the end? There’s the end, okay. Yeah, this right here. This is like the filament retaining hole right there, so this goes through here doesn’t kink. The filament doesn’t like crimp it or anything, and that is, actually, that is actually pretty secure. So that snot going anywhere. And also if you stack spools, this is not gonna break the end of the filament off. Okay, and that is your basic master spool with some filament on it. This feels. I mean, it’s a bit loose, but it’s gonna print like this is a proper filament spool, and it has another huge upside. You can actually measure the film. If you put on your master spool, so if your manufacturer is ripping you off, so you 800 gram schools. But it’s only putting 720 on there. Then, you know, because you can weigh The filament now can see how so many factors wouldn’t like that, of course, but it’s good for you as a customer in the end, that’s hopefully also gonna make things cheaper for you as a customer because again you don’t have to pay for a new spool. We just buy the refills, and in fact, with the filament, you’re already getting 50 grams more filament for the same price, so master spool assembled. I mean, this feels surprisingly much like a regular spool ik. This is a fully functional normal school. Actually, it is more functional because the filament retainer is better so. I was kind of worried that this might be just like an experiment like a geek stream, but it’s just an almost pool. And how long did that assembly take like what, 15 30 seconds or so? If you think that this is a cool concept? Don’t just tell me or the community. Let your favorite manufacturer know that? Hey, you would be interested in buying filament in a master coil refill size. Maybe, you know, having make it cheaper or maybe just have them throw in a bit more filament. Save on the spool. Save on shipping. Everybody wins! If you know manufacturing that is already making these drop a link in the comments below. So people know where to get this stuff as you can tell. I’m really excited about this concept about all the possibilities. It’s gonna open up if you’re excited about it to give this video a thumbs up, subscribe for more. And I’ll see you in the next one. Also, let me know how well you think. I did on the vlogging side of things I mean. I’ve never done this before. I have no idea how I did whether you think this is worthwhile to watch it all or whether I should just go back to school videos. Let me know in the comments below, thanks you.

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