3d Printer Black Friday 2017 | The Best Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2017 – 3d Printing Black Friday Tech Deals!

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The Best Black Friday 3d Printer Deals 2017 - 3d Printing Black Friday Tech Deals!


Haha, what’s going on, you guys think? I kind of stole that from Peter Mckenna. Or maybe I’ve just had too many cups of coffee. Maybe that’s why he does that. All the time anyways, It’s one of my favorite times of the year. Black Friday time, which means lots of good deals to be had specifically. I’m interested in 3d printing deals and sharing what I know with you guys, so lets. Check it out! [MUSIC] All right, so as I mentioned, I love a good deal, especially when it comes to technology and right around this time of the year is when my wallet opens wide and I pick up a whole lot of things typically for myself and not a lot for the family. So let’s find out. What are some Kick-ass 3d printing deals That are gonna be out there this? Black Friday and again make sure to stay tuned to anybody that I’m listing here more than likely they’re gonna be posting additional deals on the actual day. That’s Friday, so lets. Check it out! These deals are so good. I had to bring my laptop over with me. So let’s take a look at some of these right now. Up first is our friends over at mater hackers matter. Hackers are gonna be running deals through Friday all the way through Monday through Cyber Monday and those include 20% off Lulzbot 3d printers that ranges about from 250 to 500 off those different printers. There’s a hundred off the X-carve E Inventable’s CNC machine, which is absolutely really ridiculous of cool when I saw that over at the New York Maker Faire, They also have a 600 and 900 off the make it Pro M or the Pro L 3d printer. There’s also some deals going on around maker gear with 255 to 330 off either the m3 or the m3 dual 3d printers. There is also deal going on what with them where you can get 200 off the Robo 3d c2 3d printer and brings it to about 600 bucks. That’s a great deal on that printer, and then there is about three hundred to a thousand off the sort. X 3d printers. So that is what’s going on at mater hackers. I’m sure they will also be having some additional deals that they’ll be posting the day of I’ve got links down below for everybody that I’m talking about here and again make sure to follow them on social media, where they’ll be posting more updates as Black Friday deals. Roll out also. Our friends over at Da Vinci. Junior are having a bunch of sales on their machines. Those include a DA Vinci Jr. 10 that you can pick up for 239 They have some 3d pen packages going on for $44 The da Vinci Jr. Pro is gonna be retailing course 300 bucks as well as the Da Vinci Jr. One, they also have a handful of SLA 3d printers that are just I haven’t seen any deals on these at this point, which is the noble one and the noble one a for nine hundred, respectively, an 1800 so nice discounts listed on those as well as well as they also have the DG. The da Vinci Jr. Mix which I’ve done a review of and printed with, and I actually thought it was a really good printer. It’s gonna be three hundred and fifty bucks so some great deals over at Xyz printing. So I don’t have you the specifics on me right now. But Monoprice comm should be holding additional sales. They hold those every year for Black Friday on their 3d printers. Those include the mini, which will typically be under. I think it’s under 200 bucks. Typically the right sales for around 220 I believe on their website so you should be able to grab that for. About 190 180 maybe, and the other is the maker select 3d printer, which you should be able to get for under 300 bucks and again. It has gotten a lot of great reviews from a lot of different folks online. So make sure to stay tuned. And listen to those guys. If you’re interested in picking up one of those from monoprice dot, just like your friends over at mater hackers, Lulzbot Comm is also holding a sale on their own 3d printers, which get you 20% off any of their printers, as well as 15% off any of their different tool heads that they can buy and I believe they’ve got a few other deals that they’ll be running on the day of as well. So make sure to check out Lulzbot com if you’re interested in picking up one of their awesome 3d printers. I’ll set another deal online for the Robo situ 3d printer that you can pick up at Fryscom that should be available The day of on Black Friday for four hundred and ninety seven dollars can’t have Black Friday without mentioning Amazon. They don’t really have any specifics right now. But they have mentioned that they’ll be having up to 25% off select 3d printers on Black Friday up through Cyber Monday. So will be interesting to see what deals they’ve rolled out so far. I already saw a lightning deal today. I’m recording this on Wednesday for the CR Ten, and that was at three hundred and something. $89 maybe around $400 for the CR Ten over on Amazoncom. So it’s always great to see some deals on that printer since I’m loving printing with it right now. Well, now that I mentioned the CR 10 I can’t help, but mention our friends. Over at tiny machines 3d com. They will also be running some Black Friday deals this year. So if you enter in the code TM 3d for you, you’ll be able to get 10% off to see our 10s The Cr 10s for or the CR 10s 5 Chris, over at tiny machines is also including a whole bunch of other freebies if you purchase on Black Friday that includes a cap corn tubing upgrade one silicone sock as well as one stepper damper. So that’s a pretty good deal if you ask me, and I love supporting those guys over at tiny machines, so make sure you check them out as well down below at tiny machines 3d comm, so our friends over at printed solid are also gonna be holding a whole bunch of different sales throughout Black Friday. A lot of those are unannounced yet, and they’ll be announcing those as they release them at midnight on Black Friday. So make sure to tune in after you had your turkey and all your stuff in to check out some of those deals, but what I’ve got for you right now is just a bunch of feedback that last year’s deals were absolutely insane was a lot of the reviews that people were giving them so. I can only imagine what they’re gonna be doing this year. What deals I do know about right now is that they’ll have 25% off color fab filament, a free spool of nyle force with any purchase over $500 as well as they’re also offering 20% off all the lulzbot three printers that they carry so stay tuned for those deals, make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter because they will be posting updates and deal postings hourly as of midnight on Thursday evening. All right, my friends over Gearbestcom are also to be having a bunch of different sales on a whole bunch of different printers. Some of which I have details on right here and I’ll tell you about right now so you can pick up the seat. R10 on Black Friday for 300 and $19.99 with the coupon code. The GB C are 10 The CR 10 S will also be on sale for four hundred and forty five dollars and seventy five cents with the coupon code 1 1 1 1 GB Cr 10s I’ll just include links down below Tory. Yes, but they’re also gonna be having some deals on the sea, Ten Mini, which I know is very popular, which I’ve been printing with as well, which is the CR 10 Mini 2 is the coupon code that you can grab that? For 290 $5.99 they also are gonna be having a number of deals on the Tivo Tornado as well as the TiVo tarantula, which is pretty cool. I know the Tivo Tornado is a pretty popular machine. Fighting up against the CR Tent has been getting great reviews from a whole bunch of the other makers here on the Youtubes as well as the Internet’s in general and you’ll be able to pick that up for 300 and $29.99 with the coupon code tornado. Us also saw a deal from Polly maker. Calm where if you buy one of their polishers that are for your 3d prints. You’ll get two free spools of their poly smooth filaments that you can use in conjunction with their smoothing tool. It’s pretty cool. Also, my friends are about zio techcom. I love using their PLA. I use those, so I’m actually print with some right now. They’re having a 20% off sale on Black Friday with the code Black Friday and that’s pretty much good for almost anything in their store. Pretty awesome deal. Also th 3d studio comm. Who sells a whole bunch of different upgrades for your. CR 10 3d printers is having a deal on Black Friday. If you use the code Uncle 10 which we’ve got down below here somewhere, that’ll get you 10% off your order of anything that you purchase from his store that includes some of the different bed mats that. I’ve been using here as well as the auto bed leveling assistance kit that you can install on your printer. Also, our friends over at filament OHM comm are having a 20% off sale on Black Friday. You may have some just ridiculously nice-looking filament that you can print with, and plus, if you’re not even in stateside, they’re located in the EU and it might be one of the better deals. That’s not stateside for a lot of folks, but it’s so great for anybody stateside that loves that filament, So I also got some information on make shaper calm some deals that they have on Black Friday that includes. If you spend $75 you’ll get a free roll of either pet G or PLA /pha with that particular purchase as well. If you’ve spent $100 in addition to that free roll that you would have got, you’ll also get an additional free roll of hips filament, you’ll also be able to get a discount flexible. Tpu, it’s gonna be 50% off. And they also have a whole bunch of different prices. / that you’ll be able to take advantage of and check out on Black Friday, so get links down below. Check them out. Build Tech will also have the deal going on for Black Friday all the way through Sunday, where you can get 10% off your order with the code Black Friday 2017 Also Hawk three proto is gonna be having a twenty five percent off sale on their poly alchemy elixir. Pla, it’s hard enough for me to say, but it’s some great filament and has some great great printing results. So check that out and again. I’ve got links for everything that I’ve just mentioned here down below. I hope I haven’t missed anything. I’m sure there’s gonna be tons. More deals being posted up until Black Friday. But I wanted to share with you guys. What I know so that you know so that you can save some cash on Buck? Friday, I know I’ll be doing some spending. Follow me on Twitter and social media as well because any tech purchases that I’ll be making, I will be sharing with yall, Especially on the Twitters more than anything, so follow me over at Twittercom. Slash the Uncle Jesse’s for real If you haven’t already. But I just want to say. Thanks again for watching you guys again. This isn’t my normal style video. But I do love some really good deals. I’m a very frugal shopper for any food that don’t know, and I will have lists down below for all of the different 3d printing deals that I have mentioned here, probably some more things that I might have missed and I will probably continue to try and update that list as things become available on Black Friday as best. I can so have a great Thanksgiving. You guys, especially if you’re here stateside or maybe you are non stateside and still have Thanksgiving and just want to say, thanks for watching, and I will see yall next time, but ow by the way, I should be back to my normal routine of printing cool props and sharing them with you guys see you here and the upcoming days. I’ve got a bunch of different stuff printing that I’m back from traveling for work and doing all sorts, Other crazy stuff and sharing it with you guys very soon, so stay tuned.

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