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3d Drucker: Auto Bed Leveling


The automatic bed leveling or also called appointment, can be extremely helpful factor to be known when 3D printing with delta. We can set up the car bed leveling what you need to consider and on which technical difficulties might encounter. I show you in. I started this video with that. We have a lot of fun in Kuhardt 12 to create the file, which then in 123 de design pulled up and then finally in Cuba at the same time template has two ventilation holes through which the fan is always in spite of the bracket, bubbles can still blow after the holder has been printed. I started loosening the screws on the large fan on my evaluated. [MUSIC] Here you can see the new bracket like if the holes fit exactly on this pattern. I have the bracket and fan screwed back to their original position. The function of the fan is not impaired by the bracket to release the pressure. I use a capacitive one. Proximity switch The advantage of the capacitive proximity switch is that it switches to all materials and not just to metals again inductive. In addition, the upper works had a setting with the switching distance can be readjusted. I have the initiator in the device. Screwed down! The bottom of the initiator should be slightly above. The top pressure is by no means great, but let you down below The distance between the initiator and the support from this distance is called as often a German initiator in one direction, So nothing or y direction of the fragrance. So this could also be directly in your to transfer files. The initiator has three cables 1 Brown is a black one and a blue one to the brown cable will connect your positive voltage supply to the blue cable. Your 0 wolf potential, so your cable and to the black cable, the signal we refer to the signal in this case as women because it is on yours. Logic boards is fed back at 12 volt’s input voltage 12 volt output voltage. Which is why we have to use a voltage styler. The voltage part is used here to increase the voltage from twelve volts to 35 people to reduce so that euro cinema board is not disturbed. The interconnection is shown here. You need a large one and one small resistance where the large resistance is about two thirds and the small resistance should be about a third of the size of the small resistance is switched between signal cable and ground and the large resistance in row between the signal cable. I opted for a 15 kilo and his ten kilos were decided by resistance. [MUSIC] Alternatively, you can use a 2 1 2 2 2 2 transistor in front of it base you. A corresponding before resistance turns on so the current on to reduce the base and thus the voltage between the collector and the Means to reduce this interconnection makes, especially if you are Lossless. A relatively large one wanted to work on the resistance of the tension. Tyler, loss of conduction in the form of heat is implemented that. I did not notice the resistance as strongly with this circuit value would have to adapt to the base. According to your real conditions, a 12 volt power supply to the collector signal input and to the Demeter, a reduced signal output signal this reduced. You then have to connect voltage signals to the input of the one shown Here is then there with a 3d printer that is often not the initiator. I have a small one on the print area directly in the direction of the act Marked the area where the Initiator is currently standing and then with help from Fronter face, moved the novel directly over this black box and so on diack movements recorded to access my direct software. In addition to XY, we often also need the field to be noticed. This is also shown in bold here at the distance between the pressure support and the printing unit – the switching distance of the initiator. However, you can first set this to zero in the Martin file and then reduce your pressure peaks 0 2 millimeters above the pressure remains. You can do this in front of fame with help from the bbi. Carry out an order for scooping out. I use the times in 1.148 in the main folder. The delta configuration should be free again. Copy pure [music]. Now you have to make a lot of changes in the configuration file. First, you can define the name of the stalker. Then you would have to select the correct temperature, sensors and set because we cannot use a sensor on your pressure bed, Then you there just give 0 1 your often. You can directly from the old Martin. Take over the file and copy and paste it into the data printer. Ready for you. You should choose something Smaller than the actual radio activated rarely seen the ZDF doku lures should both out commented means. Your initiator should be an opener. So you have to value a good match should be with the broadcaster. Include trading this value on if you can do the steps per unit, take over again directly. The maximum speed is included 500 defines roughly like quartet and enters your measured off-places here for the software. The first can give 0 1 this way. You can prevent your prints from being printed on the first attempt crash. Will the speed between the individual movements should not be too high to be selected, high activated the double tat around that to improve the result. Check your XY and set. The actioner activates the elicit Min and Max Software [music] defines auto bed level the line 6 antifa, belgrade point x5 and reduced the Acer could be used for radios and -20 Transferring expensive models distorts the feeling of space activates it. The support selects that correct LCD panel and then load your NSK onto The board works extremely carefully when setting or printer songs directly crash is now being developed in Cuba and then also heavily and adds a G 29 for the car fixed leveling as well as a G 10 1 100 and 1 G 1 0 1 To get the pressures so far. After running the car, Bettle left to zero to bring back [music] then a test model in Europe software easily loads the model and saves the files, then also an SD card. If you want to test everything again before printing, go to the counter face and enter the 28 to get all files. Then the 29 to carry out the auto leveling and then starts printing to test the decision maker simply enters M 119, which activates the limit switch started are displayed after the final. Fine adjustment should be the whole, then look roughly like this. The stallion’s bed. Always twice from if you liked the video then. I would as always about a positive evaluation as well as a subscription from main channel are happy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to me. Write the comments and then. I look forward to seeing you. Next video can be seen again then.

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