3d Printed Wolverine Claws | 3d Printing Wolverine Claws From Le Fab Shop On My Gmax 1.5xt

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3d Printing Wolverine Claws From Le Fab Shop On My Gmax 1.5xt


Hey, it’s! Joel, the 3d printing nerd look. I I like comic books. I like comic book movies. I’m more Marvel than DC, but that’s okay. Listen, we need to print out some Wolverine, Claws and love fab shop. They they have a fantastic model, so lets. Brenham you ready, go there! I was on Thingiverse and I saw this featured model. It was the let fab shop boy. I hope I’m not butchering that. I suck god! I suck at these names. Love Fab Shop uploaded a video for the Wolverine Claws or just claws or whatever they’re called, but they print all is one piece and they have this wicked overhang while they print which you’ll see in the time-lapse and and they just come off the printer and it should work so it looks cool on Thingiverse. Their video looks cool. Well, let’s print it. You ready, time-lapse? Alright, the time-lapse is done. I pulled them off the printer and massive failure, so I actually had to rip it apart to try to get it to work, and and here’s what works ready crap ripping it apart isn’t good, because then it comes apart, But if let’s see if I can put it back in, okay, you ready? Yeah, yeah. This was all my fault. Within simplify 3d you have the option of setting, though the horizontal space compensation. I think it is, I don’t remember. I don’t have it in front of me. But from a previous model, I had that turned up to 0.2 millimeter, meaning it expanded every perimeter outwards point two millimeters and with the tolerances on this being so dang tight, It essentially rendered it useless and all of the claws are stuck within the length of the body. So I had to bring it again. Ah, this next one should do it. I pulled it off the print bed and not as massive of a failure, but it was still a failure. So for some reason, they just don’t want to print and they don’t want to slide easy in it. It does that almost there were so close. Here’s what I figured out with this and simplify 3d You have the not the extrusion diameter. I think is what it is. You have the setting of auto or you can assign it usually. I have it assigned at 0.5 millimeters, which is the nozzle size on my GMAX 1.5 x t yeah. I had this one set to auto and simplify 3d in a in the end in the Box where you can put the number when you have 0.5 as your nozzle diameter, it puts a 0.6 in there, which renders the spaces between all these things. Absolutely you soliciting. Biggins everything. It’s just it’s crap so yet again, we’re gonna print it one more time you ready here? We go crossed, all right. I pulled it off the printer And Ha Ha Ha! Oh, my goodness! These pulled off the printer and worked for the most part. Almost perfect what I did is. I took a piece of sandpaper and I sand it down any of the rough edges within the claws, so they’re able to slide easy. See, put it all together, Usually if you stab somewhat someone with these, they all go back by. Let’s see if I can. I’ll do it from right here. That’s how they do it, that’s how they do it. Okay, all right, so you do this, and then you can stick a like a Velcro strap through there, and then it’s yeah, oh! I am, I am one bad mofo right now! I could totally tear into a Taco Bell burrito at these claws, right. Hey, that was a fun print, right. I hope you can print this as well. In fact, if you do take a picture of it because it has this wicked wicked overhang. In fact, in fact, I put a picture of that overhang in the 3d printing subreddit and it’s it’s within the top ten of the the upvoted pictures in that subreddit, which is amazing that that overhang is crazy. Ah, man, this is a fun print. This was a fun print. I’m I get the feeling I’m going to have to make more of these because while I want this. I’m willing to bet my kids are going to take it from me. Hey, if you enjoyed this video, please please hit thumbs up. If you’re not subscribed to my channel, please subscribe to my channel. I bring you all sorts of fun content, and and I say funny things from time to time. Seriously, I would like to take a moment to thank you for watching my videos if you’re willing to keep coming back and watch the videos, I make. Well, then I’m more than willing to keep making these videos and as always high five.

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