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Diy Wedding Decoration Ideas With 3d Printing


I am Megan, I’m like. Do you want a unique personalized wedding? Well, we are going to show you a few ways. You can customize your wedding all for a great price using 3d printing. Hi, in this video. We’re going to show you a few examples of how we use 3d printing and our wedding. And then we’ll give you some additional ideas to get you thinking about how you want to customize your wedding. So make sure you stick all the way till the end, so you can get all of the tips and ideas so for our wedding. Mike was actually in the beginning of his 3d printing up kind of journey, and so he brilliant came up with the idea to utilize this 3d printing in our wedding. I really wanted a budget wedding, so it was definitely helpful for that and how? I kind of started. You gotta always start with the cake, right, and so I wanted to do cupcakes for our cupcakes. My printed little cupcake toppers for them and we had two different styles. We had the the Big M because Mike Megan and we had an immanent themed wedding and now these took a little while it’s a friend, correct? They did take a little while to print, so when I printed, I printed in sets of five, so I could print five pics per print and took about four to five hours per printing, but I made four or five per print looking at that, You know, just the cost savings alone of making your own picks If you go out there on Etsy and other sites to try to find the monogram or these special picks that are expensive where I’ve made we had. What, 72 cupcakes, yeah? I feel where I made. I think 75 or 80 of these different picks. I made different types of picks. I different types of colors using the PLA and different options that were available. Yeah, so we could pick our themed colors and exactly what we wanted, so the the M was one thing you printed and then another one was just like the bride and the groom, which was really, really cute. I liked those and we had a lot of people Come in on a little II. Thought that was pretty impressive that we. We made these ourselves or you made them boy. I’ll give you the credit. So an additional to the cupcake toppers. Now again, you may want a more traditional wedding where you have the big tiered cake and you can print a very elaborate cupcake or not a cupcake, A cake topper again to fit. Exactly your theme again. We’ll give you some more ideas in just a little bit. So keep that in mind now as I mentioned before, we had an M&M themed wedding along with our the first letters of our name so to hold these M&Ms and kind of had a candy buffet. We came up with this in container, so it was it the outline of the M, but we could fill it with the M&ms. Now any thoughts about Was this one a hard one to print so the initial model for this one that I got off? Thingiverse the M was completely enclosed. I had to cut the top off to make it Hollow to make it be the bowl, but a printing time for this was maybe 20 hours. It took a little guys. Do it took a look? It took a day to print, but I mean it’s. A 300 by 300 is the size of the end or three table, and that took up pretty much the entire table, but it was. It was definitely well worth it, yeah. I think it came out really good so here. It’s filled with the eminence. So I think one big take home with this is if this is a great idea to use for your wedding or other special occasion. Just make sure you’re not waiting until the last minute to print these. You want to kind of have this planned up just a little bit in advance to make sure you have it ready in time and everything is is the way you want it to be. Yeah, because it is very easy to have a failed print. Yes, so you definitely want to make sure you have plenty of time. Set aside to print this stuff it can be. It can be interesting. Sometimes what you’ll find for a failed print, luckily. I didn’t have a failed print this time. Yeah, okay, all right, so now your turn. So we kind of taking this into concept. I thought about what were some other things we could have done again. This was kind of earlier. Mike’s 3d printing. And so I went to finger verse and looked up some other ideas that you might be able to use for your wedding. So hopefully you’re enjoying this. Put a like and start to get ready to have ideas for your wedding so on. Thingiverse there are many different options like I said for cupcake toppers or just cake toppers in General. I found this one because we’re kind of a nerdy couple, so I thought this one was really cool again. You can just really customize it to your interest and to you and your significant other. This is another one where you might actually have to. If you just wanted to put something on top, it would be kind of neat to overlay this. I’m also the Disney nerd, so I liked this one as well and it’s one of those things if you’re interested in 3d printing and you want to, you want to make this a pick? You could load this model into Tinkercad and add the pick piece to the model to turn it into a cupcake. Pick if you wanted to. How hard is it to kind of play around and tinker again? Not very hard. I’ve started making stuff in there in less than an hour. It has really good tutorials, a really good starter program for him, but I wanted to make basic changes to a print vocal, alright? I saw this one and I thought this one was gorgeous. You don’t even have to use this one. Just for your wedding or you can and then use it later. This one was really pretty. Just the the lantern. Look, so especially if you’re gonna have a night theme, big, white tent, this one would look gorgeous, and it has the numbers for your tables, and if you want now again when she come at a time is important. This is a multi material piece where you’ve got the peel. You’ve got the black enclosure, But then you’ve got the transparent part inside. That can also be 3d printed, but it takes time, especially for the transparent type. So make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to get these made for that process. Yes, so ladie’s dream just dream in advance. So your man has some time to print these for you again. If you’re getting some ideas, if you’re getting excited, please hit like on this video as we keep going now again for centerpieces you. There’s all sorts of vases on Thingiverse so have fun looking at all the different options, but faces loved this one, also a big sunflower fan so that might have helped with this one, but there’s so many different things you can do now. I took off the look at the vase that had a bunch of holes in it because apparently that one’s a little challenging to Fred, but again so many different options when it comes to vases everything from very sleek and modern to. I mean, anything that’s gonna fit you and into your special day again. If you want to think about even beyond just centerpieces for your tables, there’s, what are you gonna hold the ring in so again? Kind of weight with a fun theme here? But also different options. Think outside the box speaking of box, no pun intended, huh? So you can find different boxes. You can use to hold your ring in again. The sky is really the limit and you really get to be creative here, and this is that one was probably pretty small so that one may not take quite as long to print smaller print that that would have taken us long to print fantastic. Even the vases like she was describing vases. They’re hollow prints. Some of those can print in one to two hours. It just kind of depends on the size that you’re wanting to print into. Yeah, now! This one is probably a little bit more elaborate. I think they actually use wood filament, right, yes. This looks like it’s been made with a. There’s a wood filament. I forget the maker of it, but you can actually wood stain it after you’ve printed it and sanded it to make it actually look like a real wood. Which is what they’ve used here. She’s really cool so again. I’m I’m also an elephant fan, so I’m you’re seeing a lot of me in this, But another way to display rings or anything you want again as centerpieces for your table pretty unless here cards, placement cards, you can get really creative. This one could also be really neat for an engagement party. All sorts of things and these are again. You can adjust sizes, too. So you can kind of play again. Maybe print one. Make sure it’s the right size you like and you can. This one again would work for a lot of different things here, and also, what about napkin rings? You can get really creative here. They had quite a few on Thingiverse and again. These are things you might even be able to use after the wedding. Heaven forbid, right, we actually be able to use something after the wedding as well. So also, it’s a different styles and this one was are a really pretty Celtic theme to it. There’s also if you have like a nautical theme if you have a big summer wedding beach wedding, this one. I thought was really, really neat. If you have a nighttime wedding, there’s stars again. All sorts of things to really get creative and again, these are probably fairly small. These are fairly small, simple prints. But, of course, you are gonna be remember with something like this. Depending on the size of your wedding are also gonna be printing in bulk, so you’ve got to give that into account. May take only an hour to print one, but you need to print a hundred. I know some people like 500 so you got to make sure you’re taking in time. Actually, one thing to while we’re talking about rings. There’s actually models out there for 3d printed wedding rings. Now, credit, if you do that use. Abs filament or something stronger. Don’t make sure you’re using a good filament if you’re printing that one. But some people that the Rings completely specialized for them. Yeah, because they printed it. Whatever color they wanted. So I remember hunting for my wedding ring. We had a terrible time finding the right color. Yeah, so it’s just kind of all those things you can go that far or if just you need a ring now and plan on buying the actual ring later. Hey, there’s a simple placeholder for you. All right, you went throwing from Lord of the Rings. Yes, all right. I hope you are liking this a lot, please. Again, Hit the like button. Subscribe if you’re really getting enjoyment. And so you never miss one of our videos and yeah. I hope you get some really amazing ideas. Make your wedding all your own, very creative at a great price us. That’s no, that’s all we’ve got hit that, like button. Hit that subscribe button, and we will see you guys in the next video. Bye, guys!

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