3d Printed Web Shooters | How To Make The Functional Ps4 Web Shooter (diy Tutorial)


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How To Make The Functional Ps4 Web Shooter (diy Tutorial)


So [Music]. Hey, everyone, Hero Tech here. With a tutorial video for the PS4 web shooter, All 3d files and material links are shared in the description below. If you don’t have access to a 3d printer, you can use online 3d printing services such as craft cloud to get the parts printed. If you want a free 3d printer, we’re doing a giveaway of two 3d printers as a thank you for reaching 200 000 subscribers to enter the giveaway. It’s really easy! All you have to do is be subscribed to the channel like this video and leave a comment below for a chance to win Creality Ender 3 v2 3d printer. Two winners will be chosen via Youtube, random comment picker and announced on January 8 via the comment section of this video, a Youtube community post and our official Instagram page at Herotagio. Good luck to everyone and thank you once again for all of your support. Now, let’s get on to the tutorial main body. Then you have your bottom. [MUSIC] And you have your cartridge, followed by the cartridge spool, probably in the middle between the body, and the bottom will be your lock block. Well put that there, then your projectile that shoots out and for other materials, you’ll need your spool script springs and magnet links to all these will be given in description so you can make your own No need to worry, but we can straight away. Just start and first order is probably making the body in the bottom so you can see here. This is your bottom what you have to do. Take some length of this nylon line. [MUSIC] And so now what you have to do with this nylon line, you thread it through the lock block. See your lock block here. What you need to do is thread it through each side. So one side and the other as well. [MUSIC] So when you pull it, you should get this kind of shape kind of cool. Then you need to take both ends of the nylon string and thread it through this spring. Just like that. So now you see the lock, block and lock? Spring assembly is complete. There’s a corresponding hole. You should be able to see just thread both of the strings through that one. It should lock straight into place like so this one is actually super glued in place, so we’ll take. Any kind of super glue will work? You can get it. The dollar store. All you got to do is super glue, the sides of the bottom and press it into the body. Match it up and push it in. Now once you push it in, you want to have to keep it there and hold it down? Apply some pressure at least for 30 seconds. If not, the super glue may not set here. You have your full finished body. So what you need to do is now take the shrimp from beadaholiquecom. Now what this will let you do is actually lock your nylon line in place, so you can fire the web sure so once it’s sufficiently loose, then you can thread the nylon lines through, okay. This crimp is through. The line is taut and you can just leave it tight for now later. When you actually put it on your wrist strap and attach the website, then you can adjust the length to fit your wrist and specific hand size so here. This is your finished body for now. [MUSIC] Sweet and now the projectile. What you can do you need to super glue? Two things first thing would be the magnet into the head of the projectile and the spring onto the body. We can start with the magnet. First, it’s usually easier again. Take any kind of super glue. You want apply a dab to the side here and then you can slot your magnet right in. It should be a pretty nice fit. Get your spring slotted through. Then you’ll notice there’s a ledge here where you have to kind of friction. Lock it on, so push it onto that ledge. Give it a twist like, so you really want to make sure it’s there? [MUSIC] Like that, so once it is there, then you can go ahead and super glue. When you do super glue, make sure you only super glue the top ledge again. Because you don’t want the spring freezing up, which will jam the web shooter. Just a little bit of glue there. [MUSIC] And that should be good now. The last part is the spool and the cartridge and the webbing, so we’re using what we’re using for the webbing currently. Is this spider wire stealth, smooth, smooth braid. Its only 0.08 millimeters thick, which is great for our purposes because that means that it’ll be thin and we can store a lot of it in one webbing. What you have to do Is you have to tie a loop knot so you can follow here. I’ll put the link in the description for animations on how to do this, but because it is somewhat, it is somewhat complicated. Essentially you’re going to put this there. Then you’re going to form a loop, so this has to go over. I mean, this is a terrible explanation, but again the animation will probably be much better and that will loop through once like, so. Then you have to loop it through again like that. And then you’re golden, just pull so what this knot allows us to do is actually it’s an adjustable length. So if you put one end on the string and you pull it, you’re gonna move up and pull it again Other way it’ll widen so this allows us to attach and detach from the projectile now how to load it onto the spool and the cartridge, so you’ll notice that we redesigned the webbing and cartridge system just to fit this sweatshirt just because the form factor is so small, So what you have here is the webbing spool, so you gotta take this. You take the end of the webbing and start just spooling it around, all right, and once done, your webbing will look something like this, that’s. Good all you have to do. Take the cartridge. You’ll see. There are two sides to it. Go look for the side of the indentation and slot it in, and you’ll see that you have a nice friction, fit something like a Lego. Actually, the spool will friction Fit right there. And you have your webbing cartridge. Once everything’s done drying, you can actually start attaching it. This is the part where the instructions will deviate slightly. If you’re doing this at home, I have a specialized watch. Strap that I’ll attach the web shooter to. But in 3d files, there is a different version which you need to print, which will attach to any 14 millimeter. Watch strap so again, I’ll repeat. Um, if you’re doing this home? This is where it kind of deviates because I’ll attach it to my own specialized. Watch strap, but you can attach yours to any 14 millimeter wide strap. There’ll be lugs on the side and it’ll attach just like any other watch. So once you have your website attached on, we can show you a demo on how to fire. So just strap on your web shooter. Lock it in like so so what you have to do is just take the projectile and pull on the lock block and lock the projectile in place once you slot it in. So this part is a little more tricky. You got to get the hook. The loop of this line locked into the hook of the projectile so because of the design, it should be able to hook easily. And when you pull on the actual loop, it will lock like so so now your webbing is locked into position and will shoot out when the projectile shoots out. You can insert the cartridge inside now taking care of the weapon. [MUSIC] push it in, make sure it’s nice there. You have a fully loaded Web shooter, ready to fire so just point where you want to go fire and your webbing will shoot out. So depending on how much you load off the spool, it will shoot out a lot and you can kind of just pull it through as it does, so you’ll see the spiral pattern that the web actually shoots out in, and that’s because it’s full and the way it’s loaded, which I think is pretty cool, all right, so there’s your web shooter. I’m going to go ahead and paint mine now. You don’t have to obviously, but that’s just what I want to do to make. It look something more like in the game. Thanks for watching, see you soon with more projects and content. [music] you!

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