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Vex Mythoclast Assembly Tutorial


Hello, everyone! This is the video to see just how to put this thing together because this is a really big project, and this thing took over a hundred hours to make. So it’s going to take a while to put together. So I have. I’m making this video to try to help you guys and figure out how to put this thing together because there are over 60 pieces in this project. I figured a video would be much more helpful than video or than, uh, than pictures. Plus pictures would take a long time to do and to go through. So yeah, I’m making this video, so start with the easy stuff because not everything in here is super complicated. The assembly is actually rather easy, but it just takes a little bit of thinking and lots of time so starting from the barrel. This is a pretty easy and straightforward. You just have these pieces that walk together with the pin. You got a few of those? Alright, so that’s pretty simple. You would print it a flat on the bed. You might need support material here. Maybe you might be able to get away with. No supports. Okay, so moving on from there. Let’s go to this area. Now, this bottom piece, I would probably what I would do is print this. Have this piece first and then attach it to this piece and the way those attached to adjust these pins here. Let’s just go into there. Let’s just go into those holes and those fit into their so you would basically just take that piece fit into their first and then attach it to here with a pin as well, so that would go into there and then this piece simply just fits into this area. You just glue that, okay, so once that’s all put together, you’re pretty much good on that. You just glue those and then so for this area. I call these the guard. I don’t know exactly what you would call it, but I’m calling it the guard now. Just separate these two, OK? So the way these attached are these basically just fit into this area right here and the way of these are made. They’re separated in half on this piece that fits into it, so you would print it like this straight up and down and probably need some support material here. Maybe I don’t know, and you would just glue it there, so put those together, and then you would just put it into there and glue it, and that’s how I would hold in place there and for this piece, you’re going to print this in two halves laying flat on the bed. Alright, OOP, just like that. And then you just have these like key pieces to help. Lock them into position and you just glue that there. And the way this fits into their, because basically has the pins built-in. So once you attach those, you can see that they fit into their. So once you go, let me just place them down on to that railing. Then there’s a little one right here, too. All right, so let me getting a little bit messy 100 right now, so I think I’m going to hide a few things. So let me go ahead and do that. Alright, so the pieces are now hidden. You can see stuff a little bit better now. Now let’s move on to the other stuff, let’s do. I guess we’ll start with this railing. So this first rail, you’re just going to print that like flat and the way you connect it to the rest is with this pin here made it pretty long to try and make it as sturdy as possible because this thing has to be pretty sturdy in that area because it’s supporting a lot of weight. So, um, iono forgot those pins here. That’s fine, so the way these fit into each other. Let me move these out first. These are what? I call the middle guard. Explain those in a sec pretty much like the other guard. So the way this attaches you can kind of tell it’s like a puzzle piece, kind of kind of fit, so these just kind of fit like a puzzle piece and then this piece, this just kind of comes out like this and fits into this area to the handle. It’s not really meant for structure. It helps it a little bit to a structure, but it’s more for looks because that’s what it is in the game. Move this up, okay, so lets. See what else, okay, so these guys here? The way of these attached they’re separated. Okay, so you do the same similar thing you’d print it flat on the bed and straight up and down and then the way you attach. These are simply by placing them in here in this little area, so those just fit into each of those holes. And then you’ll just put some glue here. I should be good enough, all right, so for the handle. The handle is a two-part, so this comes out and this comes out and the way it’s held in place is by a multitude of things. So one it has this little key here, which will just fit into this little area. It’s got the pins. So these are some pins that go into their which? I guess I could just show you. Hey, Finn’s gone there and they fit in this area right here and kind of the main was going to give it a lot of structure mopping how it’s going to make it so that just break in this area. When you’re holding it. Is this little block here, which is attached to this part of this rail, which is a, you know, another puzzle piece kind of thing, so ill. Just move this out this way like that, You can see it fits into here like a puzzle piece, and, yeah, that’s pretty self-explanatory you’d probably, um, printed on the side like this. I would assume alright, so that’s that. Oh, let’s see we are getting a little bit cluttered again. I’ll go with the lets. Move this down! Let’s show you the scope. So for the scope, it’s printed in two halves, just like many of the things in this design, so it’s print it in two halves here. Whoop, it’s like. So how’s the key? It’s like everything else and the way this holds in here. The way it’s attached is has kind of the pins built in it. So when you print it, it’s kind of nicer to have to add it later, and then those just kind of fit in there now the way these fit in it, it’s pretty easy. They just kind of you just kind of fit it in their use. Throw into this little area, OK, and then, so if that’s a scope if I need some support material in various places, okay, move these things. It’s a lot guys. I know, but trust me. It’s going to take. It’s going to take you a lot less time than it took for me to make this thing signals ridiculous. Um, so. I really hope it turns out good for you guys. Alright, so moving on. I guess we’ll show you this back piece here. This is a basically two halves. Oop Psych. So easy with this key here. Oops, so that just goes in there, and then you just kind of fit it into this area here, those two slots and then just glue it. Okay, easy enough, so work from the back, so it should be easy. So all these pieces here. These main body pieces are separated and they’re going to print vertically and so this is how they’re put together, basically just a bunch of pins. Two pins, two pins there. This piece, two pins here, just like either part. This is the easiest part two to split up and them to pieces here, right, OK, so that’s pretty, probably the easiest thing you brought your going to do player. Take a long time to print, but it’s going to be relatively easy to symbol that part. Alright, so it’s getting pretty messy again. So I’m going to hide all this crap again, all right. I think I was good enough, so this is probably one of the more tricky assembly parts, so the way this is put together, lets. Remove these pieces first. These top pieces are just kind of resting on top. So you’re going to have to glue them there? It shouldn’t be that big of a problem, but those I will be printed flat straight up. It’s pretty nice now. I’ll go ahead and let’s see lets. Do this piece so these pieces are kind of nice. I made it so that they simply slot into here, so they just fit into that little area like so, and then you have these two halves, hear that, and then let’s next get some of this out of the way there’s so much crap. Let’s move this out, okay, So his handle is separated in half, just like that. Smooth this over here, and then you got some more keys in that area. I’m gonna these halves fit into here and here it’s a pretty tricky, but it should all fit together. Nicely, um, is that it think that’s it? Yeah, so, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Um, it’s a crap ton of pins and keys and locking mechanisms and all that crap. But that’s that’s about how you put it together. I will try to make some pictures. Ah, I really just want to be done with this that. I’ve just been so much time on this, but I hope this video is helpful. I assume it would be because it allows you to see each part kind of be assembled within the model rather than just seeing pictures, so it’s like step-by-step process. Oh yeah. I hope that that was helpful. Please, a place vote for me. I spent a really really long time on this every every moment I had to do whatever in my free time, This is all I was doing. I would go from school to this when I wasn’t doing school and it’s worn me out because it’s just so much work and ran into so many problems. But I really hope you guys like it and I cannot wait to see. If any of you guys try and attempt this ridiculously huge build. If you have any questions, just, um, just feel free to a comment and message me. Alright, thanks bye.

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