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Star Wars! 3d Printing Star Destroyer Using Filamentum On Tevo Little Monster Delta 3d Printer


Hey, it’s! Joel 3d printing nerd. And last time you saw me. I believe I printed this Millennium Falcon on the Tivo Little Monster and it printed like this. It did a great job and the Millennium Falcon looks awesome, But there are more Star Wars things to print more specifically a Star Destroyer and I wanted to utilize the t-bolt little monster because it can print really tall, so I went looking on my manufactory, and I found one. So this model by Luca is titled imperial Star Destroyer Class 2 and the printing details he does say to print and give in scale, which is funny because I’m not going to, so I’m gonna scale the model to 200% Are you simplify 3d and it gave me an estimate of 72 hours for this model, which is crazy, but what the heck let’s do it, print it. At point. One six one eight millimeter layers, it had two perimeters, three bottom layers, four top layers 10% infill supports were enabled. I used glue stick on the heated build plate and cupcakes taste. Good with sprinkles. I used filamentous gray filament board the base, and then it was some other filamentous for when I switched it out so she could see from the time-lapse. This piece fell over during the print. This is the engines for the ship, and when you’re printing more than one model at the same time on a build plate, if one falls over, this can happen and the other two models were quite large. I still had filament on the roll and so I opted to. Just let it go and when you do that. The extruder is still gonna pump out filament where it thinks this model needs to be. And when it moves the head over the next model to print, it’s just essentially going to act like that model as a wipe wall and a little strand of filament is going to build up and be taken away from the nozzle as it goes to print on the next model. And you can see this in the time-lapse footage. You can see just a rat’s nest of gray filament building up to the side of one of the models, and that’s because it was trying to print this and it wasn’t there. What’s kind of neat about the little monster? I mean, regardless of print quality is. It has a bunch of cool colored. Leds up top. And so when you’re printing in the dark, it looks like a little rave, so if you’re printing more than one model at a time on a build plate and something like this happens, it’s really up to you to decide whether or not you want to let it go or you want to stop the print, fail it and throw away the filament or recycle it or do whatever you do with your failed prints. I opted, of course to let it go, and I’m glad I did because the rest of the models printed beautifully. And so what was left on the build plate. Once I got everything off and I got. The supports off was a big pile of supports and a rat’s nest of filament. It looked like progress. So what was this who is now this? Irie printed them and they look great. The model does have some issues that are apparent. It’s just because of design and we’ll talk about those in just a little bit. Here’s this part that looks great and here. Is this part? Look at that, it’s freaking huge and I love the heck out of it. Oh, it’s just it’s massive. I mean, it could be bigger. I could go bigger, but this was kind of fun. So the model looks great and Luke. I did a great job with a lot of the the grebe leaves and the detail that is left on the outside of the model and it looks pretty cool in this filament. I most likely will paint this and then weather it to look like a Star Destroyer that’s seen some battles, but for now I’m quite impressed. The engines they go in the back and they fit well. They kind of fit like that, and I think they look, okay. I believe there, there’s an orientation, so they either go this way or they go this way. I will figure it out when I actually glue it all together. You could pressure fit them in, but then you will need to actually use some. Ca glue or something to hold it in place. So, Luca, If you see this, I have some suggestions as far as the model goes. I think what you’ve done here is brilliant as far as the Star Destroyer goes, but there are ways you could make it a lot easier to print and not use nearly as much filament the engines. For example, you have in this sort of orientation, and there’s not a lot on either side that can touch the build plate. I would suggest maybe making the engines so they could print like this. There’s a lot of detail on the bottom and the back piece of this that no one is ever gonna see because it’s going to exist inside the model. So what’s back here you can eliminate to make simple, make make easy to print easy to build supports upon. And then you could have that in the build plate like this. As far as all three of these go, this was on the build plate like this, and this was on the build plate like this, So this part, the tower where all the people sit and have all the electronics trying to fight the rebellion. It’s not as detailed as it could be because it was in this orientation and this was built upon supports being that the top of the model and especially this part of the model is going to be looked at very closely for detail. What you might want to do is figure a way of slicing off the top of this so that it could be printed separately or in a different orientation, utilizing a lot less support or support on surfaces that aren’t going to be paid attention for their detail. So if you had it like this, you could easily you could easily slice off that part that top part right there and create yourself a really easy printable piece with a lot of high detail possible in these areas because they’re not gonna have to be printed on support also because there’s multiple pieces. I do have to line this up by my eyes, and there’s no registration marks or place to put pegs or anything to keep it together to hold it in place while I apply some glue. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put blocks down. I’m gonna have this so it can set like this. This will be level and I’ll be able to put this on top. Put some CA glue down. Get it set, just right, and then thanks to gravity. It will hold it in place and I can use some of this insta set accelerator to spray around the edges to make it set fast so that it’s sturdy and then the glue will harden over a half-hour and we’ll be good to go my final piece of advice for Lucca? The model builder here is to clean up the model just a little bit, so the model is hollow and you can see there and you can see there. There’s space on the inside, but all of these bits on the outside that create the detail exist further down into the model. So when you’re printing like this or you’re printing like this, there are pieces that stick out and support inside the model has to be created. The problem is, that’s wasted filament. There’s no need for it and so what you could do is clean up the inside of both of these models digitally so that no support is needed on the inside where it’s not going to be seen for now, though I do need to put this together and I’ll do that. Maybe on a stream and thanks for watching if you print this. Or if you want to print this, the link is in the description, and I’d love to see your results from this. Thanks for your support on Patreon. Thanks for your support via Youtube bread and thanks for everybody who lets the ads play. Finally don’t forget to hug each other more because I love you guys as always. Star Wars is awesome and high-five.

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