3d Printed Star Wars Miniatures | Star Wars Legion Minis On The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro


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Star Wars Legion Minis On The Elegoo Mars 2 Pro


[MUSIC]. Hey, we turned off the lights. [applause] let’s do this [Music]! Hey, guys, welcome back to 3d print farm. Yes, today we are going to be taking a look at the Elegu Mars Pro 2 You know, resin printers are still pretty much in their infancy in the 3d printing world, but what I really like about these new models that are coming out are the monochrome screens because what it does is it gives you nice crisp details as well as cuts down on your printing time. Check out some of these models that I printed from Dark Fire designs. Yes, you’ll recognize this As Mr. Skywalker from the season finale of the Mandalorian season two. This is one of the dark troopers I printed all these figures using psoriatech resin. This was printed with psoriatech, smoky black, and I actually put a top coat of gloss black paint on it to make it pop still haven’t painted the red eyes or some of the red across his chest plate, but you can see the detail is pretty stinking, amazing on these models. So this is one of the mini characters as you can see. It is mighty tiny, but again, the resolution that the Elgoo Mars 2 pro puts out is just amazing. Here’s Mr. Skywalker in another one of his poses, and, of course, who could forget my friend and yours? The mandalorian in all his glory. This is another legion size character that turned out simply amazing, so not only do dark fire designs provide you with a a ton of star wars miniatures. They also have the vehicles. This one’s not out yet, but keep an eye out for it. This is the ats’t, check this out again. This is the Star War’s legion size as you can see. Mando here is about to take a shot at the atst, and it’s not not going to do much good Unless Carradine is there to provide some backup support So yeah, so Darkfire designs. This is their Facebook page And what I really like about. It is both tai and Felicia, their husband and wife team that design all of these models. They really do a good job of keeping folks up to date on what is going on and, um, again. They have some amazing models. You can ask questions about them out here. Let’s let’s bounce over to Darkfire designs on their gumroad. Uh, right now. It looks like that. You can use a code to get 15 off your purchase, which is kind of cool. They do have all of the actually quite a few star wars characters out here, and we’re going to take a look at those in Chi 2 box about how those are laid out, which I think are really kind of cool. Um, from their main page. You’ll see a lot of the the most recent files are from the show, the mandalorian you’ve. This is the cloaked grand master knight. So you can see all these different poses. Here are the dreaded dark troopers. You’ve got the black watch crusader team here. Uh, you guys will recognize some of these folks Bogatan and her folks, so yeah, lots of really cool stuff out on Dart Fire designs. Make sure to go check them out. Let’s bounce over into Chittoo box and lets. Take a look at how some of these prints are laid out so so I bounced out here to ch2 box and I’m going to open one of the files here you can see Master Luke Skywalker. They provide you both with supported and unsupported models. I really like the fact that that your models are supported. If you’re in a hurry or you don’t have a whole lot of experience supporting models. You’re let’s say you’re just getting started into resin printing. You know, you can use some of these pre-supported models. I’m going to open them all up here. You guys can kind of take a look at how these guys are laid out and as you can see there. I haven’t had any issues printing any of these models. The supports are fantastic. Looks like I’m going down that way, okay. The supports are fantastically laid out and they come out amazing. Now again you can size these models up if you want to have something a little bit larger than the than the legion size. Like I did with some of the the the models, the dark trooper as well as the Master. Jedi here, okay. I really wanted to show you guys The Stormtrooper squad. Because I think this was. These are really kind of cool as you can see. They’re broken down into the stormtrooper squad is broken down into a couple of folders. You have your standard supported and unsupported miniatures, but you also have something called kits and I was just really super excited, and I was just kind of blown away by this. So all of these models are laid out on sprues, so you can pretty much build your own A LA. Bandai, You know, modeling kits, so you can pretty much just build your own and I think this and all these parts are are swappable. You can change these parts out as far as the weapons. Uh, the armor. I think this is, uh. This is huge here. Another thing that I thought was really cool with the stormtrooper squad on the miniatures is that you can also print the the helmets here. So so basically, all of the models are headless here. So you can see. This is the stormtrooper helmet here, and here’s your standard stormtrooper and he is sans head. So what you’ll do is you’ll print up a bunch of these helmets and again you can put those on there. You can angle them. However, you want to dark fire designs actually allows you to take your star Wars legions models to another level because you can actually go in and adjust and get those figures posed. Just the way you want them. So here are my initial thoughts on the elegu mars pro 2 [MUSIC] So the rubber gasket that came with the elegant Mars 2 pro. It is so stinking, flimsy. I had a heck of a time keeping it on the lid without it falling off every time I would take it off of the printer, It would fall off so what I did is. I went out to thingiverse and printed this guy. It is a gasket that I printed in tpu and the cool thing is is that it fits this lid. Amazingly, and it provides actually a little bit of friction on the sides here. So that way when you slide it over your mars, you get kind of a you. You have a little bit of drag on the sides here along the brackets that hold in the bat, so it keeps, it keeps things Nice and tight so again. That’s one of the things it’s not really a. So that’s one of the things I threw away that gasket and I actually printed one of these in tpu so works well for me, so yeah, there’s a ton of resin printers out there. If if I were to make a suggestion on purchasing a new resin printer, I would most definitely look at one of the printers that have the monochrome screens number one. Those screens are rated three to four times longer than your standard RGB screens. They don’t tend to don’t tend to burn out as much again. It’s going to cut your printing time down by a third, whereas a normal elegant mars. Your normal satin. Your normal layers per second is going to run six to eight seconds per layer compared to this. All of these prints were done at, Uh, In fact, I actually overexposed. This was a little bit. This was at two and a half seconds per normal layer and I actually had to bump it down to two seconds. I think you’re going to be happy with the sharp and crisp details that you’re going to get with a monochrome screen versus say an rgb screen. Anyway, I am super excited about 2021 on what these resin printer companies have in store for all of us. Resident printing is still in its infancy. I think we’re going to see some really amazing things. Both in the resin and fdm market in 2021 I’m super excited about it again. Please make sure and visit my friends over at Darkfire designs and check out some of their star wars models. Go check those guys out and I think you’re really going to enjoy it. Hey, once again. Thanks for joining us here on 3d print farm. If you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below, and I will do my darndest to try to answer those and once again, we’ll see you again next time on the 3d print farm. Bye now! Hey, we turned on the lights. [applause] let’s do this. It’s getting complete, let’s do this.

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