3d Printed Star Trek Ships | Unboxing 3d Printed Star Trek Online Ships From Gameprint

andrew gulling

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Unboxing 3d Printed Star Trek Online Ships From Gameprint


All right, hey, everyone! I got another box from game print. Today wanted to take the time and open this up. You guys just because there’s a lot of little ones in this. So I want to see how they turned out, so lets. Find out together. Uh, this already started coming off a little bit, but it looks like we got bubble. Wrap again! This one turned out. Good, all right, so this one was a five inch. I think the rest are gonna be four. But, uh, it’s gonna be lets. See if I can, it’s gonna be the USS Lexington. That looks solid, all right, awesome! Oh, this one looks good, all right. This is the NX refit and looks like they did a little spotlight for me. You can actually see the name pretty well from here. This is going to be the ISS Scorpion. And this one has the section 31 vanity shield on it. That is a cool little ship. Yeah, this one looks awesome. There you go, all right. This one looks cool. No, these I believe has the discovery vanity shield on it, but about to double check the order, but let’s see. I ordered this one for my, um, temporal character. This is the USS Pilgrim. Yeah, I don’t know if you were able to see, but I actually love these little antennas. You see this one here in the back and then on the basar collectors, that’s? I like that, all right, lets. Get back here! We go another one. You can kind of see the wall antenna on there. The detail on these are awesome. I chose it doesn’t really focus that. Well, but this is the USS aries. It’s a cool little ship, and then the rest of these are four inch ones, so that’s still pretty awesome. This one I was excited for. This is the new Kobayashi Maru and this one against four inch. But this is awesome! I’ve been waiting for a while for this one. My name is a little harder to reap out to zoom in later again. I can’t remember which one I chose for this, but I think it was the Aegis Shield, and I think it was the sovereign skin on this one, but Ill to double check that that is cool. Oh, there we go so, oops, looks like they’ve been having some issues with these. They’re pretty fragile. It looks like, but stuck a peanut in there. This time try to see if that helps at all with the packing, but so, yeah, yeah, these are real fragile, but I’ve been seeing them. Come like this from Eagle Moss. So I think is expected, but the section 31 right now still really cool, though those are real fragile. So yeah, definitely we’ll need to be careful with those ones. All right, last one star cruise. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but again this has the Lion Shield on. I knew this was going to be good. Real sharp, real clean. This is the USS Fury! Yeah, it’s cool, all right, all right, everyone! Thanks for watching ill. Try to post some pictures. Afterwards, give a little bit more detail and have a good one, everyone you.

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