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3d Printed Socket Organizers


So here’s the task at hand. Um, I have the fine crap on brand of tool set. It’s actually just the mishmash of, uh, harbor fright. Uh, and, uh, Craftsman tools, and whatever else I have happen to buy at the time, whatever I needed, I try not to be too much of a tool fetishist. I just buy what I need, and then it accumulates so anyway, that the problem I have is that I’ve had this. Uh, Craftsman socket set for a long time, and it’s served me really. Well, but I use these. Uh, Craftsman drawer Organizers that this is not working that well, they take up a lot of space and then sort of the way I use them is not that great. So this is like 3 8 inch metric here. This is quarter inch metric 3 8 inch. Um, sae and then in the next drawer down. These should all be half inch, but I’ve mixed in some 3 8 inch deep metric because they don’t fit anywhere else. And then I have some, You know, these external lovelies that you use once in your lifetime and they just sit around taking up space. So anyway, that’s the task at hand is to hopefully organize this better and hopefully get some space back. So here’s the prototype. The idea is, I’m going to 3d print a holder for each group of sockets that I own. So this is quarter inch drive metric, shallow and deep sockets. I think I’m going to include all of the sizes for a complete set. Even though I don’t own them all and then on the bottom, I’m including these little recesses to glue in rare earth magnets to hold each socket in place. They actually sell versions like this. Um, but you know, this is the year of covid. So what else am I going to do with my time? So I thought I’d just make them myself. Let’s see how it goes, so these are the magnets. I got off ebay, so I bought bulk a hundred of each of these two sizes. So these are 15 by three millimeter, and these are 10 by three millimeters. These are supposedly n48s and these are n50s so these cost. I think the small ones for all 100 cost 17 and then all 100 of these cost 25 and that’s shipping included. So so here’s the prototype and here’s the second version, so basically some of the things that happened. Both the tiers got lowered, so there’s more stick out on the bottom. One’s the difference there, and yeah, so I guess the whole thing just got a little shorter and then color coding so for me, blue is going to be metric and red is Sae. So this is the quarter inch drive metric set, and then these two guys will form the, uh, 3 8 inch drive metric, and so they’re split into two pieces because they’re too big to be printed on my 3d printer in one piece, and so I made them staggered so that there was more glue surface area, and so this is intended for six point, uh, shallow, twelve points, shallow and six point deep sockets and it goes six through twenty with no gaps. So these are the SAE versions. This is quarter inch drive, and this is three eighth’s inch drive pretty much. Everything’s the same as the metric, except the fonts are a little smaller because I chose to use a horizontal separator for fractions rather than a diagonal one. I think it makes it easier to read. Fractions are bad enough as it is on the 3 8 version. It’s the same deal. There’s two sections that are glued together with ca glue. The only other thing to call out. Is that both of these tiers? This is 12 point shallow and this is six point shallow and so the basically this tier is a little taller, so it results in the magnet recesses being deeper. And so it’s a little harder to glue these magnets in there, but it’s not that bad. So here are the results so on the top drawer recovered a bit of space now in the second drawer, basically consolidated two entire drawers full of sockets into this one, which is pretty good, and then my third drawer is completely empty now so awesome, so I’m gonna put these, uh, models up on thingiverse. Uh, so if you’re interested in printing them, you can. I will give a warning that for these sockets that I don’t own. I had to guess their diameters. For example, this, I don’t own a 27 inch 12 point, shallow socket, so I guessed its diameter and so in the drawings. All of these dimensions are parameterized, so it’s like a big spreadsheet and so you can go in there and measure your own sockets. Update that spreadsheet and the model will just adapt at least that’s the goal same for the magnet dimensions. You could use different magnets if you wanted and so, uh, in those drawings, I also included bottom covers, so I don’t know if you can see that in the light. This is just a black bottom cover. It’s three millimeters thick. So if you’re really interested in this feature of having, you know to attach the the plate. Maybe you want to store these on the outside of your toolbox. Uh, this this bottom cover tends to interfere a little bit with that. Um, the ones they haven’t put that on yet. Stick a lot! Uh, a lot more to whatever object. So the downside of that is that, um, when they have the magnets exposed? All you know, this kind of Gak and I every iron filing within a square mile is going to be on there within a week. Um, so that’s the pro and con of that, but anyway, uh, hope that’s useful to somebody. Uh, thanks for watching.

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