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3d Printed Bump Stock... Will It Work?


On March 26 of this month, so basically a couple weeks from today, this officially becomes illegal to own. This is a bump stock. If you don’t know what a bump stock is, it’s totally fine. I’ll explain in just a minute, But basically, what’s happening is the government amended the NFA, which is the National Firearms Act and they altered the definition of machine gun to include bump stock and bump stock-like devices, which is what this is, basically what it allows the gun to do is simulate the fully automatic rate of fire by harnessing the recoil energy from each round fired and it moves back and forth this way so that essentially you can bump the trigger each time and simulate a fully automatic rifle and that’s basically what the government is altering in. The NFA is the definition of machine gun so that it includes all of that, but since bomb stocks are made entirely out of plastic, you can also 3d print them. Which is what piqued my curiosity for this video. So what I decided to do was use a 3d printer to basically create my own bump stock. Which is what this is. Most bomb stocks are black or tan or something like that that resembles military. This one is like lime green. So if you were to buy a bump stock from one of the injection mold manufacturers, one of the ones that are manufactured to spec. Then you’re looking at at least a hundred bucks, but they get up to three four hundred dollars right now, and that may have something to do with the ban. My 3d printed bumstock on the other hand. Cost me about 20 bucks. I already had the 3d printer. If I needed to buy that as well, then it would be about 1300 bucks to buy the printer and then the cost of the filament. But I already had it. This is a 3d printer. Basically, what I did is. I took my design and I plugged it into the software that runs this 3d printer, and I use the filament back here to print the parts for the bump stock that I made here on this platform. All in all, my 3d printed project took just over 30 hours to print, and then I had to make a couple adjustments of my own to make it actually fit on the ar-15. I have used bomb stocks in the past ones that are actually legitimately manufactured. Bump stocks. And I can tell you that right off. The bat, the 3d printed bump stock feels a lot cheaper. It’s not nearly as solid as a manufactured bump stock And I’m a little bit skeptical. I don’t know if it’s going to work entirely, but there’s really only one way to make sure it works, and that’s to test it, so let’s go shooting. So if you’ve been following me for a while, which if you have thank you? I really do appreciate it. If you’re new to the channel, feel free to hit the subscribe button. Uh, but back to what I was saying. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that last year, I made another video about bump stocks, which I will link in the video description down below. But basically what I did in that video is. I figured out how fast I could theoretically shoot with a bump stock on in comparison to a fully automatic gun and getting ready for this video. I went through some of the comments in that video, and basically, I found a couple that I thought deserved a little bit more attention. The first one that jumped out to me was somebody said that you could still own a machine gun without having a class. 3 firearms permit, which in a way is kind of true, but it’s kind of not at the same time. So in 1986 the NFA was put into place. Basically, what it did is it restricted the manufacturing of fully automatic rifles after 1986 and it put a ban on them so that private citizens couldn’t own any automatic weapons after 1986 so any fully automatic gun that was manufactured after 1986 You have to have a class 3 firearm permit to own, and basically a class 3 firearm permit consists of two things. You have an ffl, which is a federal firearm license, and then you’ve also paid your class 3 sot, which is a special occupational tax. Those two things together, make up what people usually refer to as a class 3 firearm permit. Now it is still technically possible to own a fully automatic gun that was manufactured before or up to 1986 but there’s still a whole lot of paperwork that goes into it and pretty much every fully automatic gun that was manufactured before 1986 That’s still in circulation today cost tens of thousands of dollars, so it’s really not something that your average citizen is going to be able to afford the second thing that a lot of people pointed out was something that had to do with trigger safety, which I agree is an important thing, but one thing that I do want to point out. Is that in that video? If I ever had my finger inside the trigger guard? It’s because the gun was pointed downrange in a safe direction. But I also know that proper gun safety says that you’re supposed to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. So I’ll concede on that one. You guys are right. It was my bad I’m gonna do better in. This video got a tripod set up for this camera. I’m gonna get my iphone. Set up in slow motion on the bed of my truck. Hopefully get some cool, slow motion in there. I have the ar15 with the 3d bump stock. Ready to go the round that I’m gonna be shooting today. Is this one right here? So this is a 223 round? Uh, it’s a 62 grain bullet. Okay, so I’ve got eye protection ear Protection 20 rounds in the mag, Let’s test it. [MUSIC] It’s a little bit finicky, so it’s a lot more finicky than, like a regular bump stock would be one that was manufactured professionally. It sticks a little bit as well, but there were still a couple times when I was able to get it to go a few rounds. Let’s load up another mag. Try it out! See if it works. Hopefully we can get it to go, so I’m not going to be using the sights. The video is focused entirely on the bump stock. So don’t really care about where I’m aiming. I’m just aiming down range mag in charge It up safety’s off here. We go, it works. I honestly was expecting it to fall apart or just in general. Not function the right way, but I proved myself wrong. It’s glued together, sanded down like it’s like the most jerry-rigged thing that you could possibly make from a firearm standpoint. That was honestly way too much fun to not do it a second time, but this time, I say we load up 40 all right, We’ve got the 40 round mag. Let’s load it up and see if we can get to cycle through all 40 rounds, so so, oh, that’s insane. Oh, that’s insane, okay, So maybe I didn’t get all 40 at the same time, but we got like most of them. It was probably like 30 35. Right in there. Close enough, especially considering how overly touchy the 3d bump stock is so after everything has been said and done after the 3d printed bump stock after the gluing the sanding Everything that I had to do to get this thing to work. You may be asking. Is it worth it to 3d print a bump stock? Well, my answer for you is no because as of the 26th These are still going to be illegal whether it’s 3d printed manufactured by a professional company or made out of wood. It doesn’t matter where you get it or how you get it as long as it functions like a bump stock and has the same effect, it’s illegal, so from a 3d printing standpoint, even though you can 3d print a bump stock and apparently get it to work, It doesn’t mean that you should because just like with any other law that’s out there, there’s consequences. Should you choose to break that law? But what about people who already have a manufactured bump stock that they paid for well? I mean, you ultimately have to decide for yourself. What you’re going to do with that bump stock? But from a legal standpoint, the ATF is given a couple options. The first option that you have is to turn it in. You can take your bump stock to any ATF office. Turn it in, and they’ll take care of it for you. And then there’s option two, which for anybody that went out and actually spent a lot of money on their bump stock. This one might hurt a little bit because you have to be the one to destroy it, and when they say destroy, they actually mean it, you have to destroy it to the point where it’s no longer usable and it can’t be restored to use their preferred method for these bump stocks to be destroyed is to shred them. They also say that you can cut along certain points. Uh, or you can melt it down. That being said it’s not worth it for me to take this into an ATF office, especially where I spent 20 bucks on it, so I’m gonna melt it down. The nice thing about technology is if the ban is ever lifted on bump stocks. I can just reprint it, but for me. It’s not worth it to risk the 250 000 fine and up to 10 years in prison. So this is the last time this bump stock is ever going to see life after this. It’ll just be a big melty plastic memory. [MUSIC] So [Music]! I think it’s been sufficiently melted. Smells terrible. This is all that’s left of my artwork, A mangled, burnt black and green chunk of plastic. Maybe I’ll put it on my wall. I am curious about your thoughts on the band with these bump stocks. So let me know what you think. Down in the comments section below. But make sure it’s a constructive comment. Something that we can build a conversation around. Thanks again for watching ill. See you around?

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