3d Printed Picatinny Rail | Picatinny Rail From Drawing To 3d Model In Fusion 360 – Ff113


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Picatinny Rail From Drawing To 3d Model In Fusion 360 - Ff113


Hi, folks, let’s walk through how to take this drawing and create our 3d solid model of this. Picatinny rail in Fusion 360 welcome to another Fusion Friday [Music]. So this is a special episode for me because this is how I all got started about ten years ago. We were making accessories. I googled and found this PDF, and I found this original drawing, and I didn’t know how to read it. I didn’t know how to put it in the cat and for you. CAD gurus out there. This is probably a cakewalk, but it’s not easy and one of the tricks is gonna be starting with this inside box. So let’s dive in one of the great things about being able to do. This is there’s so many bad. CAD models out there of picatinny rails so being able to go back to the standard and the specification feels really good. As is your keyboard shortcut. Cen pulls up. Center Rectangle will put it on the Z X plane, so that’s between the blue and the Red. It’s 0.108 by 0.7 four eight. So now we’ve created that Center box, I’m gonna left. Click drag around it and hit X on my keyboard. That turns it into construction geometry, which is shown by being a dashed line. So we’ve got our box. How do we go to the next step of creating the shape around it a lot of ways to do this? I’m gonna start hitting l4 line. I’m gonna sketch the line and I’m gonna let it Stay Horizontal. I’m gonna come down here. Do my angle if you see if I let it snap that way, it stays ninety degrees to each other will come across and I don’t worry too much. It’s helpful to have it resemble the right shape, but really, I’m going to rely on the constraints to fix it perpendicular. So these two are ninety degrees to each other. Make sure these are horizontal. They already are make sure these points are vertical relative to each other. And then, Lastly, the thing that’s going to bring it all into place coincident. If you take a look at the drawing, see how the line is coincident with our construction rectangle, click on the line and click on the point. I’ll do the same line point and finally line point awesome. It’s still blue. In fact, we can see we can just bring that back. Click it once to lead it. I want to bring that over to have a match there because I still had a lot of different ways. I can drag this around, but we’re getting a lot closer now next thing. I’m going to sketch this bottom section elf a line, drop a line down over and up, and we know that dimension is 0.6 1 7 and what I can now do is deeper dimension. Click this line and click the center point. Click once to place that dimension and what I can now do is click our point Six one seven and say divided by two that’s going to centre up our feature below our other shape, we know the height from the top to the bottom is 0.36 7d for dimension here to here point three, six, seven, and we know the bottom edge of our construction rectangle to the top of the part is the point one six four, so this bottom of our construction rectangle to the top of our Picatinny rail 0.164 and see how that one single dimension that we finally added, moves everything black, we literally went from having a substantial number of blue line sections to being totally fully constrained and done. And if we compare it visually, it looks like we’re about right last dimension and feature to add is the outside edge breaks of these angles and we do that. With this point? Eight, three, five inch dimension l4 line. Don’t worry about where they are is just going to sketch a vertical line here and a vertical line here. D for dimension, the distance between that line and that line 0.8 3 5 You notice it did not do what I want? Because it moved this one off the edge, and it kept this one in place way to fix that. Click on this left. One in the distance to the center will be click on the point 8 3 5 So it links at parametrically. D 7 divided by 2 that centers. These two up hit escape. Once efore, extrude, click on my shape. You know, it will fix this too. We can actually hit. T 4 trim and we can trim that centerline off notice again. Everything is black. We’re fully constrained. Efore extrude. Click this say 2 inches and we’re done we’ve taken. This drawing, we’ve made our solid model. We’ve used pretty darn good cat etiquette, folks. I hope you’ve learned something. Hope you’ve enjoyed take care. See you next Friday [Music] you!

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