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3d Printing A Self Watering Planter And Getting Help From Anne Of All Trades


Hey, it’s! Joel, you may remember this plant and this pot. We did this. Oh, geez, a long time ago. I remember that this was designed by Angus of Maker’s News because he was able to pull a file from a video game. And that my daughter and I put the plant in the pot with some potting soil. Now, though, I mean, it’s working, but it seems some age, and I think there’s a better solution and I’m gonna show it to you right here on 3d printing nerd. This has been a great plant. It’s survived than not watering times where. I’ve forgotten usually, though this sits on a plate right next to the sink and a window and so this grows towards the window as you can see. And then the plate catches any of the water that drips out. I haven’t added new soil in well since it was potted, which means that it’s still the original soil. You can see down here that some of the tasty dirt has gotten out of the holes. Whatever that’s fine, that’s fine. It’s survived, it’s still kickin. It looks great, but I think there is a better solution. Thanks to Thingiverse. We have this a self watering planter and how it works. Is this fits within this and then water pours down the spout before we clean this out and get the plant moved over lets. Talk about these pieces. This was printed with some printed solid test. PLA, they had a low budget or have a low budget PLA. This was a test spool. I got a long time ago. This was print on the Artemis and my print settings were pretty nominal. 215 C on the nozzle 60 C on the magic. Gu coated bed. I believe it was point. Zero point. Three layer Heights speeds were 60 millimeters per second. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, and it printed just fine the slicer settings. I could have tuned a little bit because there’s some pickiness right there, and it’s a little hairy on the inside, but there’s gonna be dirt on the inside, so I don’t really care. What are the interesting things about this print and the other one as well as I printed with a gyroid infill? But I did three perimeters, five top layers, four bottom layers and with gyroid, it had to just make these little knot in it and it was cool to see the Delta printer doing it. It’s insane to watch it go, but also. I was surprised it actually finished because every time it moved the head from one place to another. I had Z Hop-on. Retraction and each one of these moves was a retraction, so that little extruder was just bouncing back and forth back and forth back and forth. It was really cool to watch. It was scary, cuz. I didn’t think it would work, but in the end, it did work and that’s that’s all that we can really ask for this. This is well! This is incredible! I just want to talk about this. This is Ariana Grande net know Ariana Plast. Are we on a plasti? Ariana Plast. And it is a Red Marune II kind of metal, flaky something, but it’s gorgeous. I never have used this filament before they had sent me a spool and I’d had it on the side and I just never had a chance to use it and so I did, and I used the same settings as that one right here. The the curvature on the bottom. This was sized up 200% scale, so the curvature on the bottom did suffer from some heat shrinkage, which well, that’s unfortunate. These were both printed on the. Artemis and the Artemis itself has these three fans on the side that blow down and cool the area, but nothing that is actually precisely directed at the bottom of the nozzle. So you, it’s one of those machines. It’s a beautiful machine. It prints really well, but you can end up with this sort of thing. I may have been able to combat that with changing the temperature. I think but again. I’d never printed with this before I hit print and it went youll. See on the inside there. There is some stringing on the inside. There is a Ledge that prints, and I think it’s where this sits on, but that ledge because I sized it up 2x I think part of the ledge, like the bottom part wasn’t supported in any way so those strings were made, but I mean, they come out. Superduper easy. It’ll be no problem for me to just take them out and clear them out. That’s good now, the real test. Now that we’re getting out these little strings now we’re on the underside. We need to see if it fits. I haven’t put. Oh, this is fantastic and look at that. The height is comparable right here, so it shouldn’t be too big for where it’s gonna go. It’s gonna actually hold the water down there. This should be good. Oh, we got to see if it’s watertight, don’t we? The instructions do say to you some. Titebond 3 which is water safe glue to put in the bottom but with three perimeters. I mean, this was watertight and this had less perimeters, except where the holes where I’m gonna say. No to glue. If we run into issues when we add the water in a little bit, then we’ll add some glue, but for now, let’s go without the glue. OK, cool, so we have the planter. We have the plant potting soil, potting, soil, potting soil potting soil. I’m fresh out of potting soil. So wonder who could help me. It’s an this is an of all trades, all right. What’s that man you run a farm? I do, and I assume farms have soil. We do have soil so there should be a way to get this spider plant into this sell flowering planter, and we should be able to then use your soil. In fact, we can, that’s why, okay, farmers keep a bucket of soil nearby. I didn’t think that was a problem. We have this self watering planter. So the idea of this is This has a little spigot. The water goes in here. The plant goes in here and then the water can seep up and the roots can seep out. And that’s super awesome. So do you if it’s self watering. I mean. Do you ever have to water it you well? I believe you pour this up to a certain level, and then as it uses the water, the water goes down shake, and then we could add electronics to have a water sensor that goes down to a certain point and then adds more water. But that’s a that’s later. Jule’s problem, excellent future. Joel has work ahead of it current. Joel is super happy with this current situation current. Joel is very excited to actually put dirt in here. Get the plant in here. Wow, this is cool. This is kind of cool, right. Did you print that too, yes? I did my buddy video. Did my buddy in? Australia actually took a digital file from a video game. Oh, no way, what video game? I think it’s from fallout. Oh, and gets from fallout and then chopped off the top of the warhead and I made a planter out of it there. You go kind of cool, right. Yeah, but it’s time for the new cool time for the new cool. So what would be the best way to get this plant into this pot using your soil? It kind of depends is this. Is this a desert plant? Like, what do you know about? It’s better plans. I know that it exists on the kitchen counter near the window perfect, so generally speaking when I’m transplanting something, I will actually soak it in water previous to transplanting it. However, this is actually a very easy scoops ocean. We should be able to get all the roots and everything and kind of one fell swoop, and so we can basically just grab it out of here. We just want to lose. Just gonna grab it. I mean, is that? Do you know no? I’m I’m very okay with you. Using your expertise well. My expertise is not really related to house plants. The thing yours is way more than wine. The crazy thing is so like people. Ask me, you know, cuz. We have a four core organic farm. Here and people are always asking me like. Oh, how do? I have a garden and everything like that, but really, plants are super difficult to kill. Actually, so you can kind of get away with just about anything and as long as we keep what’s called the root ball intact, which this is the root ball. Then we’ll be pretty good. So what’s put a little bit of the new soil in there? Okay, okay. It seems to be holding. Is that a good deal less or do we need more? Yeah, we want to. We want to make it so that we don’t have to disrupt the roots. So like the key to success here is that we’re gonna try to keep the roots in as that’s probably good, and then we’ll put this down in there. Go for it and also let me just know, let you know that you are getting to take away so many of howdy and Bella, the little donkeys poops with you in this soil Because I’ll keep poop is good for plants, right. I mean, it absolutely is so now again. Just trying to keep the root ball intact when we add water. This is all going to smooth down a little bit. Oh, we’re kind of we’re kind of good there, and then well, we’ll put it into it’s into it’s next piece and yeah, perfect, and then we’ll, just like dust up the rest of this. So, incidentally, when you’re transplanting plants, you actually want to keep as much of the original soil as possible, but the nice thing about using the soil that we’re using my own animal. Trades branded potting soil is that you’re gonna be adding a little bit of nutrients, because if you had potting soil previously in here, potting soil actually doesn’t have a ton of nutrients in it. Oh, it does that it’s. Actually, potting soil is actually sterile. I didn’t know that, and so this is hopefully actually going to help your little spider plant. Get a little revived, but you also want to be super careful with it, because if we give it too much nitrogen, which is what happens when you use like manure stuff, which is why we’re not using straight compost we’re using like a nice little blend of of soils here. If you do too much nitrogen, you could actually shock the plant, so this plant is probably gonna look a little bit sickly for a couple days. No sicker than what. I’ve made it, I’m sure but anyway. Once once, it’s had a chance to kind of, like, get used to its new pot and everything like that. It should perk right back up, and hopefully it’ll. Have you know some nice new growth on it soon? Another thing you could do if you were really concerned, like if this was a very, very leafy plant, you could actually cut back some of the longer growth on it and then give it like a little jumpstart so that it wasn’t with that too little root ball, trying to support so much growth back here. Oh, so it should be because usually it grows big and the leaves really like -. Yeah, so should it not do that? No, it absolutely should just if we’re. If we’re transplanting a plant, and we want to give it like if this thing gets super super sick after we’ve transplanted it, you can cut some of the longer foliage back so that it doesn’t have to support so much stuff from its newly disturbed roots as I see, but now it should. I mean, it should be quite healthy now. So don’t worry about it, but if it is sickly after this transplant, you can cut back, so that’s good to know wow. I’m call and of all trades. Nine, one one, nine one. I love it all that water at home because I want to. I find that it’s watertight. Gloria, that’d be terrible. Thank you, hey, no problem. We share it and is known as Annabelle trades. If you want to find her anywhere, where can they go? You can basically find me anywhere online on animals by searching for animal trades, You can find me on Instagram at Annabelle. Trades, Youtube and of all trades Twitter, animal trades and on my website animal trades comm. I’ll put links down in the description. Yeah, okay well. I’m gonna take this home. Good luck with your spider plant. Well, good luck with your kittens well. I will now I hope no. Wood workers were watching this because the fact that we just got soil all over my saw stop. Is that very noteworthy, although clean it right up? Whew, that was a lot of fun hanging out with an ant about. We actually posted some stuff to our Instagram stories as well, so if you head over to Instagram and go to Instagram to comport slash troll telling or it’s grout and instagramcom Ford slash animal trades you’ll. Find it here, it is this, is it? This looks! This looks good. It’s been transplanted. I know that we need to add some water. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture, but I did find this bottle of King’s Bay. Silver Rum Rum is good for plants, right, and you know on these bottles. This little this little thing right here. That’s right. Think of that bottoms up plant boy. This plant is Thursday, and I think we should probably put some at the top. Maybe there we go. Wow, this plant was thirsty. It took a whole handle of king’s vase. Silver rum now. The final thing to do is to check to see if the rum has leaked out. I don’t see any rum leakage. I think this is called a success. I can now put this back down on the kitchen counter next to the window, where it will receive some sunlight when there’s. Sun here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also right next to the sink, which means it’s really easy to add water to this little spout. Did you really think? I put rum in there, no? I gave the plant water fresh h2o. It was a joke! It was a joke, don’t. Give rum to your plants. Get rum to me! Wow, this was fun. This would actually work down big. Thanks for everybody. That joined us If you made it this far, you’re awesome. Don’t forget to subscribe ring that. Bell, I’ll see you again soon. Don’t forget to hug each other more. I love you guys as always. High-five [Music].

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