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3d Printing Nerf Mods With Out Of Darts!


3d printing, as you know, is awesome. You could have yourself a home-built manufacturing facility with a bunch of proofs of printers. You can also find yourself or the workshop manufacturing. Some incredible nerf mods were gonna talk to. Lou Goodman, about how 3d printing has enabled him to make awesome stuff. I’m Joel. This is 3d pretty nerd. Looks like you need another mag hey. Luke, this is look good man about of darts. Does it just go right in here? It does yeah, okay. I promised Bill behind the camera. I wouldn’t shoot him anymore. This is amazing what you’ve done here. I want to first talk about this wall of Cruces that you have. This is in your garage at home. You have a manufacturing facility. Yeah, so it started out really small. I bought one printer just for fun to build one of my mods and before long, their cool, that’s just more and more printers. And now we’ve got 22 of the purses went on you. Bruce, they all look like I three mark three. Yes, yes, because that removable bed is just key for getting shelled parts off the bed and you’re printing 24/7 24/7 Yeah, they’re there virtually always running unless there’s one that’s down, Which generally with 22 printers. You’re gonna have a printer or two down here in their count every once in a while, but this is really what? I was shooting the camera with This Is the Jupiter. This is a self-designed nerf compatible flat. What’s the right way it’s a yeah, so it’s a completely 3d printed Nerf blaster. It is not Nerf brand its nerve compatible. It is a rival blaster, so its shoots the round balls and this was designed along with a friend of mine. Tark he is. He did all the final modelling on this and engineering on the final design, but I started the initial one, and then we kind of worked together to create a saleable product. And now we print and sell these and shipped these every single day. That’s incredible behind us, though. You have a myriad of other things. It looks like this is just the beginnings. You have to be the sword. You want to take me through what you got back? Yeah, absolutely, okay. The Jupiter. This looks like a fully finished product. This is what you can offer, but you had to start somewhere. Yeah, what is that so? This is the here mini or hurricane mini, which is another. Ma, I’ll show in a bit, but I started in Tinkercad when I first started. Modeling had zero experience so just figuring out basic shapes and that sort of evolved over time different designs. This one had an internal magazine so very, very, very crude, but they functioned and worked and no one else had anything like this. So it was at all pretty unique at the time, a great use of Tinkercad, so after Tinkercad got pretty cumbersome pretty quickly because you start connecting a couple hundred shapes, positive and negative Boolean, are you, you can’t do anything so you also can’t do rounded corners very easily, not easy to fill it, or a chamfer is kind of difficult. So I ended up in one two three D next, okay. I wish someone had told me that one two three D was going to go bye-bye because I did spend hundreds of hours designing a couple different blasters in one two three D and got to about that point where we had a basic functioning. This looks like it’s seen some days. Yeah, it’s a it’s been torn apart, so at some point. I realized I don’t have quite enough time or experience to get this as finalized as I want. It was great for my personal use, but not so much for making a product out of it. Okay, and I was already running the shop at this point, so I brought on a friend Tariq, who worked on the design. So this was sort of like Jupiter 1.00 It’s very similar to, yeah. We just cleaned up edges. A little more styling added the name and then an internally. There’s a lot of changes as well. We started originally. My first design had a sort of pressure fit lever That’s inside there that’s 3d printed and I was worried about that wearing out because a big focus for us is having a product that will last in for the customers. I wanted to be durable well. In durability, especially when inserting a magazine is probably a paramount, very, very important, so these actually have a ball bearing detent in there that locks this in without having a mag release, but it’ll last for forever. Oh, that’s perfect, so it’s kind of a long evolution getting to here and it’s been three years getting to this point, but it’s been a lot of fun, making a product that we’re now shipping what we’ve shipped hundreds of them. At this point to customers, it’s it’s great to see the iteration and it’s great to see how you’ve evolved your design using demand off we’re packages and this is this is a custom-designed product, but you also offer modifications. Yeah, or Nerf guns That are on the market, right. My shop sells. We sell basically everything. A Nerf mater could want so it’s all the tools, supplies, accessories, electronic components, things like motors batteries, wire connectors, all of that to Mod virtually any blaster That’s out there from a flywheel powered blaster where you’ve got spinning wheels like this one up to a, you know to a springer blaster, which is just usually replacing Springs and internal parts. Okay, and then with that, we design or I design a lot of custom little bits that help you maybe mount to switch easier in the blaster rather than using a whole mess of epoxy to fill a void and then, of course we make these finalized, You know, Finished blasters? Which is my my favorite thing to work on right now. Well, can we see actually some of the modifications You’ve done to Nerf blasters? Yeah, absolutely, so the very first Mod that I did that. People got that got people kind of excited. Wasn’t 3d printed at all. I hope yeah, absolutely. So this is what I called the the hurricane and actually a friend of mine, Mike. He came up with it, so these rounds. These bowls are called High-impact rounds, hir. It’s the nomenclature that Hasbro uses to describe them. Okay, so we called it instead of Hurricane. It’s here hurricane. That makes sense, so the blaster in here is a rival. Zeus made by a Nerf really really cool blaster, but it’s only semi-automatic and shoots one shoe, so one shot at a time and it shoots twelve rounds, Okay, so I put a blower PVC pipe tubing, wired it all together so that it shot 105 rounds and people went pretty crazy because at the time there was no blaster that could do anything like this, and I would imagine people went nuts over something like this. Yeah, and I would go to games and just wreak havoc on other people playing because, you know, Most people have an 18 round mag with is the height at the time was the highest capacity Dart Blaster, So they’re swapping 18 rounds and I’m just running around Hosing people down. This is very this looks very ready for 3d printing. Yeah, so a friend. Mike had gone out and 3d printed this before I did, so he saw this Mod and basically said, oh, I can 3d print that, and he made one and that just started everything. So when he did that, I then will look at that. Got to modeling and this was done. The very earliest version was Tinkercad again, okay, simultaneous to the other other projects, but I ended up making the current version of the hurricane, which was all done in 1 2 3 D. And these are it’s just 3d printed pieces that are perfectly mated together to work with the blaster, so this one’s 85 rounds a magnetic latch. Yeah, that’s super handy. I would have mentioned during games. If you’re running around, you don’t want that exactly. Yeah, and an integrated blow. So you don’t have like a squirrel cage? Yeah, we found a better blower and EDF that could power push more air and feed even faster so again, this is full auto and can can really really rip. And if you want to give it a shot you can. You’re good to go there. My Jessica, Rev Button and I’m fired. Oh yeah. I promised Bill I wouldn’t shoot him. Bill, you ready? [APPLAUSE] [Laughter] 8500 That’s that’s so satisfying it’s so fun! Oh, my gosh, and I like to call myself like when I play. It’s like fast heavy, So I have a heavy load out, but I run so because with this, you don’t really need to carry an e. I just have pockets of ammo, right, you don’t you don’t need backpack? You don’t need holsters. You don’t need magazines or any of that stuff, so it’s like it’s a really fun, fun hours a lot just firing off 85 rounds into the net. That was a lot of fun. What was next after this because this is one? Ischl, 3d printed pod, right, it kind of paralleled that that happened. Then we went got into Jupiter, but along the way I was like, how can I have more rounds than than 85 Okay, without having, you know, you could do more tubes. Maybe, but at some point, you want more and knowing that in paintball? You know, they’ve got Hoppers. The next thing was to figure out how to do a hopper and so. I built. What is essentially what I call the proton pack, which is a backpack with a feeder inside and a hose that comes out and a tether for the power solution. Oh, so the gun battery powers the backpack. The actually the backpack, battery power’s, good gun. Oh, and the way. I do that the reason I do. That is because they’re. The power requirements of the pack are larger. So inside this inside, this is a custom-designed impeller and that perfectly feeds at 14 and a half rounds. A second will feed into the blaster and so. I’ve got one here that we can kind of see. We can fire and sort of see the balls bounce around a bit, which is kind of fun. Oh, and so this is a this is. Jupiter, just like the one you shot. Except this one’s been mounted up with the proton pack. So this is what the proton pack and it’s cool because it’s kind of modular. You could put a five gallon tank on here. You could do a little one like this. You could literally do anything as far as size, and that’s about 300 so 300 plus rounds and this hopper is just attached right here at the bottom. Yeah, and the blower is providing the air to make sure the rounds go through, and then that’s yep, they push, push the power and in the future. This will all be one unit in the bottom oh! I’ll design my own fan That will connect to the hopper. The base. It’s like a Laffy Taffy. You have to get all the Laffy. Taffy a story, You know, I have another one where I had to eat. All the cheese balls to use the container. Right this rough. You know, yeah, Taro. Okay, so I get to fire this, and we’re gonna see the balls kind of bounce around. Yeah, we should see them. Stir around a little bit. We’ll certainly see them. Fly out the end of there. You ready? See [Music] [Music] and now the joke remake of my channel? Is that you’re out of darts? I figured that’s where it came from. That is satisfying. Oh, super satisfying ends and we got it on video. I was set on a very specific spot and they weren’t straight from that spot very much. He’s very of this quite accurate. The front of the gun actually has this little spinner that influences the direction. Yeah, so this is a hop-up which exists in airsoft too. And what it does, is it? Nick’s the ball right as it comes out of the barrel and it gives it a backspin and what that does is both ensures that it’s gonna fly straighter and fly farther. Okay, so if you have too much of a hop-up? We tested a dozen different variations on this. If you do too much the bowls actually go up and then down and you might actually miss your target by shooting over their heads, So there’s kind of a right balance, and then this one can also be rotated left to right so you can make them sort of arcs slightly to one one direction or the other, which is fun shooting around corners. Ya know, though funny enough. There is a kind of ammo, that’s. I’ve got that is called cornucopia. It’s another brand that didn’t work very well and most of the blasters, but it’s very light, it’s about half the weight and it’s firmer and it’s influenced by the hop-up more. It does full 90-degree turns. Are you serious? It is bonkers, so you can literally. You can put it in here and you can shoot. You wouldn’t hit anything straight in front of you. You have to aim, you know, either up or down. And and so that was kind of the idea. We have a gear variant of this where you can turn this to -, you know, maybe shoot around corners or over bunkers and that sort of thing. What else have you got that you’ve modified? I want to see because I I see this wall behind you of different blasters. And it looks like some of it is homegrown. Some of it is, Yeah, but I see a crazy thing with, like, so own rockets. Yeah, we do these. Uh, and this is sort of a project. That’s ongoing is trying to figure out the best way to launch as many rockets as possible. So in a lot of the games, the Rockets will break shields. So if you have a shield like people have a huge Tower shield, and you can’t destroy it with normal rounds, so even if you can fire 300 of those balls at them, they’re not going down, so you’ve got to have a way to defend yourself, so I’ve been sort of working on. This is broken at the I literally. I broke the valve on the tank, but that shoots. You know someone. Does it seven. Rockets at a time there are others in our community that also 3d print blasters. So this Caliburn this desert pigeon. And this is an FDA, really, not a desert desert desert and this is another FDL. There are other examples of 3d printed really great 3d printed blasters from our community A lot of times they’ll make something that isn’t necessarily a product. It’s just something for fun. So this is a drain blaster. This is literally used to blow out a toilet like, yeah, right or any drip. This is a repeating shotgun. So each one of these cylinders is one shot, so it’ll fire all nine or ten rounds. Oh, and it’s, um, it’s quite satisfying and you can fire once. So this is very much a prototype. So if you sure you need to hold this gen. Oh, well, it’ll just pop off the end, okay, because the air seal is magnetic. Right now you get these things everywhere, don’t you? Oh, they’re just always sometimes. I don’t even pick them up. What’s up for people who might want to find out more about this, cuz? I see you have things in different colors. You have we’ll shoot! I remember you said you were at proto pasta. Oh, yeah, look at that. Jupiter. So this is a personal Jupiter from that, ie. I went to the same great workshop that proto pasta that you did and made two custom colors that were to my liking. I mean, wow, that actually. Wow, that’s that wasn’t far off the inspiration. Aaron’s Dippet us. So that’s one. I’m working on for myself. That’ll be my next my next pill. Just a bunch of colors that I really really enjoy any chance. I could build a high five blue one. I think we got to do that. Yeah, that’s gotta happen. What if what if someone wanted to know more about Nerf bonding because I didn’t know much about this community until I found you? Yeah, to everyone there at home. What if they wanted to know more about NERF modding? And and what you’re doing here so two things? I wrote a book. This is available on Amazon right now, and it is the absolute best way to get started in our hobby. It has all the entry level information terminology safety basics on how blasters work a little bit about 3d printing. Okay, though for your audience. I would say the 3d printing chapter is pretty basic, so it’s okay, but everybody needs to relearn absolutely and and a lot of people in the Nerf hobby. Don’t know much about 3d printing, so I did want to touch on it, but this will get you all of the baseline knowledge and kind of get really get your feet wet in this hobby as well as show. There are several quite a few complete mods in this book that will step-by-step show you how to modify your blaster, And then I run a web shop That is out of darts comm. And that is full of resources and all the parts, tools, supplies, accessories and tactical gear. All that kind of stuff that you could want for Nerf and the pictures in this are fantastic. Oh, thank you. I did all that myself. It was my backgrounds in photography and filmmaking, so of course. I had some fun fun doing those photos so out of darts. Calm, yes. This book is available at your website or on. Amazon, I’ll put a link down in the description. So you guys can go find it as well. Luke, thank you. You’ve had so much man. Really appreciate you letting us come out here to play, you know? I hope you liked this video. If you do give it a thumbs up, big, thanks to. Luke, right here. I’ll put a link down to his channel as well. Don’t forget to hug each other more little guys as always. High-five [Music] I?

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