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5 Things To 3d Print For Mother's Day | Gifts For Mom


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to medley of fun today. I’m going to show you guys Five things that you can print on a 3d printer that make awesome gifts for Mother’s Day, and I already printed the bottom of a heart box and we need to still print the top, but I’m going to take that off the printer. Yes, it turned out cute. Yeah, it’s good and it like latches, right. Yeah, yeah, top has a latching top mm-hmm and this is a skirt abran. That’s a broom. Okay, So just take that off and it comes off Pretty easy. Kind depends what you’re trying to take it off. Though, okay, let’s see that’s gonna be really cute. That is gonna be cute and you can put earrings in it or a ring. Yeah, even use it as the gift box for your little gift that you know you’re gonna be making, so we’re gonna make some other things, and then we will show you what we mean, and we’re gonna go ahead and make the top. Now, yes, right. I do too, okay. Let’s get printing and we’ll show you some more stuff a little bit. [MUSIC] [Music] so the top finished printing. And I’m very excited to take it off and see if it fits together or goes in the box, and it’s right. You have to push it in, so it’ll match. Oh, there we go. Oh, that’s cute! No, does it open like it should twist it open and see you can twist it all the way around. Ooh, nice, that’s really cute. And if you guys want to make this, the link will be in the description and when you take the top off. I didn’t think he was gonna fit just now because it seemed like it was like, gonna be really hard, but you have to kind of like. Squeeze the little pieces and it’ll go in, but don’t squeeze it too much because it could break so you could use that as a little gift and give that as a gift to a mom a grandma. You could give it to your sister, or I mean, really anyone. It’s it’s a really cute gift, so that could be the gift itself, or you could put something in it and we printed some earrings, so we’re gonna go ahead and show you the earrings now and you could put the earrings in the box and that could be a gift. Yes, yes, right. We did increase the size by 25% from the original file. Yes, so it was a little bit smaller, but we increased it so we could fit some longer earrings in because we printed some leaf earrings and some feather earrings. So let’s go ahead and look at those now. Go ahead and open that up. There are the feather earrings. Oh, let me get the other one. Those are really pretty -. Yes, those are like a copper you could do it any color. Yes, but those are really pretty, and I actually cut a little cotton makeup pad that you can actually just put in the box. If you want to use here, but you can put a little cotton in there if you want to, and then put the earrings in and it looks really cute, but you might have to turn the top so that it doesn’t break off, so you can close it. Let me see and really if you look at it from the top, you can’t really tell it’s gonna like you can open it, right, and then you open it and you have your earrings very cute and then, okay, so that’s one pair of earrings. Yes, let’s show the other pairs that we printed. These ones are one of my favorites. I have a bunch of different colors of the leaf earrings. I think they are super pretty. I especially love the gold. That’s we printed gold for the video because gold is really pretty and put those in and see, and we’re gonna put links in the description for all of these. These are all on thingiversecom and they’re free to print Mm-hmm. Let me see that looks nice, okay. I tried to put the top so that it won’t break good idea. Alright, so that’s three of the items that we have so far. We have a couple others that we’re gonna show you. Yeah, they are, okay, so we have a flower container coming up. That is super cute, and we’re gonna show you that one next. [MUSIC] This is the flower container! We were talking about just a minute ago, and I think these are beautiful. They’re very neat and it’s three pieces They take about eight hours to print. We have been printing them or we’ve been printing a lot of them to give away for Mother’s Day. I’ll show you guys. This was the first ever one we printed. I actually am keeping this one, and I think that’s the original size mm-hmm for the file. And then we increased it by 25% to get the bigger ones. And you could put earrings in here rings. Yes, yeah, necklace. This is like this is kind of the obvious compartment like you kind of know that kind of screws, but then this, that’s like a little secret. You can print a little bee and put on the top and we’ll put the link in the description. Right, let me see that looks like and. Siri actually got the idea for the little bee. Because a couple of days ago, we actually had a beehive. Yeah, a bee hive in our yard and Siri said, Oh, a little bee on top, The flower would be cute, so we printed one and glued it on there and I think it turned out Really cute and you could do any color B. Yeah, you can do any color beam You can do it does, and you can do any color flower. Any color base? Center, you choose the colors. You can kind of do anything you want with them, and that makes another cute gift. Yeah, it could be a fern. Mm-hm’m for anything heart box is cute for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, it is, that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Well, with Mother’s Day coming up. I think these are some really cute ideas, and we do have one more idea for you guys, and it is a secret butterfly box, so we’re gonna, it’s really cool. It’s got a lot of different parts to it. So we’re gonna go ahead and show you that one next. This is the secret butterfly box. This and the flower container is probably or those two are probably my favorite things We have 3d printed and the earrings, of course, but I’m going to open it, so you take these and slide it over now on the side, you take this out and slide it and there’s a little drawer in here. Now you take out and this is the key. Now you close that close that, and then open. Open this. And you slide this down and you put your key in the keyhole. Twist it and it opens is so cool. I know, isn’t it? This butterfly box is one of my favorite things we’ve 3d printed. I also love the flower boxes or the flower Continue as we showed. You guys earlier and the heart boxes. These are super cute. Um, this does take 24 hours to print. Um, but you can. Oh, and you do need a pencil spring for it like this part. I believe, and you can put like a necklace or a bracelet in there or even maybe some money if you’re giving it as a gift and you can’t really tell, it’s a secret butterfly box. And also this file for the butterfly box is on Thingiverse and there have been so many remakes. So if you like horses or Harry Potter, or if you don’t want the butterflies on it and just want it plain, you can make this box so many different ways, yes? I think you can just put in, like puzzle box on thingiversecom and all different boxes will come up. I was so excited when I found this because it is so pretty. And if you guys make this box or any of the other things, show you guys. I hope if you’re giving it to your mom, I hope she loves it. I hope you guys got some great Mothers Day gift ideas, and if you have a 3d printer, I definitely recommend printing any of these. They are. The earrings are super cute, but if you want to spend 24 hours printing, this is a great idea too. I love all of them, but I think the butterfly box and the flower box or flower container is probably or they are probably my favorites. If you guys have not seen our last video, we made some 3d printed masks. It is a very neat video to watch, and if you have a 3d printer, you can print some of these mat, some of these masks. And what are they exactly called? Mom, They are the Montana masks, And if you go to make the masks calm, you can get the file and print those for yourself. We’ve been printing them for over a month. We’ve given a lot away. We’ve sent some to a couple of different write. We sent some to a relative a couple times so she could give them to. Some of the other people that she works with. She’s a nurse. We sent them out to another nurse who works at a hospital close to us. We’ve given them to family and friends and we’re still printing, but we did take a break to print. Write the Mother’s Day gifts, But if you need a mask, or you know, someone else who needs a mask, go to make the masks calm, and you can get that file and print that it is two pieces you can use. Just snap, show them. Maybe so this comes out and then you use whatever you’re going to use as your filter. And then you just snap this in, and it is as simple as that, and it’s just a to pad to piece mask, and there are your straps, and I think it’s a great mask and happy Mother’s Day. I hope you guys enjoyed our video. See you next time bye. [MUSIC].

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