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Akali - League Of Legends. Print&paint Ep:22


Hello, everyone, It’s Kevin. Today, its print and paint Episode 22. I’m on my mini factory. I’m doing Akb kda. I’ve done Evelyn a while ago. So today I’m doing another one. The model is from printed obsession, so lets. Go, okay, so let’s go quickly on the support here. I’m trying to fit those three parts on one builder plate. I angle them differently. Try to go angle on the back as well. I use a lot of heavy support at the bottom. I’m not gonna see all of those parts, so that’s okay, and then behind. I’m trying to find the island and to give some structure as well. You don’t want like all your support Only on one side of the model. You want to make sure everything is like holding up together? Trying to find some sneaky part here like the tip of the fingers and stuff like this, but those ones were pretty easy to support. They are not like crazy figures or anything, so that’s. Good, that’s what I got at the end here. I’m doing the legs really easy and the base, obviously. Okay, so all the prints are done, lets. See what I got here? I have the head and hair. Everything was fine. I’ve put them together already. I filled the gap in between. I’m gonna keep it separate for the painting process. It’s going to help me a lot, the torso and the legs. So what I had here first, my fingers. The support were a bit too thin and the finger were a bit flat in some parts, so I’ve put some resin and tried to give the shape back. Everything is looking fine. I think that’s a good fix. There was a printing line here in the middle from the Feb. Tension, Probably due to the angle of the the torso. So I’ve put some resin again. Send it and right now. The line is is gone and last, but not least the two legs. I filled the gap with Midi. Put, I’ve put some resin and I’m gonna have to send it right now. Everything should be okay, and last thing was the base. I flatten everything it’s gonna make the time easier for me to glue on top. Everything was a bit off, so it’d be fine. Quick, fix as well. And that’s fine. I’ve done everything before. I kind of know where I’m going when I’m gonna paint, so let’s go, okay, So after priming as you can see, that’s a bright prime. I’ve I’ve started with black, but then I used a lot of white to make sure all my colors are a good cover. I apply some base coat on the pants and the jacket. Then I’m try to tone down the whole thing with some black wash and try to find some volume. Some resist. I’ll come back later on with some black paint on the brush and try to define some some shadows as you can see on the hat here and in between those bumps in the jacket as well and then I start to add some volume with dry brushing, so I went with some brighter color, but really slowly. I had, like three different type of color to go step by step, and I go like on the top of the legs, the knees behind the calf and everything just try to add some volume in some nice part, really slowly, I’m doing the same on the jacket this time, taking the the same purple of the jacket, and when everything was done, I’ve used some black, so the black as you can see so small line the folding line of the pants I go over with a really bright purple this time and I try to redefine the the edge highlight of the dos fold, the paints don’t have much detail so adding. Those were really nice to just add a couple of details on top here. I’m doing some part of the shoes, but they’re white. I had to redo them after here. Doing the side of the hat and the top and exactly the same process for the jacket using the different purple this time, the same as the base coat here, I’m trying to define the light coming from the top, So I’m doing every bump here on the jacket. I went with two different colors and tried to highlight them from the top. When I was done, I apply my base coat for the skin and here. One of the mistake that I made, I decided to use the wash. I was like, okay. Let’s use it! Try to find the recess and see what kind of style it’s gonna get, but as you can see, it’s really like dirty looking, and it’s a bit messy. It’s all over the place. The the watch didn’t do a great job here, so I try to dry brush and see what I get, but obviously you can always see the the darker part of the watch from under, so I decide. Okay, let’s scrap the whole thing. I’m just gonna redo my base coat, so I went back with some skin tone a bit different this time and I redone the entire the entire skin, and then from this point, I dry brush, lighter and lighter to define my volume. I could have went a bit darker with the second base coat of skin. I think, but that’s okay. When you look at it from a nice, nice light, you can see the definition between the the muscle and everything, so I’m dry brushing over and when I was done, I went back with my brush and my darker skin tone, and I redefined a lot of shadows and edges here. It’s looking a bit messy in some parts, so I went back with the skin tone and tried to smooth everything out right now. I’m back on those shoes and I’m doing the white part. Same for the the top here, so what I did? I started with enough white to try to get some base coat cover because it’s always hard to cover anything with white, so starting off white was nice and you can give some volume as well and then with just pure white, I went over and over and defined some volume and some edges in the white here. Same for the gold. There’s a lot of gold on this part. I use metallic gold and I darken my first gold and I went with a brighter one later. It’s hard to define some highlight on metallic paint, but it worked. A little bit was fine here doing my eyes. There is quite a lot of space. They are quite big, so it was nice. I was able to do my my blue and the popping in black Later on. I went back and refined some shadows inside the white and apply the makeup on top of the eyes. Here I darken the air with the black, and I went back over with the the base coat and dry brush slowly with brighter and brighter color. Until it’s kind of pinkish as you can see here and here I’m just taking some random color from my palette. Apply on my pin at the bottom and try to find where I’m gonna drill, and that’s it. Okay, So that’s it for a caddy. I’m finally done with the figure. This one gave me a little bit more trouble than I was expecting a while ago. I’ve done Evelyn already, and I’ve made a lot of mistake, and I’m like, okay, I’ve learned I’m going to improve and when I’m going to do a Cali, I’m going to be a bit faster a bit better, and sadly, I’ve done some of the same mistake that I’ve done before, which is a bit sad, and I kind of forget the time you have to spend on the taller figure as well, so I’ve managed to finish the a good result, and I’m happy and it’s really similar the way Eveline is, so that’s great. They’re going to go well together, but I was. I was just more confident about myself. I was like, okay. I’m just gonna nailed it. I know what I have to do and in the end. It was not really what happened, so it’s still good. Um, still learning a lot of things and I might do Kaiser or Ari. I still have two more to go. I guess when you start the group, you have to finish so that’s. What’s gonna happen probably in the next couple of weeks. If you enjoyed leave a like, tell me your comments subscribe if you want some more and see you next week, look. [MUSIC] Uh, but you.

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