3d Printed Last Word | How To Assemble 3d Printed Props. Last Word From Destiny.

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How To Assemble 3d Printed Props. Last Word From Destiny.


[MUSIC] [Applause] [Music]. Hey, what’s going on? Guys is designed by? We are props in cosplay studio. I’m Eugene, and today we are going to talk about how to make your ovens in the printed last word from the game destiny, we have to do printed all parts and here they are. It consists of several different parts. I will tell you in what order assemble those parts. What steps to do what materials and instruments you need? Also, we’ll show you how we do it. Give you some tips. Explaining how to make the prop really good-looking here are the instruments you need first stationery, knife or hobby, knife and small metallic screwdriver. You can get it in any shop. I would recommend using a stationary knife as you can easily break. Hobby knife used for removing support materials second sending paper. I would recommend use at least 2 grid types, rough for smoothing surfaces and removing small defects and soft singing paper for wood and plastics works. We’ll need for smoothing all surfaces third. We need glue for plastics. Most goos for plastics works, find recommendation, transparent color. The glue should assemble the parts in 5 15 minutes and first one. This 5 second glue helps to glue small parts and gaps thieves, rotary engraving tool like journal. It’s not necessary, but you can make the process faster. You can use attachments with same staining papers as mentioned before we needed for smoothing details at the finishing step next clamps also not necessary but will make the process easier and better in the last one gap filler. You can use bandha or any other filler for woods and plastics. Okay, now step 1 delete all supports. We should remove all support materials after it has been 3d printed for big support. Pieces, use a metal stick or seen metal screwdriver for small supports knife do not recommend using hobby knife for many purposes as it breaks easily. But if you use it carefully, it’s okay by use only for small and hard-to-reach places on this video identities have benefit all step 2 glue main parts recommendation before gluing do sending a bit on the places where you have to glue those parts. There are small scratches and scented surfaces have better adhesion. We need to go handle first middle part second middle part and front parts, step 3 glue, main parts with the superglue. We need to glue, small pieces, corners, etc. Super glue will also make assembling better as you can see is super glue after all, parts are already being assembled, but there are still small gaps remaining. Do not worry a bit later. We’ll fix these gaps. Use super glue. All the perimeter of all parts. Step 4 singing main parts for this step. We need rough sanding paper like 180 grit and dremel tool. General, just make the process faster, but it’s not necessary. Our main goal is to remove also the printing scratches defects and the deep assessments as possible more sending work. You do better the model looks. We need to send all over the model and especially the gaps. We have glued previously after. Check the model for the support. That can be still here. After the first step we did sending paper can get to such places where General cannot [Music] [Applause] [Music] step 5 glue, the model [Music] Guu front and middle part and handle and middle part. Do not go the whole gun Now As we still have to put inside mechanism and borrow with the bullet take metal small, stay put mechanism inside the middle part after put in the stick stick should hold the mechanism in the middle of the gun after front and back parts are good use superglue. As we did in step three, we have two pieces with already installed mechanism inside, but it still cancel out to continue the process glue as we did in step two and three front and back parts. Now we have fully assembled last word prop with the mechanism step 6 filling all gaps in this step, we use the gap filling paste to fill the gaps. We have in our model. We have already finished model in the middle. That is how it should look at the end and we have the gun on the right already with filling paste that is dry enough to work with, but not yet finished on the Left. We have only findell part, and now I will show you how to use the gap filling paste after that, I will show you how to finish it, so we need to cover with the filling paste. All the gaps around the model and we would need about 4-6 hours to become dry. Step 7 smoothing step now. We have to smooth all the paste. Do it only after it’s dry enough to work with the last word on, the right is dried, and we need to make it same as the left one. I recommend to use sanding paper. Both grits, like 180 and 360 and general tool, different pace have different time for drying. Make sure you know what time you need before you start smoothing. We have to send the probe until the model becomes clean and all gaps are filled. Luckily, filling paste sense, very well and fast. Step 8 Finish us off. Signing papers. 3/6 agreed to finish the probe and make it as smooth as possible. Do it all over the gun. At the end, you screwdriver to attach barrel to the mechanism in next video. We will talk about the painting core so guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. Subscribe to our channel to see more videos from us. Don’t forget to like this video. It helps us to develop our channel and don’t hesitate to leave comments and questions. We can answer all questions as much as we can. That’s all. Thank you and have an awesome time.

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