3d Printed Laptop Case | 3d Printed Ryzen Mini Itx Gaming Pc! – Part 2 Final Build

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3d Printed Ryzen Mini Itx Gaming Pc! - Part 2 Final Build


[MUSIC] Hey, Youtube people just wanted to show off my 3d printed AMD Raven Ridge, Risin 5 build. This is a completely 3d printed case and it looks pretty sweet and its Mini. Itx and I just wanted to show you how small it is next to a, can there, and so it’s it’s pretty small. It’s actually not meant to stand up on its end like this, but more like this and on the sides, there’s the AMD logo printed into the venting pattern and the design here has a the AMD Wraith stealth fan protruding from the side and it’s built that way with the with the lid as such. It’s kind of it has a recessed lip. And if I pull that off there, you can see how things fit in there. If you watch the first part of this video, you saw me prototyping a case, which was this case and it did not. I I came up with those several adaptations moving from the prototype to the final version. The first thing is that I realized I could actually reduce the height of the case substantially. If you wanted to do a higher, larger AMD, I think the spire’s a taller. You could have gone about this height, but anyway, as you saw how? I kind of built that that case out and the front hole caused issues with memory clearance and there are some issues with the supports on the back on this site. I move things around and the final version of the case. I’m calling final. I actually need to reprint this case. In general, unfortunately, my 3d printer over there. The head became loose about right here in the print process and needed to be screwed down, which I didn’t do what was moving, but that was what the issue was and even though the front looks like maybe it was designed to have these lines in it. Um, that it actually kind of looks pretty cool that way as you can see with the sheen there, but it’s actually meant to be completely flat and so there were issues. The the AMD logo didn’t print quite as clearly and nicely as it did on the prototype case. You can see how sharp and defined that is on the prototype case on this one here because the the nozzle was wobbling, the 3d print did not come out as nicely as I as I’d like that said everything about this case works great, the other than the fact. I maybe need a repair to straighten up the lines it’s. Actually, the design itself is solid. You can see that. The backplate looks really quite nice. And who’s wrong top? That was a test top. This is the real top that actually fits, and it looks really cool. You get a two-tone effect and anyways. I’m gonna make these files available on both Tinkercad and Thingiverse I’ll put the links in this description of the video. I may upload some bonus footage of this printing. Maybe I won’t go into too that as this videos, a heartache and along, but I think it looks absolutely stunning. Its pretty unique case with the fan protruding like that. Most case manufacturers probably wouldn’t go for look like that because it’s just too hard to make sure every single motherboard is lined up correctly, which really lets you bring out the power of a 3d printer. You can see the my first print wasn’t measured, quite right so. I had to make some adjustments, but you can do that if I wanted to. Do an orange top On this case like I could do that or a blue or whatever color I wanted so really, really cool concept to 3d Print your own mini. Itx case. It’s the size that fits really well on something like this. ER, 10 3d printer, and I’m really happy with this. How this turned out now like I said, I’m gonna provide the files to you, so you can kind of play around with it on your own, but the other cool thing is this bill. This can do 1080p gaming. I’m gonna play around the temps, but I expect that the temps will actually be quite nice because you have a really clear input and then it will blow out the sides around the motherboard, so I’ll test that in the future mail. Do a video on that, but it, actually I think it will be pretty competent in terms of thermals, but if not, I can reprint something else with big events or redesign bits. That’s the cool thing about 3d printing and it’s kind of cool to bring love of computers together with with 3d printing and see something. Come out that you couldn’t really that couldn’t exist. Otherwise, no case manufacturer would really design something like this. So really cool. It’s kind of a even though it’s fairly powerful can do 1080p gaming with that Radeon Vega graphics. I’m just gonna give you a rundown of the parts list, so you know what will fit in here, so let’s go ahead and and pop the top, so I Kai say it’s a 2400 G rise in CPU GPU combination. I’ve got some HyperX Ram 3200 mega here in there. This is the fatality Asrock a be 350 gaming ITX, AC. And it, actually, if I were to go the full Monty, you can see that it actually has some wireless on here that I personally probably won’t use as I like to do wired gaming for the most part, but yeah, it’s got those on it so really confident wireless solution and on the back of this board, there is a m2 SSD slot, which is That’s where my storage is. I’ve got a 500 gigabyte Ebo 850 and a pico PSU 150 watt power supply, which gets most of the AC/DC conversion out of the box and into an AC power brick. Which really helps you condense the system a lot, so if you buy these exact parts and have a 3d printer, you can build this case, so look for those links in the description. I hope you guys like this project. I’ll probably do some additional videos regarding this this type of thing with with 3d printing. The only thing that I may come up with in the future is the way that the lid goes on like. I said I probably won’t run this machine in the vertical orientation, you know? I think it looks absolutely awesome That way. For the most part, I’ll be using as an HT. PC, which was going to require that horizontal location horizontal orientation. So but anyways, there’s the little power input right there. I am just thrilled with how this turned out. Thanks for watching. Let me know what you think in the comments. And we’ll see you next time. [MUSIC] [Music]!

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