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3d Printing Steel Knife Handles For Alec Steele


Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn. And we’re gonna make a knife with Alec Steele. Look at those two hoodlum juveniles they’re up to no good with their 3d printed blades. this is a 2 part project so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss our trip to the UK. i went to the UK and got thrown in jail. in part 1 we’re gonna show you how we made the metal 3D printed knife handle. so prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of designing, prototyping, and emotions. oh my gosh. oh wow. so sad. what? huh? ahahaha! hahaha! are there directions that come with this kit? our design is based on a Rockler knife hardware whew knife hardware kit, so that we didn’t have to make as many tiny parts while we’re in the UK and so that you can make one too if you want. And if you do want to we’re gonna put the details on that in the description below. we’re gonna go ahead and assemble the knife kit as it comes just so we can see how everything works together. notice that we have taped up the knife blade for safety which i definitely recommend now the knife is assembled. so now that you can see how it’s all put together these two side panels, this is what we’re gonna be designing and 3d printing. before we could design the new side panels, we had to reverse engineer the ones we had, which we did on our twitch channel hey hi we started by importing and image we took of the knife pieces and calibrated it to the right size. click right here gonna go ahead and put 1 inch and now all of this is pretty much to size. we used this to trace out and model all of the knife parts. so now we’re ready to assemble them virtually. once we had the design modeled it was time to start figuring out what ours would actually look like. we really wanted to show how the internal lock mechanism worked and as a bonus, using less metal would also make the metal 3d printing cheaper. we settled on a design inspired by structural trusses. This is how the first version turned out, and we were really excited to see how the design held up in real life. alrighty ooo two for one. alrighty now we have these 3d printed prototypes and uh we’re gonna be drilling these holes out a little bit bigger just because the 3d printer is sometimes a little bit enthusiastic with how much plastic it puts down, we’re gonna true them up. I think i’m in wood. so lets see if our prototype works. seems like it’s just a little bit off. can you hold that joint right there right here ah yes oh don’t hit it too hard. it’s really cool looking it’s really cool come closer come closer i think it’s just a tiny tiny tiny bit off cuz like this is supposed to fully snap it doesn’t drop and lock does it pop though it barely pops. so what i’m curious about, if we’re gonna have to go in and tweak this and reprint it anyway is how this feels to hold like you would normally hold a knife. what’s what’s – hahaha. it looks cool. it looks like so cool. so another thing we could do is instead of just a generic support right here we could maybe add our logo and then we could add Alec’s logo right here or on the back so it’s one on one side, one on the other. true true. so i’m gonna redesign this, then we’re gonna reprint it and you just did a little laugh was that a good like a good laugh or a bad laugh. i think it’s a bad laugh. this is a little bit too small. do we test it or do we throw it angrily on the table and then test it just in case there’s any other lessons to be learned from this. how do you like your clamps. tiny. time to disassemble this one i guess. i’m just gonna say it’s done magically. this won’t even go together. it hits right there. well. iterate and iterate. let’s take this one out. oh my gosh you’re magical. I scaled it too far down and now I need to go in between. Third tries a charm. oh they connected again hehe. here’s the first one, here’s the second one, but i’m slightly concerned, here’s this one which is supposed to be a tiny bit bigger. It looks the exact same I dunno what I did I don’t have supremely high hopes right now. the main thing that’s interesting is the top two holes look right but the bottom holes it just looks like this lower shape is just off oh yeah it is totally off. so let’s say you have something long and skinny, like a knife. when you size it up, if this is 4 inches by 1 inch and you go up 25% this way you’re only increasing by a quarter and this way you’re increasing by a whole inch that’s why when it’s off you notice it more in the long length. tiny clamps. tiny clamps, tiny clamps, they do things just like big clamps but they are tiny and cute. that’s the tiny clamp song. tiny clamp song. i’m like excited and nervous. i don’t want to fix the hole locations just to have the point of the knife sticking out a tiny bit so it’ll just snag ya. just stab ya like a little bit. just a little bit and then as it stabs you it will open up and stab you more. i dunno if people will like that feature. ok so we have an upgrade. we’ve gotten these little screws. I want it to be like gripped together a little bit more. a lot of things are better about this. it’s tighter it’s snugger. but when I pushed these screws through it left a little bit of a lip on this back side and that lip is messing with the fit. it’s not sitting flush. ah still a little bit off. oh my gosh. ah assembly’s a lot easier this way though. it is much more solid. feels kinda like a knife now! Isn’t that so much better? It’s a lot better. Its actually like. It doesn’t look like it’s seating all the way but it feels pretty secure. This is like the best assembly so far. You’d hope so. Since this is the fourth one. It’s so close. So number one was 100 percent scale. Number two was… you wrote it down look at you… 95.5 which is… oh… wait your handwriting is terrible. Oop you wrote 94.5 and 95.5. I stink at labeling!! Anyways we’ve been working it up and up and up. This is 98 right here and it’s almost perfect. So close! It like clicks, it snaps stays pretty secure but it’s just not 100 percent there. It should be this way a little bit so these lines are parallel I just need to move it 47 thousandths that gap right there. Alright cool. We revised the design 3d printed one more and crossed our fingers. Alrighty time to disassemble the knife again. How good do we feel about this one? That’s pretty good! Wait is that perfect? Lets finish assembling it. Oh my gosh! It clicks!! Ahhhahaha. All of these prototypes Love. It looks so cool! It looks so cool! Oh my gosh. Man. We were feeling pretty good about the design but wanted to check in with Alec. Hi! Hey guys! Sorry! Hey! Can you open and close that a few times for me to have a look at? That’s such an awesome design concept. You know when you feel like you’re living in the future? Yeah! My goodness, that is utterly unreal! I mean you think about how expensive it would be to make that. I know! That’s insane! It’s crazy. Now I’m concerned that the tip is a little bit too high. I can easily make this more proud so it’s more protective of that right there. The next thing to think about is… take Katelyn your smallest finger and try and jam your finger in all the holes and grooves. Ok so things we’re going to do. Extend this out, we’re going to put some thin struts right here. Anything else? I think that sounds good! So we just got off our call with Alec and he had a good point … knife pun… we’re going to do a finger test. You can totally get… many of these holes are failing. I think we could probably make it a little bit less… dangerous? He also had a great point… did we already do that? we already did that. This point has a potential of like pointing out a little bit so I want to extend this out and make it a little protrudy. That Alec is one sharp guy. Hahahaha. A few moments later. We’ve added a support here. Shifted this and bumped this up. Yeah. So you see how it’s a lot more underneath right now? A few more moments later. Hey! Hey it didn’t break. I mean yes, of course the perfect model that I made totally works the way I meant it to. To the printer! We have a pretty good feeling about this It’s the most precise print we’ve had so far. And we get to test and make sure my fingers can’t poke through the blade. And this is the first print with both our logos on it which is super official looking. I am super excited. Yeah. Alright, you ready? Still clicks in. Moment of truth take 12. But I mean we know it will work. Kinda a cheap moment of truth. That’s cool. It looks really cool. Oh wow. Oh wow, I think that’s perfect. Yeah it’s definitely more snug in there, in that corner there. It’s really snug. Can you uh, oh my gosh that is so cool. Can you stick your finger in there? I mean if I dig in there. I feel comfortable. And for my big fat fingers? Feels totally safe. You can see how much the support structure changed to cover more. This was a trouble spot. These were. Man I could fit like my entire pointer finger in there. Yeah it was like bad. We were the ones here with the knife and Alec was like uuuh what about that big hole there can you chop your finger off and we were like… holy moly. This knife is so cool. Oh my gosh Evan look at this knife haha! So is this the one we’re going to order? This is the one we’re going to order. I feel really good about this. I’m really excited to see this in metal now. Oh I’m so excited. So you know what would be kinda meta? Using the knife that we designed to open cooler side things of knives? Anyways, that’s too long. Let’s go! Ooooo this is for an unrelated project haha. Oh my gosh, oh man they are so clinky and solid. Oh my goosh! Whoa! Oooh my ahhhH! Look at how good this one is! Ok, I’m going to bring you in. That is so cool. They are so clinky too like obviously they are metal. That is like ahhhh, that looks so good! Want to put it together? Alright so I modeled this one so that the screw can pass through and sit nice and snug but it should be able to spin without grabbing. Yup nice! Now for this one I modeled the threads in there but the threads are so tiny I’m going to see if this can thread in there or if were going to need to use this tiny tap to tap the threads in. Ugh, it feels like they are kinda going but I’m not going to force it. I’m going to get this tiny tap but it does not fit oh no. Alright so I want to tap that hole. Bloop bloop bloop. I’m not using any force at all which is really impressive because that means that the threads were really there. Yeah they printed! It’s perfect! I feel like we’ve done this so many times now. We literally have, like 7 times. This is hitting this right here. What? That’s not supposed to happen. But that should be the same! The spacing is off! Noooo! Can’t force it though. We can. We totally… lets try it. OOOOh! Everything fits now that we’ve done a little bit of uh “creative persuasion” now we’ve just got to reassemble it. Oop. I think this is it! This.. man is amazing. It’s so wicked looking! Oh man. That’s cool! That is really cool! Mmm, mmhmn. Ok so I think we figured out why our metal print was not working. In the final stages of the printing process the piece is fired and it causes it to shrink a little bit. What we need to do next is figure out how much it shrank by. And I already did that actually. I measured a whole bunch of spots on the metal vs the ideal 3D print that we had a perfect test fit with. I ran the numbers and it is about 2 percent. So we’re going to go ahead and reprint this at 2 percent larger and then the next one should be perfect. Ooooh I love the gold. I love gooold. Look at that! It’s so cool! We also got more knife kits. I’m trying to guess if we’re going to have to clean up the threads again. Want to try it? Yeah I think it might have to be cleaned out again. Everything is tapped and ready to go! It’s time for assembly! Yup. Cool. Now for the trickiest part! Like this? That’s it. Oh. Ah! How is the fit? How is the part we had to grind down? So this fits and no grinding needed right there. This is the part that was not parallel before. It looks like all the trouble spots are not trouble spots anymore. We did it!! On the last try! We fly out in like a few days. The gold looks so cool! We’re thinking about calling it the skeleton knife. And this looks like a pirate would have this. A pirate would totally have that! Oooh man, that is so cool. So earlier we mentioned that we want you guys to be able to make one of these too so we’re going to have links and instructions below on how to get the model or order the parts to make your own. What’s that going to cost for a pair of scales? You can imagine something, design it and have it made in metal. That’s insane! Thank you guys for coming along this adventure with us and next time we see you we’ll be in Alec’s shop! So make sure subscribed so you don’t miss that video and if you haven’t heard of Alec Steele what are you doing? Go check out his channel! Uh oh, this is a bad idea! We’re going to be over there for a few videos on his channel working on this project too so definitely… check it out! Alright, I think that’s it… bye!!! Is that how you casually hold a knife? Hey everyone! Subscribe to my YouTube channel! And we’re going to make a knife with Alec Steele. *hiccup* dang hicucps. Prototyping and emotions *hiccup* yes, and hiccups. Trying to film here, we’re trying to film! Or I can just record you picking your nose that works too. Haha. I wasn’t going to say anything but that was kinda a funny laugh hahahaha

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