3d Printed Joycon Grip | Best Joy Con Grips! (3d Printed And More)


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Best Joy Con Grips! (3d Printed And More)


Hey, I’m gonna be going over some of the joy. Khan grips that I’ve used with the switch. Well, you know how they compare with each other, which ones? I like for depending on what the situation is first up. I’m gonna go with the first 3d printing grip that I made was, uh, just a pretty simple one that I found on Thingiverse and decided to print off to see how well it worked, so I had it for a couple years and it actually did break after about a year and a half, so I glued it back together. I don’t really use it that often anymore, but it’s pretty simple, joy cons. Just go on each side, just like a normal grip, but it gives you this sort of v-shaped grip. I actually don’t like it that much anymore because he really had to have big hands for this to be comfortable because there’s just a lot of thickness here for you to grip around. It did work well, while I had it just for playing games on the go. I just would just keep it in my switch case, but it did end up taking a lot of room, and I think that’s what broke it. I think something got the sighted and just too much pressure got put on and it snapped, but it was a pretty good while I used it next. I have just the original grip this one. I mean, you pretty much all know how it feels it. Just turns it into more controller, like, makes it more comfortable and gives you hand grips for your hands, so you can actually hold it like a normal controller. This one’s actually the charging grip. You can charge your joy cons while you’re docked into this. I actually don’t like this one as much as I used to ever since I got this new one. This one, it just feels a little better on the adds triggers and bumpers and the trigger. Just feel a lot better to me. And then the grip is also just better in my opinion. Has texture here for more grip just feels more like a real controller, and it also will charge the joy. Kahn’s be don’t like plug it into like the top with a cord. It just has like this little dock that you set them in and it charges them whenever it’s set in there. This one’s one of my favorites. If you just want more of a traditional controller and it can also charge a second pair of joy con next. I have it’s another 3d printed one. Some a lot thinner than that one first one. I showed so it makes it a lot easier to hold whenever you are actually playing with it. So like the grip is a lot more comfortable as somewhere as a nice design where fingers can wrist the only thing. I don’t like about this one. Is the steep like angle here. It just is kind of uncomfortable and it makes it really hard to use the right thumbstick, but if you’re not using a game where you use the right thumb, stick too much. It’s not too bad. It’s also really easy to just put in your bag and not worry about it anymore next. I do have another 3d printed one. This one is probably the simplest and smallest of them all. I really just bring this one with me whenever I’m just going out or go to a friend’s house and don’t want to bring a full-size controller Pretty much turns any joique on to actually really comfortable. Nice controller. The angle is. I think the best out of all the ones that I’ve showed you so far. I actually really like them with these Gamecube. Joi cons for if I’m just going somewhere and don’t want to bring up Gamecube controller with me because they are pretty big and kind of hard to put like find room in a bag for it’s probably the best 3d printed one. It actually is really comfortable with having no grips here. I don’t know, just you, joy. Con just feel good like normal handles to a controller again. It does make the right joystick slightly harder, but definitely not near as bad as any of the other ones. This one is one of my favorites for sure so. I figured I just mentioned this. One, it’s actually just like a regular grip with the handles taken off of it so just makes it just like slap basically to hold on to. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely not comfortable because you have nothing to really grip on to, but it does make it easy to just stick an extra pair of joy cons in your bag, but I mean, if you’re gonna do something like that. This one’s much better. It’s another 3d printed one. It’s really just a handrail to put them on makes it, so it’s. Jan, even smaller slab. I actually really use this for one-hande’d play for when I’m playing games That are like turn-based games or something like that. You can just you can reach every button with one hand, except for these ones are kind of harder, but and this one’s even better for just putting a set of joique on in a bag because takes up a lot less room and though. I guess the last grip that I have to show off is it’s the Bionic. It’s like a charged grip, so you can put the Joye cons on, and it’ll charge it. Cuz It’s a battery bank, so it tells you that it’s charging. I believe if you hit this, it tells you how much battery it has left and you can plug a USB C in to charge the switch itself. I don’t think it charges a switch a whole lot, but it’s actually not bad, especially with these Gamecube ones because they give it a little grip with the regular ones. It’s a little worse because there’s and there’s just nothing for your palm to rest on to it. The regular joi cons just a problem with them, but this is a good option. If you need to charge some dead joi cons in your switch, so there you are. There’s some of the joy con groups that I’ve had experiences with mostly good some of them. Not so good like I wouldn’t recommend this one any more. It’s pretty bulky, and it’s easier to break, but the rest of them, they’re all pretty good use good uses for different situations. If there’s anything else, you want me to go over more? Just let me know. Leave a comment below. 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