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Best 3d Printable Nintendo Switch Grip With Rails


Hey, guys, welcome back to another video and this. I need something different, okay. I I lied. It’s basically the same as every other version, but there’s a difference to this and I’ll get to it. This one actually uses rails and not just any rails, but the ones that come from the one included in the box. So I use this as like a sacrifice. I use it for parts. I took off the rails here and then added it to my own design, but the thing is the reason it’s different from all these other versions is because this one actually used friction to hold it in so it actually fall out on its own. And this wasn’t the best way to do it. The first one was actually me going a little bit too far. This one actually thoughts into the switch itself with this back piece to hold it into place. This one was good because it gives you a more comfortable hold, but the problem with this was that it’s a little bit too wide and you need really broad shoulders for it. And this one also stands on its own and another feature. I have with it, was that? If you unlock it, you can actually create. It are connected to make it a mini controller. Basically what I have right here. Um, but I feel like I was going to ahead of myself and adding too many features into one product. That’s why this didn’t, you know. Function 100% how? I wanted it to so that’s. The first version of this series, the second one was Ill. Try to fix the first problem where instead of making the whole system large of modular. Um, it would just become the middle piece and connect it. This was good, but the problem with this was when why? I changed to a rail system. This one actually used friction to go in, and it’s like it feels really unsafe. It doesn’t. It feels like it’s gonna break here to work on, and I didn’t really like the friction system because it’ll either wear out your joy Connor over out the plastic, so I just wanted to avoid this whole design at all cost. So that was my second version. This one was the one where I tried to add the railing system, but my measurements weren’t correct, so this one was a pretty much finished version with the whole logo and everything, but I didn’t end up using this, which was another one. And finally I got everything perfectly fit. The screws go in perfectly, and these slide in like that and the reason why. I went for this angled design. If you look at the Xbox controller, you can see how the controls are actually angled this way and the reason for that is when you’re holding a controller it’s made, so you don’t have to bend your thumb inwards. So these ones you, don’t you see how when? I’m moving from the joystick to the buttons. I don’t like I don’t end up doing this. However, when the switch is actually thoughts in here to go down to this, you have to do this and it’s that’s one reason your thumb gets strained while playing games on the switch, and that’s. Why on this grip? I angled it like that, and you can all. You can almost see the resemblance in the design. The curves and the sizing was almost to match the Xbox. I call obviously couldn’t. Get like the sides perfectly fit, but this one actually gives you a really nice place to rest your index finger when you’re not pressing any of the triggers, and when you are, you can press it really nicely as well and when you’re pressing the joysticks or the controller buttons, you don’t end up bending your thumbs, which is why? I did not like this controller. One reason I did not like this was because if you look at the angles, they’re pretty much vertical, so your hands end up going like this and your shoulders have to, like, scrunch in a little bit. That’s one reason I didn’t like this one and the overall grip itself feel really bad, no offense to Nintendo, but this one I didn’t like, and that’s why I wanted to use it for parts, so I was able to get rid of the screws here and the rail, and since I wasn’t going to use this anyways, I was able to use it for scraps and make my own 3d printed designer, and I feel like the colours of this match really nicely as well. If you look at the front like the blue, white and red, they they look pretty nice and on the back. You can see a little bit of the accents this version. I don’t have a little go, but if you download it, they will probably be one because you know. I just made it and the best way to print. These is by printing it facedown like that. You don’t want to print it on this side or else? The part you’re actually gonna be holding a lot is gonna be messed up with the supports, and that’s why. I’m telling you to print it this way. That’s basically the whole premise of this design is to get a more comfortable grip where you don’t have to move your thumbs inward as much, but you can just move them sideways, all the control. All the buttons are really easily accessible. These ones you have to reach a little bit, especially. I’ve got smaller hands, but I think this controller is far better than the one that was included in the box and another thing is the problem. What a lot of people came up with was like this joystick. When you’re pushing up on the controller, it’s actually going to the top right a little bit, but I found out that the more you use this controller. The more you get used to it, so I don’t really have a problem with the joystick problem. And you, Apparently you can also recalibrate these to work in some other ways, so I don’t see too much of a problem with that. Um, one thing I really want to do is the new switch update. It’s kind of old now, but like it allows you to remap the buttons, and since this is still using the toy cons in like a controller form factor, These 2s are SL and Sr. Buttons are technically remappable and I might branch off into that direction to make a new model, but anyways, This model is free free to download Thingiverse. Yeah, printed in PLA or ABS might also work as well, but I never tested it. I think this is a really nice looking controller. It doesn’t, it still has like a switch, feel to it with the joy console, but it’s kind of matching the ergonomics of a proper Xbox or Playstation 4 controller, and that’s pretty much it for this video. If you liked it, give me a thumbs up, and if you want more projects like this, subscribe.

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