3d Printed Hammershot Barrel | Jn-03 Nerf Hammershot Barrel Kit By Maliang 3d Review | Walcom S7


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Jn-03 Nerf Hammershot Barrel Kit By Maliang 3d Review | Walcom S7


This is literally like take seven of this video. I hike apparently can’t do videos on the hammer shot anymore, but at all, I for some reason every time I see this posture on my workbench, I just get agitated from all of the harassment and threats over the years of how dare I have a negative opinion on a sub 60fp’s slow, firing low capacity blaster with an absolutely ridiculously air trigger. But I can’t stand for. I mean, the list goes on of reasons. I don’t like the hammer shop, but I have another kit for it. Now if you remember in the past. I bought my last Malian 3d kit for the hammer shot because I really wanted to try to like this plastered one of the things I don’t really, like is the fact that well, I do like comfortable and small blasters and the hammers not just kind of do that. I don’t like the front facing cylinder. I don’t like that at all, and that’s something I can get over with a couple of their blasters, But for some reason, the hammer shot, I can’t mostly because of this space right here. I don’t like that, and it’s kind of weirdly not pointable because the when you’re looking down trying to fire this blaster, it’s just like a big, long grey bar, and then these things I can’t even see where the darts are even remotely going to go unless I just try to line this up with my target, but it just doesn’t feel very pointable, and that’s something that’s subjective between a lot of people. That’s just kind of one of my issues with this blaster. I happen to like, somewhat longer barrels because it makes it easier for me to you Effortlessly pointed at targets, But that’s I think that’s a pretty universal Opinion. People will have on a wide large variety of things and well here. We have something that’s going to add some bulk to your blaster. We’ll change it cosmetically. But in my opinion should also make it somewhat cool. The print quality on these is pretty darn good and in terms of Malian 3d stuff. I’ve gotten it’s very excellent. There’s a little bit of ghosting going on, So the words and whatnot aren’t as crisp as they could be. That’s not bad as made out of 3d printed PLA. And before you ask. No, you cannot down file and princess out yourself. This is designed and sold from allying freely themselves. And it’s just too simple Little pieces that you buy. You’ve got three screws right here. Then you’ve got an Allen key to tighten the rail to the top of your blaster. It’s a fairly simple installation You don’t have to apparently prime your blaster beforehand because this won’t slide on right without doing that. Just slide this on the top rail and tell it doesn’t go forward anymore, kind of like that, and then you’re going to tighten down this Allen Key right there, and that’s going to add some friction and prevent this top piece from sliding off, even though it’s already a pretty solid grasp on the blaster itself. There we go, It’s kind of cool how they added all this extra detail to it. There’s some panel lining places. That could be done right there. There’s some nice little venting little areas. It’s got rear sights, which are pretty nice. All things considered. And then we put this part on the front like that, and we’re going to secure that by removing these two screws, which I’ve already done because there’s new screw holes right there, and it gives you three long screws, but really, you only need two of them, so we’re just going to thread those in and the next one. [MUSIC] Don’t want to do it too tight because it is PLA. It could potentially break on you, and that’s the entire installation, and that’s what the blaster looks like with the kit installed. Looks pretty good in my opinion and immediately. I can tell a big difference because one you got some nice sights back here. They’re not painted there. Anything like that, which you might want to do. If you actually get some accuracy out of this thing. But considering it’s a hammer shot, it’s probably not required, but for hip firing the longer barrel makes this extremely easy, and they’ve kind of given you a little bit of a groove right there to guide darts in it kind of works, if maybe it’s just a cosmetic thing if it was slightly bigger, that would be nice because I think that could actually be done to really speed up reloading with this blaster, but they are a bit small. Unfortunately, they don’t quite grab the dart perfectly, but you know what oddly is considered. That works pretty darn well. And well, it’s rather thick. It should be fairly durable, although if you hit this on concrete or something is probably going to dent and break apart. It’s just a cool little kit for your hammer shot. If you’re one of the people who really like to hammer shot and are still using it even today, there are quite a few different kits from. Malley, aim 3d for the hammer shot. And I think I still prefer the big old Magnum One I had. This one is pretty ok -. I’ve seen like the snub nosed version, and this is slightly bigger than that, but there’s still some things about that. The hammer shot just doesn’t really lend itself well to this like junkyard aesthetic right here, which is kinda it does have some futurism Vibes on it, but and you get to this and it just seems all these vents and screw posts and stuff like that. I don’t know, maybe it’s it’s just me, no matter what I do. I’ll never really build to appreciate this blaster as much as other people, but that’s why this is just a quick old little video to show you a new kit for Meleeing 3d for your hammer shot. So I’m definitely not the kind of person who should be reviewing a kit like this. It does come in a wide variety of other colors. I chose Grey because it’s easy to paint because if I want to do a cosmetic mob for the hammer shop in the future. Well, it’s nice. That’s already painted to make things even easier on me. Then we’ll fire that dirt for so amazing. Yeah, thrifted hammer shots, that’s! What happens, let me know what you think about us kit down in the comment section below? I’m curious! If this is something that will reignite your love for the hammer shots or it’s something that at this point, you just don’t really care about. It is a really nice kit, though. I do like the stuff that Malian 3d does and most the time I really like their design philosophy. It’s just it seems a little overdone on this one compared to the Hammer shot. But I think once you paint it, it would match you. I wanna thank you very much for watching this video. And, of course I hope to see you in an entirely different one [Music].

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