3d Printed Gun Holster | Mk23 3d Printed Holster | Double Tap Designs | Product Review


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Mk23 3d Printed Holster | Double Tap Designs | Product Review


[music] Hello, guys! Welcome back to another video. Now as I’m sure you can tell from a video title, This is going to be another product review and this time. I’ve gotten something that I’ve wanted for quite a long time now. If any of you have been following me, you know that. I run the mk23 pistol. The non blowback pistol with my sniper loadout. If you will, and because it has a long sort of mock suppressor, it kind of is a pain trying to find the right holster for it because I currently use a universal sort of 9 long drop leg holster because it was big enough to fit the gun and easy enough that I Phi had a drop leg holster. I could draw. I could really well pull the gun out, especially because it’s such a long pole before I can actually point the gun at an enemy. So I, I mean, it’s really all I had to work with. I didn’t really like it. Sometimes would actually hit the mag release and actually I would lose mag and enough to go back and find them in the jungle, which was a pain, but there was a solution and it comes from Doubletap designs. They make their very own 3d printed retention holster. The design is phenomenal. I’ve seen videos online about it. It’s recent I think in the last year they’ve just come up with this, and I just thought it was amazing, so I had to get myself on. It was amazing! Shipping came in like three four days, which was amazing because it came from the UK. You can order them on Socom Tactical Docto UK. I think the website is Ill. Put the link in the description, but anyway, this has just arrived, so I want to open it up. Kind of do it An unboxing and review with you guys and see what it’s like, so lets. Just go ahead and open up. Okay, so there’s. The holster itself. Looks like it’s in some kind of frame. Do we need this? No, that’s just instructions now. We can do that. Alright there. You go, so there’s the holster. It looks like it’s in some kind of 3d printed frame here. Nicely, that’s kind of nice. Touch it double tap designs. That’s got a hex key. I guess for adjusting, I think it’s for adjusting the retention strength of the clip itself, that’s. Nicely give you a hex key with that, alright? Let’s look at the holster itself, hopefully. I don’t break this. Try and take it out there you go, so there’s? The holster double tap designs is right-handed Mark 23 holster. So the idea the way it works If I show you guys now if I get my gun. Instead of having to do a long sort of pull out before you can actually use the gun to get the suppressor clear of the holster. They designed it, so it clips onto the trigger guard of the mark 23 So if you look here, if I just put this, this should work. I hope let’s just put it there. Oh, there you go goes right on so you can see there. It actually holds on to the trigger guard itself. Alright, so and then the way you release it there you go. There’s the button right there. There’s a large button for your thumb. So when you go to grab it, you just press down and the gun comes free, so I’ll show you on the inside. Just press down my thumb, and the gun comes free, a bit of an awkward angle there. I think this is still a bit stiff because it’s brand new, but they go, it’s really interesting. I really like that, it’s a really simple design, and I like how they’ve actually incorporated it, so it supports the round suppressor the front and leaves you space. In case you want to use the Standard Lamb unit that comes with the of Mark 23 You have some kind of attachment here to go there that would work to leave space if you had like RMR on here or something to go on top of the unmarked 23 so it’s really nice in that sense that it doesn’t really cover up the gun. All it needs. Is this space here to hook onto the trigger guard? And what’s really nice as well is like? I mentioned earlier with my universal holster. I keep losing my mags because it hits the mag release the way. The mark, 23 sort of mag release is designed here, but this is the! I think version 2 version 3 of the holster. I might be wrong. It might be even more than that. They’ve actually designed it because previously it would hit the mag release here, but they’ve actually covered it up now so that the mag release can’t. Actually it doesn’t what doesn’t work. It’s held in place, so that’s really good. I think that’s a great little extra design that they’ve done so that you make sure you don’t lose your mag, which I’m sure you all understand the pain, and then the way it actually attaches is. There’s these hooks here if I just take the gun out there. Are these hooks? These belt hooks on the back where you’d actually adjustable with the release button here and actually come up. And then you can kind of thread your belt through or. I guess you could even take it all the way out. Actually, hook it onto your belt and lock it into place that way. Then it’s pretty secure, all right, so why don’t we go and throw it on the belt and let’s give it a test? Run all right guys so. I thought my gear. I put my belt and I attached the holster to kind of get him a drive around of what it would be like on the day and it’s. I’m amazed by it. It attaches so either into the ballot. It’s such a simple design. The mark, 23 does not shake and the holster super Secure a jump. If I shake as hard as I can. It doesn’t budge, it’s on there securely really nicely done. I really like the way they’ve done it, and it’s just so user-friendly. I mean, if you wanted to. I guess you could have it set lower down here if you wanted to, but for me right at the hip is perfect. Because if I have my sniper rifle, I will put it down or someone comes close. Whatever reason immediately draw, it’s really smooth all. I got to do to holster. It is just press it back in and it clicks it audible to so. You know if it didn’t up just out when I first got it out the box, it was a little stiff, but now that I’ve actually done it a few times, It’s seamless the button here if I can show you. The button is right there, and it’s very the very large button that you can just go press, and it don’t come right up. Lock it back in place. So an example from the side view, then? I got my hand right here. It’s really just Mr. So seamless, secure, no problem and just an amazing design, really like this Also. Guys well there. You have it guys, that’s. The double tap design’s 3d printed retention holster for the mk23 If you’re curious, they actually also do one for lefties. So if you’re left-handed, that would really help. And also they do it for Glocks as well. So if you’re in the market for a holster and this is something you fancy, I think it’s a great little thing to use. It costs 50 pounds UK pounds. So if that’s in your budget? I think definitely get something like this from talking to other people online. Everyone says it’s extremely worth the money. It makes a huge difference. And I can’t wait to run this. I’ve got a outdoor game coming up on August 12th which I can’t wait to use this. I’ll definitely be trying that out. Alright, hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’ll see you guys next time.

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