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3d Print Your Own Gopro Cases And Save Time & Money


Yes, or more jasm. Hey, what’s up nerd gasm fans? Jerry here, AKA. Barnacles now! I recently picked up this guy. It’s a Gopro hero4 black edition. Now this is an amazing little piece of hardware. This tiny little camera right here is capable of recording 4k video or 1080p an incredibly high frame rate now. What makes this camera really really cool is that it can do time lapses. You can basically set up to take a picture, say every two seconds, and it’s a high quality well exposed picture. Now what I plan to use it for is my 3d prints up until now. I’ve been using a webcam connected to laptop running X Splitter OBS. And I find that It’s highly unreliable and usually crashes overnight or there’s. Some storage problem. There’s always something that ruins it and then. I lose my footage. Well, with this guy, I can connect it to an external battery pack and basically just leave it unattended for as long as I want. It’ll take these pictures every two seconds, then later in editing. I can put together an amazing looking time-lapse. What, you’re gonna see here in a little bit? But there is one little hurdle. I have to overcome and that is the case itself has the tripod mount, and it also covers up the USB port, so there’s no way for me to access the USB port to plug in an external power supply and since I’m going to be doing time-lapse videos over a very long period of time, the internal battery’s not going to be sufficient. I need external power. Well, luckily for me, I found a 3d principle case online that not only will give me access to the USB port in the memory card on the side, but it also uncovers the front of the camera. So I no longer have to have a glass lens here. Alright, so lets. Go ahead and print one out and see how it works. Alright, guys here. I have my favorite slicer software. Open its Kura 14 point zero nine by the Ultimaker folks. Now you don’t have to have an Ultimaker 3d printer to use this software. It will work with any G code capable printer out there. Alright, lets. Go ahead and open up the model that I downloaded. You see it’s loading right here. Do you guys would like to download your own model? Just check the video description. I have the link to Thingiverse right down there. If you want to print your own now, you can see. It’s a relatively simple design. It’s got some beveled edges here. It’s got a little pressurized clip to hold to use some spring tension to hold the camera in, and it’s also got access to all the buttons, and, of course, this is the all-important access on the side to the USB port HDMI and memory card. Now you don’t have to remove the camera from the case to pull out the memory card or hook up. Shore power, which is what I’m trying to achieve now for this particular print. I’m going to use standard Silver PLA, with a melting point of 210 to 220c and our layer height we’re going to set at 0.1 because I want a relatively fine layer height here and the shell thickness doesn’t matter. We’re going to leave that alone because we’re gonna set the fill density to 100% because when we’re done, we want this to be a 100% thick, solid piece of plastic because it needs to hold up to some wear and tear. Now you probably don’t need support on a model this big because the holes are small enough and everything that you’re not bridging huge gaps, But I’m gonna go ahead and set support for everywhere because I mainly want support in these little holes here that I can just punch out with a pencil or something when I’m done because you really, I mean, the tolerance on these holes is actually pretty tight for the Gopro stuff, so I’m going to go ahead and do that, but you may not have to do that. Alright well. This is going to take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes to print is going to use 1.77 meters or 14 grams of material. So lets. Go ahead and get this loaded on the printer and fire it up you. Alondra all right, so here we have it. This is the completed 3d printed case You can see. There’s no front, there’s no back. It’s got a little compartment on the side here, so you can access the memory card, the USB and the HDMI out, and you’ve got a little place for the auxilary button on the side for accessing your quality settings and things like that, but what’s most important is that you have the little mount down here, so you can hook all of the Gopro accessories to it, so let’s go ahead and take the camera out of the old case here. Let’s go ahead and pop or open and pulled out and then the new case. If you look up here at the top, it’s got a little like spring-loaded a little cutout to hold the camera in so you just turn the camera backwards, slide it in and it pops into place. You can see it’s held in there securely and on the side there you have all the access the back and the side button so now. I’m just going to take this little tripod. Mount that I have here. This is something that I bought, but to be honest, I could have 3d printed this. I already found several of month. Thingiverse hell! You can 3d print all of the Gopro accessories Like I found the claw foot. I found the connecting vessel. The claw foot goes into. I found tons of different extensions. I mean, and literally, all you have to buy is a nut and a bolt from a hardware store to connect each piece together. It’s brilliant. If you guys would like to see a video of me, printing more accessories for this thing, just let me know down in the comments and I’ll go ahead and make that happen. Alright, so we’ve got our little camera out. We’re going to slide that on. And now we just put this little guy right through like that. Tighten it down and now you can see. You have a threaded interface to put this on a tripod next year. I have my Ultimaker 2 and I’ve got the camera mounted right here with that tripod, man. You see if we flip it around here? The whole front of the camera is exposed, which is perfect and what this allows me to do now is. I can take my large external battery pack that I have here for USB and plug it into the camera. Alright, so now you can see. I have the battery pack right here. It’s actually charging the Gopro right through this little USB cable. And I’ve got it on my stand right here, so now. This is an easily mobile cordless time-lapse station that can run for a very long time because this right here is a 13,000 Mah battery pack that I picked up on Amazon. You go ahead and look the link in the video description. I also full review on this if you’re interested in it. And now with that 3d printed case, I don’t have to contend with the glass in the front. I have access to that battery port, and if I want, I can run an HDMI cable out of there into a capture card and that’ll allow me to actually do stuff like live streaming 3d prints and stuff like that now. Another thing this lets me do is by actually putting a tripod mount on the bottom. I can mount this to lots of accessories like Tripod’s mono pods. You name it and right here. I have a little handheld a little pod that you can do. It’s like it’s just for holding the camera, and I used to use it for my other vlogging setup and you go ahead, Just screw it right onto there. And now you’ve got your Gopro on a little articulated pole. You can basically move the camera around any where you want it and now. This is a phenomenal vlogging setup because you can literally just walk around with the camera out on the end of a stick and I found that the audio pick up on. It is actually quite good because the microphones right up here in the edge of the case and it’s not sealed, so the sound can still get up there now. I’m thinking about modifying this case design. If I do all upload the new one to Thingiverse. But I want to cut out that port a little bit higher to expose the microphone holes, just so they have that much better pick up because on the Gopro Hero 4 the audio quality is fantastic. They actually really stepped up their game on the microphone. Now, if you don’t have a 3d printer, you can actually buy a skeleton case directly from Gopro or some of the other peripheral manufacturers on Amazoncom. But you’re going to spend anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars for a little skeleton case for this guy so being able to print it in PLA and using approximately 10 to 15 cents in material. This is a very cost effective way of making this case yourself. If you have a 3d printer, well, guys there. You have it. A 3d printer yet again, proving just how useful it is and this is super useful because I was actually going to go buy a skeleton case when I was reading online that to get at. You needed to get external power to these things because the batteries in them don’t last that long when you’re doing long recording sessions, but then I thought the little light bulb went off, and I was like I bet somebody’s already 3d modeled something like this and sure enough, not only this design, but there are tons of other designs out there. This is just the one. I picked because it was the one I like the most. I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know down in the comments also. Come over and follow me. I’m at barnacle ease on Twitter. I’m a real social guy. If you made it to the end of this video, go ahead and hashtag Gopro for the win it. Lets me know my videos aren’t getting too long, and if you don’t have a 3d printer, the capability to print one of these little skeleton cases. Go ahead and check down in the description. I have an Amazon affiliate link to a couple of the skeleton cases that you can purchase both aluminum and plastic. But if you do have a 3d printer, why not put it to good use and actually make some accessories for your? Gopro, I mean, why wouldn’t you? As a matter Of fact, I’ve already downloaded the cloth foot, the little receptacle and a bunch of the extension pieces, and I plan to do a lot more prints to build stuff for my Gopro, so I can literally mount them to everything. Alright, guys, well. I hope you had a good time until next time. Hey, guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. Please take a moment. Subscribe to my channel. It helps me a lot also come over to. Twitter, I’m at Barnacle ease. I’m a real social guy also. If you have a couple of minutes, check out some of these many other videos. I made them myself.

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