3d Printed Glock Parts | Unboxing Parts For The 3d Printed Glock 17(fmda17)


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Unboxing Parts For The 3d Printed Glock 17(fmda17)


All right, guys, another quick video. Today, uh, today we’re going to be unboxing some parts and accessories that I chose for my 3d printed lower. This is in a matte red Pla Glock 17. Find these odd turns dispensed. See where else I know that this is the Menendez 3d printing magazine. Uh, you can find these at a couple places. I think grab cad. Anywho, lets. See what I chose for the accessories? At least a couple of accessories right now. Okay, I’m gonna start out with some of the smaller pizzas. First, let’s see this came from MC Rails. So right off the bat. You probably guess it’s the rail at the time. They have the cheapest ones available. I believe there are a couple out there more cheap, but not always available, so lets. See what we got here? Oh, we got a little sticker, huh? Cool sticker mcreelsco’m. There we go lets. Make sure I can get that for you guys. Mcraelscom this looks even 3d printed, huh? So it comes mounted in like a little plastic tray. Maybe I guess for shipping durability. I believe these are just the aluminum, not even, like, uh, stainless or anything. A little extra, you get the stainless pretty cool. All right, part number two. Ah, oh, we’ve got to see where this one’s from Jojo returns. Uh, I think it’s just, uh, ebay ebay parts kit here. Let’s see so we got a trigger. This is my first pistol built, so I’m not too sure of all the parts, but slide release. Uh, lets. See some pins cool. Yeah, I mean, this one was like a 50 bucks 50 on ebay. All right, lets. See what we got next here? This one is from aim surplus. I’m really waiting for their, uh, their barrels to come back in style. They got some pretty decent looking and decently priced barrels. All right, so this is the upper slide kit now. Yeah, they offer, you know. Stainless and tin coated slide reels. I didn’t need none of that. At least not for this first build. Just the cheapest kit. I think it was 50 bucks as well, so for 100 bucks, get upper and lower slide pieces there. All right, the most exciting. Let’s see where this one’s from rsu, huh? Who’s that any of you guys know what Rsu stands for its rock slide and yes. This rail has been done a lot, but they offer a super cool looking so it keeps calling it rails to slide. They offer super cool slide for a super good price. I was waiting on one from KMT. That’s like 25 more. He’s on ebay and all of a sudden. When I was ready to buy, they went out of stock. So maybe that’s a sign to just go with this one. I said, and I just went ahead and got this one Rockslide USA. All right, well, let’s see what it is. Oh, what is this? A couple of screws must be for the rmr. Cut all right here. We go guys. What did I get? Oh, man, that is a cool looking slot. I don’t care if it’s been overdone, you know I. I have a lot of gun friends and met a lot of gun. People and I haven’t not seen this one pop up anywhere yet, so I guess I’ll be able to show it to more people that haven’t seen it yet. Pretty cool cuts. They call this the raptor and I got the RMR cut because this is going to be a red dot fun gun. I got the sd9 ve for home defense, and I got the with the late green laser. I now have the g3c carry, and that’ll be for my carry. So this is going to be the fun sport shooter. Now, let’s see how awesome this thing looks with the 3d printed lower and by the way. If you guys are wondering the quality on this, let’s see if I can get some even better shot here came out Really nice, like you really can’t even see the layer lines trying to get a good reflection here. Let’s see yeah. I mean, it’s! Just it came out really nice. Top part needs some cleaning up for sure. Need some sanding, but I’ve been watching a lot of people online, printing it this way this orientation, and that way you get the nicer. Uh, the nicer finish on on the handle and everywhere else, but needs a little more cleaning up here, which you’re gonna clean anyway? I would imagine okay so here. We go let’s see. Oh, man, that looks cool. I really want to do the titanium nitride barrel, so you can really see it through there, but I might just go with stainless due to price and availability right now, but man, you could do this with any color scheme. Yellow, blue, purple, my wife’s case. She likes teal. Uh, let’s see they make like a shiny silver. That looks like chrome. You could do one in that. Copper 3d printing is pretty crazy. What you can do. I mean, the possibilities are limited to your design capability, so the fact that they have the gun parts and stuff just made me get on the bandwagon to see what I can produce so here. We go guys more to come on this. Stay tuned, that’s all. For Today’s video be sure to like, subscribe and stay tuned for more videos, including unboxing and installing the budget red dot comparison on the v1 versus v2 3d printed magazines, including the 30 rounder and adding the threaded barrel to the Taurus tx22 This video is brought to you by CK designs for custom home design, renderings and virtual tours. Be sure to check out ck-designsnet. Thanks for watching you.

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