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3d Printed Glock 17 Frame


Recently, in a live stream session, a viewer had asked me how I felt about 3d printed firearms and to answer that question. I like them a lot. What’s up, guys? We’re back for another video and today we’re going to take a look at my Glock 17 frame. Now it’s a very specific frame, a very special frame because it’s not something that you can buy off of the internet on gun broker, and it’s not a frame that you’re going to find on a normal Glock pistol. This frame has been 3d printed using the latest and greatest 3d printed technology and this. Is it right here, guys? I do think that the 3d printed firearm market or industry. However, you want to look at that is definitely going to be the way of the future whenever it comes to firearms, but not in the sense that you think I don’t necessarily believe that fire manufacturers per se are really going to get heavily invested into 3d printed firearms. I think that this is going to help us. The consumer get our hands on specific items that may become difficult to obtain here in the future, as well as obtain certain items that have been difficult to obtain in the past. So with that being said, guys, let’s go and dive right on into this Glock frame right here. Where did I get it? How did I come about getting this gun? Well, obviously, I printed this thing, and unfortunately, my 3d printer had taken a dump on me. I don’t know a couple of months back, so I haven’t been able to print any more of these frames or anything else that I’ve been wanting to print, but that’s how I was able to obtain it. But how much does it cost to print a 3d printed Glock frame? Well, not much. The price of the printer itself costs right around the 200 or 250 mark, depending on which printer you go with, but as far as the materials that’s needed in order for you to manufacture something like this, It’s going to cost you right around four dollars, which is really inexpensive. Considering a normal glock frame goes anywhere from what I used to pay right around the 60 or 75 dollar mark, all the way up to like, 150 and up, and that’s in today’s prices. Now, obviously you can’t just throw a bunch of parts. In this thing, you do have to install some rails and you can either manufacture those yourself or you can buy them off of a website that manufactures them. Now there’s a couple of different websites that do make the rails for these frames. And if I remember correctly off the top, my head, I think spooky rails. That’s s p o k y r a i l s dot com. I do believe that those guys manufacture rails, but they’re not the only manufacturers. Those of you guys who own a super computer which pretty much all of you do because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to view this content. You guys can go to my favorite search engine, which is Duckduckgocom or I. Guess, Google. If you wanted them to track you, but anyways, you can go to your favorite search engine and find out exactly where you can buy the rails for this thing now, that said. Where can you get the files to actually print one of these? Well, there’s a couple of different places that you can find the files for them, but the one place that I’m going to recommend is the one place that you can find my videos at, and that’s Librarytv or maybe odysseycom for those of you that don’t know Librarytv and odysseycom. Both of those websites are basically Youtube alternatives where you can find a lot of youtubers and influencers, especially in the firearm community because we were searching for a place to where we could have a backup to Youtube in case anything ever we’re to happen to our channel, so you can find the files for these and a lot of other 3d printables over at Librarytv or Odysseycom that said, there’s a couple of names that I want you guys to look into because the names that I’m going to tell you guys about are going to be able to get you those files, so I want you guys to pay very close attention. Whenever you’re talking about 3d printed firearms, there are three names that I want you guys to be aware of number. One is Ivan. The troll number two is deterrence dispensed and number three is control pew. Now I have in the troll. You can find all across the internet, including places like Twitter and I used to be able to find him on Reddit. I don’t think he’s there so much anymore. By the way, he tests out a lot of these 3d printable products. So it’s something that you want to look into. In case you wanted to see a lot of these things in action. So remember that Ivan the troll now control Pew, that’s the name of a website that can pretty much get you all the information that you’re gonna need in order to get started with 3d printing your own frames, But like I said, it goes further than just the Glock 17 frame. They also have files for the Glock 19 the Glock 26 the Tech 9 the Mac 10 Air 15s Ak-47s, the vz61 scorpion and a lot of other different frames and certain parts that you guys may or may not want to get your hands on. You can find and guys. It goes a little bit further than that. A lot of the other stuff out there on the market. Whenever it comes to 3d printed products don’t always have to do necessarily with frames themselves. You can also find the swift links and the Glock auto sear in case you ever wanted to gain some knowledge in those specific areas. Now I have to give you guys the legal mumbo jumbo Whenever it comes to those things, because, as you know, or as you should know, uh, having those items in your possession is highly illegal, so take this for what it’s worth. I’m not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. You’re Americans, you’re freedom fighters, and you’re also patriots, so do what you want. I’m just saying they’re there if you’re interested and the last name that I want to run, you guys by is deterrence, dispense they are basically a group of to my understanding, like autocad designers that, like to design these frames and a lot of other different products just like it, because let’s say, for example, you weren’t quite so interested in the Glock 17 or any other Glock For that matter. You can also print out frames for the Smith Wesson M P shield, the Ruger SR9C, and you can also find one for the Sarsomas K2P, which is the predecessor. If I remember correctly to a gun that we took a look at here on this channel earlier on last year, And that is the Sarcomas CM9 Gen. 2 that I like to call the combat master. So just some more information for you guys, so make sure you guys check into those names because those three names. That’s where you’re gonna be able to get all of your information as far as how to get started. What type of filament you’re gonna need the 3d printer that you may want to look into, and there’s also going to be a lot of other tips and tricks that you might be interested in knowing if you’re interested in actually printing out and using a 3d printed firearm, so let’s take a closer look at the Glock 17 frame. I don’t know if you guys see all the little imperfections on this frame, but whenever you 3d print a firearm, it’s not going to come out all completely ready to go super spectacular, smooth and sexy and ready. Um, there’s going to be a lot of imperfections in the filament and that just kind of comes along with 3d printing. So if you guys see up here where the rails are going to sit eventually, guys, I’m going to have to take some sandpaper to that to get that cleaned up just a little bit. Also, whenever you guys print out these frames, there’s going to be some extra filament in there in the trigger guard and here on the back side that you’re gonna have to pry out and knock out with a hammer. So like I said, it’s not one of those things where you can just pick it up, Install parts and go. There’s a little bit more to that than, uh, just this frame That said this is a Glock 17 Gen. 3 lower receiver. It is a frame and this is pretty much ready to accept parts. I need to install the rails and for those of you guys that are interested these rails that I’m gonna have to get my hands on the back rails. They’re held in by little screws. And if I remember correctly, the screws do come with the rails whenever you order them. So just be mindful of that now. If I remember correctly as well, guys, there are certain Glock frames that you can get your hands on as far as the files go and print out that do accept the polymer 80 frame rails as well. But I’m not very experienced or knowledgeable in those. So remember, guys, do your own research. One thing that I noticed on the back of this frame. Guys, there’s no little hole right here for it to accept any sort of grip plug or magwell or anything of that nature. Now mind you, you could probably modify the frame by drilling a hole right here whenever you get your favorite magwell or grip plug in, but that’s something that I have yet to try. I may check back with you guys here in the future. Whenever I get to that point in building this frame out now you’re getting a fairly Gen 3 specific styling. It’s very smooth. There’s not really any texture here on the side of the frame, but for those of you guys out there in the audience that do like to do your own stippling. This would be the perfect opportunity for you guys to get some practice in on the cheap because for the price of a regular Glock frame, instead of wasting anywhere from 70 to 150 or more on a frame just to practice on, you could print out an unlimited number of these and just practice Your stippling and see what type of stippling you prefer on your guns. Now you’re getting the traditional gen 3 style of texture here on the back. Strap, it’s not 100 perfect. There are some little nicks and things like that in there that happened during the print. So it’s not going to come out 100 perfect and the same thing here on the front strap. You’re getting the traditional Gen 3 finger grooves and the texture here, but again for those of you guys that like to stipple, or if you’re interested in something like silicone carbide or another type of finish that you can apply like grip tape. Those things should all work on your 3d printed guns. Now you guys gonna have to excuse me. I don’t have my screen to be able to see what you guys are seeing right now. So I’m just gonna kind of guesstimate on this. If you guys look on the inside of the trigger guard, it’s not super smooth. I can imagine taking a dremel tool with the sanding wheel on. There could help to smoothen this out. But I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I don’t really plan on making this thing. 100 perfect. It’s really just something that I printed out to test out and here in the future. Whenever I get my hands on my other printer, which you guys be on the lookout for because we’re going to be doing more stuff like this here in the future, I plan to print out a lot more frames, but a lot of other stuff aside from just the Glock 17 frame, so something to be mindful of and something to be on the lookout for now. If you guys look at the bottom side right here, it doesn’t have that little metal insert for you guys to be able to serialize this frame. So for those of you guys who live in those types of states where I mean you can build your guns, but you have to serialize them. You’re gonna have to figure out a way to install some sort of plate here, or maybe somewhere else on the frame that way you can get your gun serialized. Now, guys, I’m not super knowledgeable about the serialization of Home-built Firearms Because every gun that I’ve built in the state that I live in doesn’t require me to serialize them, so it’s something that you guys need to look into. Because there are specific laws that pertain to engravings on firearms, they have to be a certain depth they have to be a certain size and obviously they have to be. In English and can’t use any sort of specific characters or letters aside from those in the regular English language. So it’s just something to be mindful of also, guys. If you look at the bottom side right here, it does have the accessory rail cut out, so all of your flashlights and lasers are assuming that this meets standard OEM specifications to its size. It should accept all of your stream lights, your surefires, your old lights and things of that nature, so you’re getting the closest thing to a factory Glock 17 frame that you can, and you printed it out for really cheap, even if you factor in the price of what it costs to get a printer, the more these that you print the cheaper it gets overall, so remember, guys print away, print away print away. So why would you guys be interested in printing A 3d printed firearm like, what’s the purpose? Well, for those of you guys who have two eyes, two ears and a brain? You guys have been paying attention to a lot of certain things that have been happening politically here in this country, especially within the past year, and although no, this is not a political channel, and I’m not gonna tell you guys how I feel or what you should or should not do politically what I will tell you is is some people out there. Especially certain politicians don’t like you and I having guns and because they constantly talk about violating our second amendment rights. This is a way to ensure that we will always, and I mean, always have a gun and I don’t mean restricted guns either. Because just as much as I can print out a 3d printed Glock frame, I can also print out magazines, and I’m not talking about just your standard low capacity 10 round magazines. I’m talking the 33 round extendo so something to be mindful of, but wait. What about ammunition? Don’t worry about that Because deterrence dispense has an option for you guys, because remember a lot of those guys that are in that group. They’re not in the United States and where they do live is a place where guns are well either really hard to come by or downright illegal. What does that mean, that means where there is a will? There is a way now. Guys, really quickly before I go. Not all filaments are good for 3d printing guns. So you guys need to make sure that you read up and find out exactly what filaments that these other guys? The pioneers of the 3d printed firearm market are using because not all the filaments that are available on the market are good for 3d printing firearms. These things do have a certain melting point. And if you do get the gun hot enough, it will start to warp and it will start to melt on you. So I want you guys to be aware of that before you start printing. Make sure you get the right type of filament. For what you’re doing that way, you can have the strongest material that you can for your 3d printed Glock frames or other 3d printed endeavors with that being said guys. I think that’s pretty much. All I’ve got to say about the 3d printed Glock frame. It’s very, very, very close to a standard OEM glock frame. And now that I have one in my hands, I would like to really start playing around with the 3d printed firearm world because there is a lot, and I mean, a lot of stuff out there that a lot of people really aren’t aware of when it comes to 3d printing and guns, so you have not seen the last of this frame and you also have not seen the last of 3d printed firearms on this channel Because here coming up soon. I’ve got a lot of things here in the work that you guys might be interested in. So let me go and ask you guys. Some questions here really quickly. What do you guys think about 3d printed firearms? Do you like them? Do you not like them? Do you guys think that 3d printed technologies is the way the future whether we’re talking about firearms or not, or do you think that it’s more of a hobbyist type of thing? Do you guys own a 3d printer? And if so, what kind? And if you guys have already started in the 3d printing firearm world, what have you printed and how well has? It worked, so there’s. Some questions for you guys anyways. Leave your questions, comments and concerns down in the comment section down below and that’s pretty much. All I’ve got for this video. So there you go, all right, guys? I don’t know if you noticed, but the video looks a little bit different and the audio probably sounds a little bit different as well, guys. I just recently broke my really nice, really awesome, really expensive camera, and I’m absolutely upset about it, because especially right now. I don’t have the money to get it fixed. That being said I’m using my iphone and I’m testing out some things with my phone to see exactly how well this is going to work out so bear with the audio and video quality in the next couple of videos while I figure some things out because I do have a backup camera, but if this works out a little bit better, I’ll be using this method from this point going forward, so just something to be mindful of quick reminder. If you guys like what you’ve seen, you want to see more? Don’t forget to find me on one of my other social media platforms. Also, if you’re interested in watching all these videos 100 for free and free of any sort of third-party advertisements like from Youtube, guys check the links down in the description down below because that’s where you can find me on other social media websites. And that’s where you guys can find me on other hosting websites where these videos are hosted as well for those of you guys who are interested in supporting the channel financially, There’s a gofundme link down in the description below, and that would greatly help me out, especially after the year that I’ve had, but that is not a requirement for this channel. That’s just something there for those of you guys who are interested but with that being said guys. I think that’s pretty much. All I’ve got so thanks for watching. Stay safe! Keep building and we’ll see you next time. [MUSIC].

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