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3d Prints For Fathers Day!


Father’s Day is coming up, and my dad can be difficult to shop for. If we look at my dad’s keyboard at work, you can see that. Not only are the key caps and switches specifically selected on a per key basis, but no one else could use his keyboard because most of the keys don’t actually do what you think they do. Taran would be proud. He’s not picky or ungrateful. He’s just careful about doing research and doing things to his personal tastes. So if you’re struggling to think of what your dad might actually be pleasantly surprised with for Father’s Day here are some 3d printed objects that you can print. [MUSIC] first off! My dad is famous in the family for not keeping his phone in his pocket. So you can forget about texting. I modified this file off Thingiverse to have a deeper section for holding the phone since his Blackberry stays in the case, he can run a charger cable through the hole in the bottom, and now he can see when texts and emails come through. I used zero’s marble PLA filament instead of something like fluorescent pink so that it would blend in with this fancy work office. This is clearly my mom’s phone. My dad’s phone, of course, has a great case on his Blackberry as all extreme dads do next. There’s one part of my parent’s roof that drips water right by the foundation, and some water has occasionally leaked into the house from there. I originally volunteered to make a legit gargoyle, but because my dad’s favorite color genuinely is gray, you can figure out the level of excitement that was shown for that idea. I did end up getting his approval For this basic diverter. It’s printed in inland’s black PE TG because PLA outdoors in Texas just won’t hold up and micro centers. PE TG is a steal. If you live close enough to one of their stores, The idea is that water is thrown a couple feet away from the house instead of right up against it. I got my start in computer tinkering from my dad. And he still does have boxes of various cables laying around, even though we’ve dropped Ethernet cables into every room from the Attic, There’s still some 50 200-foot Ethernet cables that need to get broken out whenever it’s that annual time for the civilization for marathon. This spool is great for cable storage printed in 3d solute. X silver, next up. We’ve got some screwdriver handles that go over Allen Wrenches, a zip tie or twist tie, keeps the handle from sliding down during use. I’ve actually used some other prints of this before personally, and it is very much worth it Granted. There are Allen bits for interchangeable screwdrivers, but for electronics repair is on amplifiers or small home appliances often interchangeable. Screwdriver tips will be too fat to fit, which is where a design like this comes in perfect speaking of working in tight spaces. We all remember trying to hold a nut with our finger tip while trying to secure a bolt onto something. This neat. Little doodad has a channel that keeps the nut from rotating as you screw in a bolts. This device slips around your finger, and you use your fingertip to keep the nut in the channel, which is many times easier to do. Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to still feel the bolts hitting the target with this design, unlike if you were using a pair of pliers or vise grips to hold the nut in place. I recommend my fellow Americans scale This object a little bit larger unless you plan on using only your little finger for this design, though eventually you’ll need to collect mineral deposits out of your taps, and this faucet wrench is stupidly easy to use pliers and wrenches just do not grip nearly as well as this 3d print along the same lines. This print could be used for your taps, but it could also be used to twist open stuck bottles, speaking of opening bottles. I used zero’s marble PLA again for this bottle opener to assist in making a joke about having the caveman essentials, you know? Stone Age tools for the man cave since his office is very much, not Stone Age. I’ve printed off one of these my own design. If you can really call a two-minute model your own design. If you have a desktop PC, lots of USB devices and all of your computer’s, USB ports are just barely out of reach. Then you can attach this to the underside of your desk and use it to hold a USB extension cables or charger cables or maybe even some display and audio extensions. So that you can hide it these wires when they’re not needed or pull them out when you actually need them, assuming you have cables that you prefer to keep hidden most of the time. This is an essential print to keep downloaded. It clips open or shut has a screw hole for the wall and holds coiled cables on a wall. Or, you know, just in a box. The snapping mechanism is very well designed because this is two pieces printed in place. You’re not going to want to go crazy with something like a one millimeter nozzle. The gap between parts is bigger than most, so you can get working prints about 90% of the time, unlike many other multi-part prints that end up just being fused together. This under desk cable clip ring was so popular that my mom actually wanted a couple upon seeing my dad get some and my dad. Asked for about a dozen more to be made. It’s a great print to drain off the last spool of PLA. The purple object is for coiling a smaller cable like headphones and putting this object around the coiled cable so that it remains all neatly tucked away in your backpack. Another amazing stone-age tool Is this sanding pen. You run a strip of sand paper over the interchangeable chisel square or rounded tips, and then you scribble back and forth to spots and some would perfect for the dad that likes to DIY furniture. Finally, we have some copper woodworking tools, which is where. I made a joke to my dad about graduating from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. This Center Finder is one I designed myself, but so simple. I imagine I’m not the first to come up with it. The design process was faster than Thingiverse loads these days. It has holes at 1/4 and 3/4 as well. Besides the middle, this is also a center finder, But for circles, both of these center finders can be scaled up to accommodate larger pieces of lumber. If none of these are things that your dad might want, then perhaps what he needs is a 9DR compact in as that can be downloaded off 3d PC XYZ, or perhaps a techie t-shirt have a happy Father’s Day and may all of your Pcs continue to exist in 3 dimensions.

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