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Fully 3d Printed Fidget Spinner


Hey, everybody is the 3d printing professor. And today we are making spinners that are fully 3d printed with no additional part and to help us with this discussion. I have brought in not an expert, but definitely the target audience for spinners. Say hello to my son. Everybody say hello to everybody, my son. Hey, and you’re back again, so they’re happy to see you. This is the third video, right people. The video game was with Moe. Yeah, no video, no puns. Most spinners, especially 3d printed spinners, have these little 608 skate bearings in them. And you can get these from apiece. They’re not expensive and they make for really good spinners here. If you want to take this one now. This one has three bearings in it. And this is the comfortable fidget spinner by angle. We know these kind of fan you off. Actually, yeah. You can even feel the air moving on them. It’d be neat to make one of these. That did a better job of it. I’m glad a beyblade! Yeah, this one has three of them in there to create some weight. This is the same one with only here you take this one with only one in the middle and none on the sides, and it still spins pretty good, but clearly, the one with the weight spins a little bit better, but never mind f3 okay, ready! One two three, see? Dottie’s a lot faster than I could’ve started early and I would have won. Yep, so but we’re not doing this. We are going to make a 3d printed spinner that is completely 3d printed using – the extra jaws. Yeah, well. This one has no extra work. You had to pop those things in circa. They’re all 3d printed, though. Now this particular design is called the Gear Berry hand spinner by Cervantes and this design. I actually had a problem with it when I printed it. The bottom is not flat, so that made it so that when I printed it, I had to use support, which is unacceptable to me, so I loaded it into blender, flattened out the bottom and started playing with it and even the prints that I made, I can print it just a ton of these and the reason why I prepared so many noisy, The reason why I print so many is because the first ones that I printed like this one right here. Just no, this one doesn’t move because it’s too loose. In fact, so a lot of them are too tight to begin with, and this is a part of a discussion about 3d prints that I need to go in to make a whole video about why it’s hard to print accurately, but we’re not going to talk about that right now. Don’t tell them what’s wrong with this set with this one right here. Um, too thin, and if you look the gears. Uh, some of them are really close together, and I found out that when that happened to fix this one. Well, when that happens to it all, you got to do really to sort of push it down and push it to the side. A little and okay, so you can’t have it too, and you can’t have it too tight. If it’s too loose, the gears pop out of their tooth. And and you got to fix it all the time. This one’s definitely too loose. You can tell there’s a lot of wiggle in it for me whenever this thing. I push it too hard on my finger goes up here. It tends to get a little. It tends to move over, so I’m idle, but if it’s too tight, it won’t. It just won’t spin now. The way that we fix. This is in simplified 3d using the horizontal compensation and other other slicers have that as well. I started with a point to ended up being too much In the end. A point zero Two horizontal compensation was just about perfect now again, though We got a problem with this, right. What what’s problem? There’s no weight, Okay, The other thing is. I have I have this little bearing that I found online, and I wish I knew who made this bearing. I don’t remember who made it, but don’t don’t mock me so this bearing. In fact, let’s take a look at it in blender. Okay, so check it out right here. This is that bearing in in blender. And I’ve got all three of it. It consists of three parts. Okay, first time I saw and experiment. Well, yeah, the way. I’ve got it stretched out right now. But the way that it works is this thing creates a very thin track, and this thing creates a very thin track and then they nest into each other, so they all print as one part, so let’s talk about friction and bearings and things like that. Can you tell us a little bit about it? So, uh, so what lucky hands assist? Were gonna get a little hot? That stuff is like a ton of friction, so if we add friction. Rob’s energy and we want to keep the energy going as much as possible. So friction bad. How do we reduce friction? Uh, we could do this. Just infliction, still friction descending. Oh, but less energy. So that’s good and this is kind of the idea of a train. Have you ever noticed that train wheels are very big, but come to a very small point and they go across a track that’s reducing now. They’re also not sliding, but what are they doing rolling? So we want, and so to be like one percent friction is actually since they got a lot more energy to me than it does. I mean, looking at fixed. Well, yeah, you got it. You got to put more energy into it to make it work because of the motion of the wrist, but the idea is that rolling. So what bearing do you think is better? This one with the rolling motion of them or this one that might roll but might also slide. It also runs out a little bit faster. Well, you, you think, though, that the rolling motion was better than this one, so I have created a new of bearing a new spinner that took three of these put them on the side with the hit with the Emmett Gear bearing in the middle with the seven and we printed it out and throat. Yeah, with the ones on the side. We got some fun with this and mostly works. You got to break them loose a little bit, right. Yeah, it takes a little time to drink. We want to do the fall this time that I learned so far is about four, not four seconds. I can’t do another wimpy, and it’s made it to like full, just like three, Mississippi four. So, but what could we do to maybe make this move a little bit faster? Well, griefing it did, yeah. That was so got the wd-40 on it. So that one grief is it also. Maybe we could make it heavier. Yeah, wait it, no. I couldn’t maybe like glue ball bearings to the outside here or something like that, but we’re trying to do this without adding any additional part. Now, however, I do have a heavier filament found myself. The entire thing is heavy, so that makes it just like, basically like these only. The whitesman is long, Also it, hood. Also, most of the different kinds of filament also kind of seem to affect the size like. I get a bigger like I get the exact same size spin it, but like a heavier or something billion. It should be intends to somehow feel bigger. Why me, yeah? II shouldn’t affect it, but it might affect it. Just a little bit. No, I actually I printed this one. In the in the brass fill bronze filled, not brass filament that I love so much. Um, but I recorded the time-lapse of it. So do you want to watch this this being printed? Oh, sorry, alright, so hopefully. Hopefully we can show something cool with this. Oh, cool, dude! Yeah, watching time-lapse videos is like my life. I love those well time lapse for, like love in from about what belt they’ll see it at a better angle. Okay, that is, that’s awesome to watch the inside, you know? I really enjoyed. I really enjoy watching prints, a big print, not over time laughter. I I just I love watching prints. It fascinated one times. I’ll come in here. Yeah, and it’s not a big deal. I always come in is like it’s like a meditation room. It just it helps. Calm me down! I’m I’m weird, and there is something very Zen about watching a 3d print and lay down plastic. And do it range me. Just flat-out coming in here tends to help me mostly watching listening to 3d prints help. So this morning, it makes a cool sound. Doesn’t it actually love when it’s printing a circle because it goes no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no. Batman, all right there. It is now that didn’t quite show when I was hoping it would show, so let’s take a look at this in simplified 3d instead and let’s watch it print and simplify 3d You mmm at me. I was hoping that this time-lapse would show that one watching you. I like how you can what the gears kind of like a move as it goes, that’s it. I start one more time to turn up to speed this time. Free, that’s kind of neat to watch them, so I’ve so we printed this one in brass fill Bronzeville. Let’s test it against which one’s the best one. Do you think to test it again? Um, try it against this one. Ready on your mark? Get set, go so the weight does affect it. It helps it a lot. I find so the heavier one does go better than the lighter weight. One so there we go now, yes. Where is it go know about today? Okay, one more time, ready anywhere. Go, dr. Shane felt the same so adding. Wait, didn’t really help a whole lot. I do kind of like the feel of this one, and I’ve also added the new 3d printing professor logo to this one. So I will put these in some models. I have actually altered it one more time like this added a little holes to here, so it’s easier to get these exactly positioned properly so that you don’t have to worry about page. You just put a toothpick in there and put it on so you can download this model at the link in the description. That’s that last model. Well, it’s exactly the same as these ones, however, one final thing just to prove that see if the bearings we have on the side aren’t as effective. I took this, which is basically this exact same bearing that I multiplied three times with the array modifier. It’s a boolean magic and then print it out. So here it goes. You ready to scale it goes? Yeah, it’s gonna be like two spins. Oh, four of them well. It’s got to be balanced. It’s got to be balanced in the middle. So here we go, Let’s test it against five. Let’s test it against your favorite. Which one do you want to test it against, okay. Ready on your mark? Get set! Whoa, it’s brand new, that dumb! One looks really well. Yeah, did he just waste our time on all these other ones? [MUSIC] I mean, is it flat out the same to the good printer? It’s just like music. This is literal music.

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