3d Printed Fidget Ring | How To Make A 3d Printed Spinner Ring With Fusion 360 + Emboss Function


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How To Make A 3d Printed Spinner Ring With Fusion 360 + Emboss Function


Hello, guys, you like spinning stuff in between your fingers. You always play with the pen or do you have a fidget spinner then? I have something for you in this video. I show you how you can make your own spinner ring. [MUSIC] First we choose the finger. We want to make the ring fall ill. Choose my index finger next. We have to get the inner diameter of the ring by measuring our finger. I don’t like it to be too tight. [MUSIC] Great now let’s get to fusion 360. In the following. We draw a few lines with the distance. We like I want the ring to be eight millimeter high and around two millimeter thick. The ring is made of two parts, an inner part, an outer part. I want each of this parts to be one. Millimeter thick and the two parts needs to have at least a distance of 0.2 millimeter, and now comes my favorite part. We select the two parts and the excess. And voila. [MUSIC] The edges needs to be rounded. I choose one millimeter for the inner edges. I choose 0.5 [MUSIC] millimeter we can also add some text, we calculate the outer line length and draw a rectangle for the text box. We type in 6 and a calculated length of 80.4 Then we add the tags we like. We can change the size on the phone. [MUSIC] How do you like this phone? And what is your favorite one? Please tell me in a comment. We use the new emboss function. This is really nice. Just choose the text and the surface on the ring. [MUSIC] Is there someone that knows why just 0.53 on purpose [Music] [Music] hmm [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music]. I would like to make a giveaway. You need to subscribe to my channel and also leave a comment with the words. You want me to print on your ring. I’m going to choose 3 comments at random in the next video. I’m going to announce the three winners. [music] you!

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