3d Printed Dungeons And Dragons | 8 Free 3d Prints For Warhammer & Dnd Everyone Should Be Printing

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8 Free 3d Prints For Warhammer & Dnd Everyone Should Be Printing


Okay, I admit I might be addicted to 3d printing terrain, but I’m not really ashamed of it and I kind of want you to have the same problem, so I’ve made a list out of eight things that you can go onto Thingiverse download for free and print whenever you want. How many of them you want. These are just a couple of thousands upon thousands of things You can find on Thingiverse all for free for wargaming for role-playing for tabletop games for pretty much anything that has to do with medieval and fantasy stuff. These are just some of the things that I’ve printed files that I know work for sure and that I really enjoyed that. I’ve had on my tables for months and sometimes even year so without further ado, lets. Do this okay, So this tomb by Harry? Gold is one of the first prints I ever made, and the design is just ridiculous to this day. This is one of my absolute favorites that I’ve 3d printed. Even if I account for the ones that I’ve paid money for to use these 3d prints really come to life when you add these different craft materials like here. I’ve added some Tufts, some flock and a root and it just makes it feel like it’s a part of the environment. Every time we play a game in a city. This shell is one of the stable parts that always comes along. It’s a perfect complement to the bigger houses that I have or to the forest scenes that I have in some of my tables And in terms of cost, it’s like a few dollars to print this and just do it already much about Gouges seriously every game. I played, I’ve used these. It’s the perfect tool to make your games much smoother and I have a three inch side. I have a nine inch side. I have a six inch side. I have a two-inch side and one inch side, so I have everything I need for all the standard measurements in my game and on top of that, I use these tiny three-inch ones, and I use these for the combat measurements whenever I pile in or charge or measure if I can reach scattered rain, you can find hundreds and hundreds of these different scattered terrains on Thingiverse from 40k to sci-fi to fantasy. Just everything you might need. I printed these cards a billboard that I’m gonna play some nice old posters on a well and I’m gonna fill this with resin and much more. These just make the gaming tables so much more cinematic and the cost for these is next to nothing game. Trackers are perfect For those long, ongoing games, like H of Sigmar or Warhammer 40,000 There are plenty of different versions of these with victory points with turn counters with command points. [MUSIC] just search for the game you play and I had a tractor or counter, and you will find dozens of different versions that will suit your needs perfect. The module ruins from album is simply one of my all-time favorite free. STL files terrain footprint has made this really nice looking ruins that you can just adjust and print in any way you want. There’s almost endless amount of variations how you can build this. As if this modular wall wasn’t enough, He has also made There’s really nice-looking ruined buildings and old houses and all of this is free. You have to remember this. The only thing you pay for is the plastic that you buy. So this is another one of these. That’s just a must-have. Try it and print it. You will not regret it. Also, you bought a magic box for us email. How kind of you? Well, that’s kind of true. Germany, Emil. But this is actually my box for the game shade spire or other worlds from Games Workshop. Some absolute gentleman out there built this and just handed it out for free seriously. This is custom made that fits your deck and all the tokens you need. What more can you ask on top of that? Some other kind of gentleman just handed us some free terrain. What is this? Is it sorcery? I don’t know [Music] eight hands up everyone that forgot how many wounds their character have taken. It’s ridiculous. How many times? I’ve forgotten how many wounds I’ve taken or how many wounds have caused my opponent. These counters are another one of these things that just makes your games so much easier. Just search for a wound counter or a counter on Thingiverse and you’ll find so many different options to choose between, okay. I admit I’m just bad at counting, but if you’re not like me that you have already hundreds of different meanings from Games Workshop for different brands, you can find anything from Sci-fi to fantasy to god-knows-wha’t. Just go out there and search for the scale you want and whatever type of miniature you want and I bet you’re gonna find a free one that you can use and just look at all this beautiful 3d printed terrain that I have. I just love printing them love, painting them and most of all. I love playing with them. These just add so much to my games. Make it so much easier now that I have these things I just can’t. Imagine going on without them, so let me know, which are your favorite files from Thingiverse or other free websites, also if you like this video and would like more war gaming related videos. Please hit the subscribe button and have a great day bye.

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