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3d Print Duel Disk Update


[MUSIC] One is up Youtube. This is Pandaboard previously known as ex Andreas As you can see here. I’ve been pretty busy with 3d printing for the past couple of weeks now. I apologize for all the lack of updates, but it’s been pretty busy in my life, and so I just wanted to go through briefly. What all has changed on the dual disc since we started so with that? Let’s begin the first thing. I’ll be going over Will be the deck box is the first time. I’ve heard the deck box out. I didn’t notice that the cards bowed slightly when I inserted the cards in so because of this when I did it with less cards, I saw it and that’s when I started realizing that I needed to retool Uhrin. Sit the second time I printed it still. There was some bowing, so I started retailer and seeing it slowly with each print by the third print. I started noticing that I was being really stupid about it because I should just reprint the deck part of it, but for this one when the cards are inserted in, they fit in perfectly fine and they are level, however, they fall straight out so just like to the reprint of just the individual deck parts themselves and with that this was fine, but it still fell out and then the third one almost there as you can see and then the most recent one that I did was this one, so when I inserted the cards in and I tipped it, nothing, nothing at all. So I set on this design here, which gave rise to this model. I’m reprinting it now in Black Black will be my final prototype color just to represent the fact that I like to play Red Eyes. This deck is the red eyes deck and so when it comes down to it. I will reach leave this in Red. Actually, then I can put the cards in so just one more demonstration with this one, just so that you can see the coloration difference. It slides in easily and doesn’t fall out perfect. So let’s move on to the other things that. I’ve been working on with the design. The next thing I’ll be talking about will be the dual zones. The dual zones are originally designed to have a shelf as you can see with this first design here. I wanted to have this shelf. Slide perfectly in here. Unfortunately, the tolerances didn’t allow it to actually push through pleasure. Redesign it the second one. I wanted to remove more space and they get less material, so I printed. It’s gonna be inside of the slot was just slightly bigger than a cards with verses before it was almost a full width of the entire channel again, though this did not want to fit inside of the shelf slot, so I had to reach Hollerin. Sit again in order to get it to go. Which gave rise to this piece here. This piece has the sliding shelf capability, But I didn’t slide all the way inward. I wanted it flush with the edge, and then that’s where I came up with this idea, so it perfectly slip in and out unfortunately at this point. I realize I didn’t like the idea of you. Pull the shelf out. And then, as a result, the shelf could potentially slide all the way out that’s one thing. I didn’t like about it, so I decided to undo the shelf design and go with something more appropriate for it, Which I’ll show you here in a SEC. This is the newest shelf design that. I’ve come up with that’s. You can see in the first one. I’ve made us that the pieces can unclip and clip together. That’s the best part about this. They don’t really fall to one another, but again. I haven’t tested the full weight constraints of it yet. And so that’ll be the next thing that I do. When it comes to 3d printing these when it comes to these shelves, these don’t actually have shelves. It’s just a single slot that’s thin enough for you to put the card in. So as you can see here when I put the card in like so it almost goes all the way in, but because I create this indentation here, it prevents it from going all the way through, so I Reto Laurents that portion of it and Reese entered the diamond because I actually found out that I hadn’t centered it correctly and again I was having the issue of putting it all the way through, but this one actually didn’t do too bad. I didn’t like this design. Though, mainly because it was inconsistent with this point here, sometimes it would get caught. Sometimes it wouldn’t and so. I went back to a regular design with the final prototype here and the cool thing about the Middle Section. Is it tilts down like so you can then put your spell/trap zone here and there it is, you can activate your spell trap cards like so. Sorry, let me use a different color card slave for that. I’ll use this gold one. When this gold one goes in, it goes in like so, and you can see that it stays flush. It doesn’t move The other cool thing is. I wanted to make it so that you do not that. I necessarily put all your spells and traps constantly. The moment you activate it. It goes to the grave. Well, for the ones that actually do go in here. You can still see the title of the card, which is the entire purpose of that the last thing. I wanted to talk about for the Shelf. Portion is this link zone is on a hinge here. I need to pick up screws for it, But ultimately what I plan on doing? Is they’ll be tight enough that it rotates along this hinge here. So when you don’t need it, it folds down like so, and when you do need it, it folds up and over into place. Ultimately, that’ll be what it looks like, and it is stationed enough so that there is a spot for monster. So real quick. Let’s grab a monster you can see here. Black metal. Dragons gonna fit perfectly in there, And if I choose to put it in a tack position that it can go in attack position like so, we’re moving on to the extra deck, the banished zones and the shelving unit that I have created for the last portion of it the extra deck and banished sound here as seen. You can see that. I actually goofed on tolerancing the first time, and so I just basically chopped away at it until it fit perfectly with the original deck box, so let’s just take that right now and see how it looks in the fact that I push it in like that, and that is how I have it put together like so the Shelf is the other component that goes right into it, but it was so tight here that it made it hard to pull it in and out, so I had to be tolerance that portion as well. The next thing I did was I wanted to test again sizing of the cards that they would fit perfectly inside. You can see here again that there are issues slightly with the bowing because the cardstock both upward and they don’t sit flat, so prevent damage around that I had to read tolerance the edging here again, which gave rise to the black unit. I have to actually reprint this again, mainly because I goofed on the tolerance thing again here and one of the tolerances that I set here did not actually get exported into the CAD model so my bad. I sanded it briefly, though. Just to show that I can still do it. But when you put cards in here. This is your either your grate where you’re banished. You can flip-flop it to whether you want them or not. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Let me let me use gold cards again. Just so that it makes it more obvious. And then this one was the one that I had to reach hollering, and then here’s your extra deck sound, which again I’ve created little slots here for you so that you can put your fingers in between and pull your extra deck out since this will be sitting on your wrist. The next thing that I’ve actually finished. I really enjoyed. Do you put four little dice inside of this shelf? The Shelf goes into this cavity here, and when you pull on that hinge, it opens it like a shell. That’s the most recent feature that I probably really unique and the last thing that I was thinking about was removing the second links down or making it so that after you link someone, you use the other link zone as the field spell zone so I can avoid adding three additional components onto the edge, making it weight heavy at the front, but that’s the general updates right now. I will probably throw up an assembly soon of the entire thing that I have finished and at that point. I still need to try to recoup some losses here because this was a lot of filament that I used. So if you could mash that, like, help me out in any way by doing submitting a donation or two. That would also be great, thank you.

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