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Destiny Ghost Kit Assembly Instructions


Everyone, Michael from R&D to here today, we’re going to be assembling. The Destiny Ghost model should look like this when it’s done with the LED. I in front that you can switch on and off from the back, so let’s take a look at the pieces. You should have before we get started. You should have the hemispheres here one on each side, the back, which will let you switch the light on and off without taking it apart, Eight wings, total one set with a kind of pyramidal shape and one set with this ridge in the middle four wing inserts, which will go in those ridges and I, which will go in front of the lens, which is here four of these wingtips, one led four of these inserts here, which will attach the two hemispheres together and some magnets. We do give you two extra magnets. Just in case you lose to along the way a few tools you might need as well. A nail file or sandpaper will help you smooth out any rough edges and also things aren’t quite fitting together. You can smooth them out to increase the tolerances and help you out and exacto knife. If you get any little jaggies that need to come off or need to smooth out any of those interior edges that are hard to get to a. Sharpie will help us actually mark all of the magnets and make sure that we don’t mess up the polarity when we are trying to assemble the wings in the right order and some superglue of any variety dollar sword will work just fine, that’s to attach the magnets to the wings and body and also for the wing tips. If needed. Okay, let’s go ahead and get started. So the first thing you’ll want to do is attach the wing inserts to these wings themselves. Quick note the wing inserts can be a little bit tight in there, so you might need to actually sand down one side or both sides to get them to sit properly. You might be able to see on. These actually sanded down this side so that it fits in here smoothly. This should be able to slide in pretty pretty easily. It’ll be a little bit tight to hold it in with friction. If it doesn’t slide easily, go ahead and stand it down or use your exacto knife and scrape off some of the top and bottom edges. You won’t see those when it’s done so you can scrape off as much as you want. So ladies insert here, so you take a look at the shape. This top area here is going to insert here along this side so that the magnet here is on the left. So if you were to think about it, this is going to insert directly into here so. I’ll show you how I like to do this. Start in the back. Push it in there. And then it will kind of wrap around and it should push in there. Nice and snug, just like that, and it should be mostly flush with the edges here. When you’re done, it might take a little bit of force to get it into place, so don’t worry too much. If you do break these by the way, please let us know we’re more than happy to replace the pieces. When you’re done, you should have this nice band of black around the white, so go ahead and do that for the other three wings as well and then we’ll move on to the next step, okay so. I’ve now got all four of the wings and inserts combined here, so they should look like this when you’re done. Next Step is to mount the led into the back of the ghost model, so the back is going to be this, and you’ll turn this in order to turn the light off and on first thing unscrew your LED. There’s actually a piece of paper in here between the batteries and the LED that will keep it from turning on. So if you unscrew that, you should see this piece of paper, just pull that off and you can throw it away and then when you screw it back together. If you screw it tightly down, it will turn on, whereas before it would not. So now you can see. It is indeed on so. I’ll go ahead and turn that off. The LED will mount in the back here into this piece. It should be snug. If it’s not snug, you can grab your exacto knife and run around the inside edges to clean out any little jagged pieces of might be in there or to scrape out a little bit of extra plastic if it’s too tight in order to be able to fit it in there. And then when you’re done, it should sit in nice and tight, just like that, and then as you can see if you hold this piece which you will from the front by the model itself, you can turn the back and it will turn the light off and on even when the model is fully assembled. Okay, after we have the LED assembled here. We want to make sure that it actually fits into the back hemisphere, so you might actually have to sand out the inside here. I took some sandpaper and my nail file in this case and just smooth out this inner ring here and here and also smooth out the outer edge of the back plate. Here, both of these will be hidden, so you don’t have to worry about roughing it up too much with the sandpaper. You want to make sure that when this inserts in here like this, you can still turn it from the back because this is going to be what turns our light on and off, so make sure after those two are inserted, You can still turn it fairly easily. You should also smooth out the inside edge here and here. The inside here is going to fit on top of the LED. Don’t put it all the way in just yet because we need to put in the lens and the eye. You also want to clean up any little edges or crags that may have accumulated on the outside here, So I’m just going to take the exacto knife. Run it along the inside edge. Here, make sure this is all cleaned up and also do the same along in here. What’s that’s cleaned up? Make sure these two fit together pretty snugly they do. You should be able to get it apart again as well. This won’t fit together until you insert the four pegs into these holes here and then fit these together, so you should still be able to take those apart after you’ve got the LED mounted in the back. Here next step is going to be to insert the lens and the eye, so the lens. Is this blue piece of translucent plastic? You can cut a different color. If you wanted to change the color of the eye, it just adds a little bit of tint to the LED. So you just pop the lens right in. There should have a little bit of extra space around it. And then the eye is going to also fit snugly right in there, and you should be able to just push it in there. Hear it, snap in place, and then that’s it for the front emly sphere. Next step is to join the two hemispheres, so that’s what those four black pegs and these holes around the edges here are for so quick note to make sure these fit well. You might have to either. Stand down the pegs or what I like to do is take the exacto knife and just run around the inside of the holes to make sure that they’re nice and smooth. You can also do that to enlarge the holes if they don’t fit perfectly, so the pegs should fit snugly in the holes. You shouldn’t have to smash anything in there. They should just kind of push in like that. With a little bit of friction, so go ahead and put all four of them into the holes, and then you can put the two halves together and they should mesh up just perfectly like that. And then that’s the whole body and then like. I said you should still be able to tighten that back piece to get the led to turn on and unscrew it to let it turn off. That’s not the case you can pull this apart again and then take out the back piece here, and then Reese, and it down there we go, okay, Next is going to be to attach the wing tips to the wings, so for this, we’re going to use these wing tips that have the triangle with the hole in the center over here again, like with other things. If you see any extra little pieces in there or sharp edges, go ahead and clear it out with the exacto knife or a small piece of sandpaper. If you have some another quick note, sometimes these pieces will print where the edge is just slightly too high at the tips of the corners to fix that. You can either carefully with your exacto knife. Smooth off that corner or you can grab your nail file, which is a little bit easier and just sand off those corners a little bit, so they won’t hold up it up when it is in place on the tip. So what, I mean here when this comes in together here, it should actually be flesh as you can see here. This one is in quite flesh, so I’m going to go ahead and smooth out that corner a little bit more so that it does live flesh. When you do have all these combined, you’ll probably need to actually glue them in place, so you just put a little dab of superglue over here and then glue them on to the tip over here, So I will be right back after I do that. Okay, as you can see. I’ve attached the wingtips to the end of each wing. If you use the super glue, you should take about ten minutes to dry, and then those will be safe to handle. The last step is to attach the magnets to both the body and the wings. It will go inside the circular indentations here around the body and also inside these circular indentations on the wings themselves. I do recommend it for this. Use a sharpie to mark one side of each magnet. So that way when you put them on, you can put them all with either the north or south face, facing outward on the body, and then the opposite side on the wings that way they will all fit together without you, having to match them up individually quickest way to do that. Grab your Sharpie. Take the full-stack mark. One magnet set it aside and then on the exact same side that you just did on the stack, do it again. Set it aside and do that. For the entire thing, okay. After you’ve marked the top of each magnet in the stack. You should have a dot on the top of each one. Next step is just to glue it all together. So what you want to do is grab your body here and just work your way around, Put a small drop of glue in the middle of one of the circles. Grab one of your magnets from the top of the stack and then. I’m going to do it so that the Sharpie side is facing outward on the body magnets. So just put your magnet in the dot there, so that the dot on the magnets you made with the Sharpie is facing outward. Wait for it to dry, and you want to do that for each of the magnets around the body? Okay, so you can see on the body here. I have attached all the magnets with the superglue. I’ve got the dots facing outward as I marked on my stack originally. And then the next step is going to be to glue the opposite face on to each of the wings. So in this case, we’ve got the dots facing outward so on this side we would want the dots facing in toward the wing so that the North and South Poles match up like this easiest way to do that. Now so grab your stack of magnets, pull one off and then again, we’re going to put a small dab of glue on the inside here. And in this case, we want to find that dot on our magnet and just point the face inward toward the wings so that the clean side is out like so do that for all eight magnets, and then it’ll be ready to assemble. Okay, so you can see. I have glued the magnets to each of the wings. The last step is just to assembly, and you should be able to turn on the light in the body by turning that piece in the back here. So if we just give that a twist now the light is on and go ahead and assemble it. Just grab your pieces. And they will magnetize to each of the magnets on the body and go around in the pattern. And when you’re done, it should look exactly like the normal destiny ghost, right from the game. There you go, and it’s ready for your desk to impress your friends. If you have any questions, please let us know and we’ll be looking to create more of these models as we go along. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have suggestions or you’d like to see another model, please let us know. And also if you’re in the LA area, be sure and drop by our workspace near LAX, thanks.

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