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3d Printed Geared Card Box


Hi, guys and here from. Watson, 3d prints, but not like cracking little print for you. Guys, It’s only a quick one, so it doesn’t take long to print and it’s a fun, useful print that you can use for storing cards and stuff in a usual. I’ll show you your printing. And then we’ll show being assembled and talk some more about it afterwards and guys as I always say. If you like my videos, give me a thumbs up. If you don’t give me a thumbs down. Drop me a comment as to what you did or didn’t like and subscribe to get more content about icon, so you get notified when they’re about. Thanks for watching Guys [Music] [Music] [Music] right. Then guys, here we go look all come off the bed fairly well, although the supports some of them fail, which is why? I’ve got these awful, stringy bits everywhere, but I’m hoping they’ll clean up for that too much of a problem. I think they probably will, so I’m going to get rid of these supports now and see what it’s like. When it’s finished in these weird bits of under extrusion, just put a new nozzle and stuff on there. That’s really weird. Oh, often, anyway. I’ll talk about later or crack on with getting these supports off now [Music] [Music] right. Then now all the mess is cleared up, the sniffing gets thing assembled, and I’m not entirely Sure how this assembles obviously. I’m gonna make sure that this seeks in the right place, otherwise their size enough against the side here. You also want to make sure that this goes all the way down to the bottom, but there’s still enough room to tip that button there. So if you put them next to each other, you can see it. That’s about right on the bottom, and that’s about right there, so I’m guessing so there. Guess that seats about there. If you can see it so like that, hopefully just now these little white tabs here. Sit into a recess inside, so I might pay you to give it a little bit of leverage just to help it in there, so you don’t end up snapping anything off just a little bit just once you get past the first bit there you go, that’s it and then. I should open it. Look at that perfect. It sounds a little bit rough at the moment That’s just because it’s new. It hasn’t been used much Forget some playing cards about a certain popular card game here. Put those in perfect. Look at that, That’s absolutely wicked. Ha, that’s really good. I love moving printable objects. I prefer printing place stuff that would just print like this and it works straight away, but because some assembly required, that’s really really cool. There is place for this one for a little, but magnets you can buy. I haven’t ordered any yet, but I think I probably will. I mean, to be honest. The wait cards keeps it fairly. What was shut anyway, so don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, but, hey, it’s magnets. It’s always good fun on it, so I might order some of those. Yeah, the guy that designed this has done a cracking job the way it works. I really like that. There is a an older version This which I tried to print first, which I struggled with quite a lot. This has got a textured finish. It’s not actually my printer. Although my printer hasn’t done, a great job is on the line to think. I’m I have some issues somewhere. God try and troubleshoot. But the texture finish is nice The way that this thing works as well after you work it. I really really like that. That’s quite a good thing to have her. This isn’t just specifically designed for the game that I’ve got in here at the moment. It’s I think it’s designed more for the collector’s cards that you can get various different brands. I’m not going to go into brands, but yes, and kind of other games that you can collect and share a card. – is that kind of thing. But it works really well. You could potentially resize it for different types of cards, that’s. It all finished another one. I really like that, and, as I said previously, guys. If you like my videos, give me a thumbs up it. Just lets me know what? I’m doing something, right. If you don’t like, um, give me a thumbs down, let me know that. I’m doing something you don’t like, and if you want to see more subscribe and hit the bell icon that way you get notified when my videos are about there guys as usual. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers, guys!

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